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New Tours/New Material/NFl Cuts/Dodgers Trade good or Bad?

In metal news…It has been announced that Lamb of God will officially kick off their cancelled tour on October 30th 2012. They will be touring with In Flames and HateBreed. As many metal fans heard…the original tour was cancelled due to Lead Singer Randy being put in prison overseas for reportedly throwing a fan off the stage at a concert and the fan apparently died due to injuries of the fall. This tour was much anticipated after the release of their new album this past year. Anthrax will be co-headlining a Canadian Tour starting next month with Testament and Death Angel. Testament fresh off their new album is looking forward to this tour. Anthrax will also be featured on a new series on the Google AudioBiography Site and will include material from their more famous albums Among the Living and Spreading the Disease as well as their most recent “platinum” album Worship Music. The series actually begins tonight @8PM. Trivium (who is also working on a new album) is scheduled to Headline a tour in Europe this fall with As I Lay Dying and along with Caliban and Upon a Burning Body! It was announced today that ChickenFoot will be re-releasing their self-titled debut album as a Double Disc feature with Bonus Tracks on October 16th. It should be interesting as their sophomore album was a flop. Bullet For My Valentine has skipped the US to Thailand to record their 4th Album. According to the band, it will have a little of everything but will go back to the heavier style closer to their album Poison. As stated the other day…Aerosmith and Kiss are both working on new studio albums. It should be interesting to see what the old heads can put together. Now onto Sports…some notable names were cut from NFL rosters today including Donte Stallworth and Jabar Gaffney from the New England Patriots. Thadeus Gibson a Defensive End from Chicago, Jets Kicker Chad Brown, and Eagles Cornerback Cliff Harris. The most notable name to get cut though was Terrell Owens….yes you heard it right T.O. He was trying to resurrect his career in Seattle but that doesn’t look promising now. Boy we have come along way from a few years ago when TO and McNabb were trying to win a Superbowl together and then shared a huge drama story for years. In Eagles News….it was announced that the Eagles will honor former Running Back Brian Westbrook who will officially retire as an Eagle on Wednesday. He will be honored at a game in December against Washington. In his short career….Brian Westbrook was arguably the best Running Back in Eagles history. The NFL deadline for cuts is Friday and the Rosters must be at 53 players by 9PM. Well its too early to judge the trade the Dodgers made but they did not give up their 3 best pitching prospects which is absolutely absurd. Boston’s GM should be fired. How can you give away that much talent and not get the number 1 pitching prospect in return. To be continued!



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