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Back In Black

I just purchased the remastered AC/DC classic “Back in Black”. I forgot how good this album really is…I had it in my Top 5 albums of all time, but usually take this ban for granted. Yes…this album definitely gets the juices flowing and is an adrenaline boost waiting to happen. All 10 songs are hits and each one has a different sound and tempo. With the opening Hell’s Bells…to the love anthem You shook me all Night Long…to Rock N Roll Ain’t Noise Pollution. Every song has passion and deep meaning. Angus Young is probably one of the most underrated guitarists and Robert Johnson hits the highest notes possible. He has that hard rock voice but has an original sound also which is quite raspy. AC/DC played an important part in the new wave of hard rock and Heavy Metal. And this album represents an era that will never be forgotten. Enough on the music front…tonight there are two more games. Tomorrow I will review Week 1 and go over my picks as well as offer my surprises and busts. I will also detail the Fantasy realms and how certain players faired.


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One response to “Back In Black

  1. Aaron ⋅

    LOL. Shook Me All Night Long is just about gettin’ laid. Not love. lol. Best songs are Let Me Put My Love Into You, Have a Drink On Me, What Do You Do For Money Honey. UGH!! I PICK THEM ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best Album!

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