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God…I really feel old. I just happened to be watching the NFL network with the Weekend Preview. I could not believe what I saw…Donovan McNabb as an analyst. Talk about a player that just fell off the face of the planet. McNabb was one of the Best Quarterbacks during the past decade and holds most if not all of the Philadelphia Eagles passing records. 2 Years ago he was traded to the Redskins, had a horrible year, and then signed with the Minnesota Vikings. Everyone thought for sure that a change of scenery would help McNabb get back to elite status but this was far from the truth. He had his worst year ever in the NFL and is now out of Football. Isn’t it ironic after all of the drama that McNabb and Terrell Owens shared during the Eagle’s run to the Superbowl and now they both fell out of the NFL quickly. It was funny seeing McNabb as an analyst although I always saw him getting involved with commentary as he shared a humorous personality. He also has a knowledge of the NFL so it does make sense. It just really made me feel old. Onto This weekend…there are many great match ups this weekend. Green Bay vs. San Fran…this should be the ultimate battle between the best offense in the NFC and the best defense. Aaron Rodgers has made Green Bay forget Brett Favre really quickly. Who would have ever envisioned that?!!! The 49ers are an elite defense and their offense is getting better. I see this game going either way, but most likely Green Bay will come out on top. If Michael Vick can stay healthy he should be able to shred the Brown’s Defense. Denver on Sunday Night should be a GREAT GAME to watch to see Peyton Manning’s comeback. So many stories and not enough time in the day to deal with them. Well…I will give my picks tomorrow. I will also try to pick my playoff teams and who’s in and who’s out.



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