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Tonight begins the start of the 2012 NFL Season. Since I was a young boy…there hasn’t been much more than the anticipation of a New Eagle’s season. Every year I think the Eagles have a shot at winning the Superbowl. This year I have a different feeling. I think this may be the deepest team the Eagle’s have ever fielded. Last night was my fantasy football draft lol…nothing like waiting until the last minute. Anyways…Fantasy Football Drafts are always a good time where the guys (and sometimes girls) get together to embark on another exciting journey through the fantasy season. Last night was no different for me…I have been in many leagues throughout the season but this one was special as I saw people that I grew up with and probably have not saw in fifteen years! As I was preparing for the draft…I couldn’t help but reminisce about the old days of fantasy football. Yes, back then I was a Commissioner and let me tell you it was like a 2nd job keeping the statistics together and up to date manually. My my have we come along way. I guess it’s just like every other aspect in this world today…the technology monster. The monster that keeps growing and replicating and getting bigger and better. Yes I remember back in the day when the most coveted picks were Marshall Faulk, Kurt Warner and Issac Bruce and Tory Holt. Yes the “greatest show on turf” was something to marvel about and these players were the top picks for many years. I also remember years before that when Priest Holmes was the #1 Fantasy Pick every year. There was also Marvin Harrison, Terrell Davis, Tony Gonzalez at Tight End, John Elway, Steve Young…the list goes on and on and we could be here for weeks debating the Greatest Fantasy Players of all time. You would have to include Barry Sanders and Emmit Smith on that list. Also Jerry Rice, Terrell Owens, and Randy Moss would get favorable votes. Today its Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, and Drew Brees. It’s Ray Rice, Lesean McCoy, and Arian Foster. It’s Calvin Johnson, Andre Johnson and Wes Welker. It’s Jermichael Finley and Grotowski. It’s Akers and Crosby. It’s Baltimore, Philly, and New York on Defense. Every year the players change. Every year injuries play a major role on one’s finish in the fantasy game. But one thing still remains the same today In Fantasy Football and that’s the stiff competition and passion that each person puts into drafting a roster and then making it successful. Now in the world of Computers…it’s like the Real NFL Draft…live drafts on computer. It’s so much easier to be a commissioner these days…no doubt. Back in the day it was as I said a 2nd job. During a 3 year span I got the 1st pick in the draft 3 years in a row and I rode Priest Holmes and Brett Favre to 3 Fantasy Titles. I have not come close to winning since those years but every year I expect to win. So as we sit down to watch the First Game of the NFL season let’s count our blessings that we have it so much easier today. We all have access to the Internet and live up to date stats. So much has transpired in the realm of Fantasy Football. It’s so fun…it’s a hobby that keeps many people occupied. Some people are even obsessed. Well the point of this story is that we always have so much to be thankful for and I thank God that another season is upon us. To all the Fantasy Football Owners…Good Luck and Have Fun. Enjoy what we have today…something our parents never had. Until the next rushing touchdown….stay tuned!


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