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METALLICA 3D Movie/Mauer to Boston?

Here it is folks! METALLICA has just completed the production of the live portion for their upcoming 3D Movie. The setlist was leaked today and is as follows:
-Creeping Death “Ride the Lightning”
-For Whom the Bell Tolls “Ride the Lightning”
-Fuel “ReLoad”
-Ride the Lightning “Ride the Lightning”
-One “And Justice For All”
-Cyanide “Death Magnetic”
-The Memory Remains “Load”
-Wherever I May Roam “Black”
-Sad But True “Black”
-Welcome Home (Sanitarium) “Master of Puppets”
-Justice For All “And Justice For All”
-Fade to Black “Ride the Lightning”
-Master of Puppets “Master of Puppets”
-Battery “Master of Puppets”
-Nothing Else Matters “Black”
-Enter Sandman “Black”
-Hit the Lights “Kill em All”
-Seek and Destroy “Garage Days”
Pretty awesome variety if you ask me! Most of the Movie was filmed in Vancouver and the total budget cost when all is Said and Done will be over 20 Million Dollars!!!! Wow…METALLICA always goes Big Huh? There is no official release date but insiders are saying sometime in 2013! Should be killer! In other metal news, Motley Crüe lead singer Vince Neil apparently cursed out a whole Vallet company using the “F”Bomb of course. Vince has never held back his tongue so this comes as no surprise. Sports news was pretty nill today….Although Steven Strasburg of the Nationals was rocked last night and the Nationals were shut out 9-0! This brings the debate back into the hot seat wether or not the Nationals should shut Steven down until the Playoffs! I think this is a No-Brainer! How bout NO WAY!!!! You ride your horse as far as he can take you. The Nationals are too new to this to be messing around. Let’s face it…we are not talking the Phillies or Yankees here…We are talking the Nationals! We are not talking about “Practice” as Allen Iverson once profoundly proclaimed. This is the big time. If they do shut him down the Nationals fans should boycott the rest of their games. This would be an outrage to Professional Baseball. In other news…Johnny Cueto became the First 17 Game Winner in MLB 2012 and AROD is close to returning from his injury. Now that Boston has unloaded all of that payroll…there is a good chance they make a trade with the Twins for Joe Mauer who was placed on waivers today. They have long coveted this catcher and would be a good move in my opinion. More drama in NY…there always seems to be drama with New York Sports Teams…why is that?!! Anyways…the endless debate…Tebow or Sanchez? You decide…mark your votes I’m interested in peoples opinion this one?



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