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It’s Thursday September 13th, and there are so many great stories going on in the world of sports. First of all, we have the NFL’s oldest Rivalry on Thursday Night Football as Chicago visits Green Bay at Lambeau Field. Lambeau Field is one of the legendary stadiums in professional sports. It joins the likes of Fenway Park “The Green Monster” (Boston), Soldier Field (Chicago), Wrigley Field (also Chicago), Arrowhead Stadium (Kansas City) and Yankee Stadium (New York) as icons. I have always Been an NFL FAN…not just an Eagle’s Fan…so I can remember many rivalries throughout the years that were fun to follow. But there is no Rivalry that is as big as Packers/Bears in professional sports (well maybe Yankees/Red Sox). I can remember as a young kid watching the Bears and Packers games (many on Monday Night Football). Many players names come to mind when thinking back to the past years of this fierce rivalry. Bart Starr, Brett Favre, Jim McMahon, Don Majikowski, Jay Cutler, Aaron Rodgers….the legendary running back Walter Peyton, Gale Sayers, Neal Anderson, Jim Taylor, Paul Horning, Ahman Green…Willie Gault and Marty Booker…Sterling Sharp, Antonio Freeman, Donald Driver, Greg Jennings. Now the fun part…Defense!
Dick Butkus, Mike Singletary, Richard Dent, Charles Woodson, Brian Urlacher, Reggie White, Reggie White…the list could run a mile. I am sure I have missed some so I apologize. Anyways…the point is that this Rivalry makes the games more fun to watch. The Packers throughout this time have been more known for their offense, while the Bears have been more known for their fierce Defense. The 1985 Bears Defense may be the greatest of all time (Eagles 89 Honorable Mention) and I remember games where they would sack Brett Favre 5x or more. These games are always entertaining and I’m sure tonight will be no different. I am looking forward to tonights game…should be a doozy! Well folks…There is nothing more fun to watch than the September Baseball run to the playoffs. It seems every year that teams get on a roll in September and ride this wave all the way to a World Series. Last season the St. Louis Cardinals overcame a bad season by having the best record in September, Upsetting the Phillies in the playoffs and then beating the Rangers. The year prior it was the San Francisco Giants. They also upset the Phillies and won a World Series. This year has been no different. Going into the season, the Phillies were the number one pick to win a works series. Well this season had been a huge disappointment as they have the best rotation in the majors. Even up until last month they were 10 games under 500 and 12 games out of a wildcard. Well, a resurgent August and September that has saw them go 15-5 in their last 20 has brought them within 3 games of a wild card. If the Phillies do make the playoffs they have to be the favorite again because of their starting pitching and Papplebon. We shall see but this run has been very impressive and should go down to the wire. How about those Orioles! Yes I said it…how bout those Orioles. The Orioles have long been a joke in the American League East but they are tied with the Yankees for the Eastern lead and they are 2 games up on the Tampa Bay Rays. They are the feel good story of 2012. Milwaukee is also on a tear and making a playoff run. In other notes…Dustin Pedroia of the Red Sox left last nights game in the sixth inning as his wife went into labor. There Is an amazing picture on ESPN thy shows Pedroia being informed by his manager about his wife and then you see Pedroia speed down the ramp to his exit. Great story. Now some quick notes…Calvin Johnson missed practice yesterday for the Lions and is listed as questionable for this Sunday’s game. Keep a close eye on this story as he is the number 1 WR in Fantasy Football. Also, Greg Jennings from Green Bay is listed as doubtful for tonight’s game with a hamstring injury. In last 10 games against the Bears…Jennings has 50 receptions, 10 Touchdowns, and a 15yards per reception average so if he misses this game it really gives the Bears a chance of upsetting the Packers at home. On a final note…the Washington Nationals have to be kicking themselves and must be scared at this point as they have shut down Stephen Strasburg. Without him in the playoffs they have no shot. And with the soaring Phillies…they better be looking over their shoulder.

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  1. aaron ⋅

    Cmon man. You cant mention all time great defenses without mentioning the no name defense in miami that led the dolphins to three superbowls and the only ever undefeated season. Or the steel curtain defense in Pittsburgh. The 89 Eagles? You gotta win something. How bout the 2000 Ravens? Those are all time defenses. The 89 Eagles had a great defense. But thats like me mentioning the Dolphins defenses of zack thomas and jason taylor. Good but not all time great.

  2. aaron ⋅

    Lol. Lest we forget the bears one loss in 85. The dolphins and marino shredded that defense in a rout of the bears to protect their legacy as the only ever undefeated team.

  3. aaron ⋅

    Lol. No jay. I figured id just ad that little dolphins tidbit. My defense comments were legit.

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