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It has been a very busy weekend. I’m going to have some fun today with my blog so I hope that I can spur a debate by doing so. As most of you know…this is the end of my first week of blogging. It has been trial and error and I want to raise my game to a new level. Yes…it’s nice to report news on a variety of topics and discuss the finer points. However, the blog becomes more interesting when you pick a certain topic and back it up with facts and opinions alike. I really would like to get more participation from my followers so feel free to Comment, Criticize, or Compliment but please do respond. I’m going to start this debate by giving you my list of my Top Metal Bands. As I have stated before these are strictly opinions and are based on my own likes and dislikes:
1) Megadeth- My favorite band of all time…Dave Mustaine is a musical genius as far as writing lyrics, producing music, and guitar playing. Megadeth uses a lot of political, economic, and abuse as most of their themes. Megadeth has been through Many lineup changes during their existence. As far as being one of the Big 4…Megadeth is the most technical as far as instrumental and the musical production….my top Megadeth albums:
A. Countdown to Extinction.
B. Rust in Peace.
C. Youthanasia
D. The World Needs a Hero
E. Cryptic Writings
F. Peace Sells…But Who’s Buying.
G. Thirteen
H. United Abominations
I. Endgame
J. The System Has Failed

Now onto the second favorite as far as my all-time Bands. Talk about distinct sound…and bundles of extreme energy and pit stomping beats. Anthrax has it all…they bring many talents to the table. Joey Belladonna is an active frontman that not only has a great voice but also an amazing stage presence. When I think of Anthrax…I see the picture of Joey with the Indian headpiece on his head and running back and forth on stage to the fast pace “Indians!”. Anthrax has been a force in metal since the early 80’s and they continue to perform at a high level. In fact…out of the Big 4 Bands…they definitely are the best as far as live concerts. My Top Anthrax Albums:
A) Among the Living
B) Worship Music (New- Most Recent)
C) Spreading the Disease.

Of course…I cannot have a list without this next band. I actually did not really get into them until later years, but have recently spent a lot of time listening to their music and I now have a greater appreciation for their talent. Slayer sometimes gets a bad stereotype when people hear the name because they automatically think evil when they hear the name. Yes…many of Slayer’s Songs have deep dark sounds but when you listen to the lyrics you get a better idea of what they stand for. Tom Ayraya is one of the few Bassists who are also a Frontman in the Metal industry. He does an awesome Job of capturing the audience. Slayer is not Death Metal as some people may believe. They have stellar talent including Kerry King on Guitar who previously auditioned for Metallica and was in Megadeth for a very brief time.
My favorite Slayer albums:
1) Seasons in the Abyss
2) Reigning Blood
3) South of Heaven
4) World Painted Blood
5) He’ll Awaits
6) God Hates us All

Now we get into the deep roots of metal with Judas Priest. Judas Priest has long been one of my favorite bands period! I can remember as a teenager listening to the song “Breaking the Law.”. This song strikes a nerve in all the disenfranchised youth in America and it paints a picture iLife how society makes it so easy to become a criminal with all it’s rules and regulations. Rob Halford in my opinion has the greatest voice range in Metal History…right up there with Ronnie James Dio, Sebastian Bach, and Bruce Dickenson. KK. Downing and Glenn Tipton are the perfect combination on Guitars and they provide a true metal experience with a lot of melodic hard rock sounds….

Obviously my favorite album is British Steel.

To Be Continued



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  1. aaron ⋅

    My favorite Priest album is Sad Wings of Destiny or Stained Class. That was Priest at their best before they got more commercial.

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