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Well folks…it’s Week 2 in the NFL and yes there is Thursday Night Football so Wednesday will be my weekly NFL preview where I give my picks and My best friend Aaron will post his picks. This is just a fun idea that I had and we will see who has the best record at the end of the season….kind of like the real analysts on Football Networks.
Without further adue…here are my picks for Week 2:

1) Chicago @ Green Bay- Green Bay is favored in this one at home giving 5 1/2. Green Bay struggled against the Niners but San Fran does have the best defense in the NFL. Chicago looked solid in their debut with the Cutler/Marshall connection and their defense can still wreak havoc. Obviously the popular pick here will be Green Bay but I’m going a different direction and taking the Bears on the road.

2) Tampa Bay @ New York- New York is favored by 7 1/2 points and are playing at home. After losing to the Cowboys the Defending Champs come out with a solid effort to go 1-1. Tampa is still finding itself. No upsets here.

3) Arizona @ New England- New England is favored by almost 2 Touchdowns. This is a huge spread and usually I stay away from lopsided odds but I have to take New England. Tom Brady and Company finally have a stud running back that will continue to get better. Weapons galore on this team. Arizona is not the team it was a few years ago when they went to the Superbowl. I’m going New England.

4) Minnesota @ Indy- Minnesota is favored by 1 1/2 on the road and I can’t argue against this. Indianapolis is rebuilding and I can’t see Andrew Luck being able to go off against the Vikings stellar pass rush. I’m taking Minnesota and the points.

5) New Orleans @ Carolina- A great rivalry game. New Orleans is favored by less than a field goal. I think this will be a shoot out…Drew Brees vs. Cam Newton. I think the Saints even the record barely. Saints win in the last minute.

6) Kansas City @ Buffalo- Buffalo lost its stud running back Fred Jackson but did not miss a beat with CJ Spiller. Buffalo has the better team and I think the home field advantage comes into play in this one. Buffalo is favored by a field goal at home and I say they win and cover.

7) Baltimore @ Philadelphia- I promised not to be a homer and the Eagles did not look anything like a playoff team in their first game. In fact, the game was poorly coached as well as played. Baltimore looks unstoppable. The immovable object (Defense) and a highly potent offense. If Andy Reid is smart he will chose to make this a running game to work the clock. With the Eagles favored by less than a field goal I believe the game could go either way but I have a hunch the Eagles will squeak this one out in their home opener.

8) Oakland @ Miami- Oakland is favored by a field goal in this one on the road. Another game that could go either way but I’m going with Oakland and their star running back and veteran Quarterback Palmer. Oakland covers easily…they win by at least a touchdown.

9) Cleveland @ Cincinnatti- Cincy is favored by a touchdown and after getting spanked by Baltimore on the road they come back with a romp of their own. Cleveland is horrible and I could see them not winning a game this year. Cincy goes off.

10) Houston @ Jacksonville- Houston is favored by a touchdown but I’m taking the Jaguars at home. Jones-Drew was not expected to play much let alone contribute in game 1 but he put forth a stellar opening game. Jacksonville always plays Houston tough at home so I am going with the Home Team.

11) Dallas @ Seatttle- Dallas will be
2-0 after disposing of Seattle. They are favored by a field goal and I think this might be a blowout. The Cowboy’s Offense is Dangerous. Dallas takes this one on the road.

12) Washington @ St. Louis- RJ3 showed he is for real and Alfred Morris almost had 100yards on minimal carries. Washington is favored by a field goal and once again I’m going with Washington.

13) Jets @ Pittsburgh- Pittsburgh has dropped off a little but talent wise. I’m still not sold on Sanchez. I’m taking Pittsburgh who is an underdog by almost a touchdown. I think they have the defense to stop the Jets offensive attack.

14) Denver @ Atlanta- I’m taking Denver. I think this is Peyton Manning’s comeback year. I Also think McGahee will be healthy and they have a solid defense. Popular pick is Atlanta but I’m going Denver.

15) Tennessee @ San Diego- San Diego wins by a touchdown.

16) Detroit @ San Francisco- The Niners have a potent offense as well as defense. Calvin Johnson is questionable. If Calvin plays the game could be much closer but I think the 49ers are a legitimate Superbowl contender. I’m taking the Niners.
*****Ok these were my picks. Look for Aaron’s in the comment section.

Fantasy Update- Peyton is a must start along with Brandon Marshall. I sit Michael Vick and Mark Sanchez. I will be back later in the week with more Fantasy News. On a side note…check out what the Phillies are doing…only 3 back of a wild card…wow. Who would have saw this coming 1 month ago!


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6 responses to “NFL WEEK 2 PREVIEW/PICKS

  1. Aaron ⋅

    OK. Here are my pics. I am taking Green Bay to beat the Bears at home but they won’t cover the spread. Take the Bears with the points. The Giants will defeat the Bucs at home but they won’t cover the spread. Greg Schiano has totally changed the culture in Tampa Bay at that defense is serious. Take Tampa Bay with the points. New England DESTROYS Arizona at home. Wes Welker has a HUGE game in this one and the Pats cover the spread. Look for Brady to rack up huge numbers early in this game and put it away in the first half. I’m picking Minnesota over Indy with the points, although look for another HUGE game from Reggie Wayne in this one. I expect the Saints to win easily over Carolina. Look for Kansas City to win in an upset in Buffalo. The Bills have been in a freefall since the midway point of last season. I truly think they are a terrible team. Ryan Fitzpatrick will turn the ball over in this loss. Look for Baltimore to win outright in Philadelphia. Ray Rice is a brutal back who dominates the line of scrimmage and is a threat in short pass coverage. Micheal Vick is mistake prone under pressure and he will see plenty of pressure against the Baltimore defense. Oakland wins in Miami on the shoulders of Darren McFadden who has a monster game. Reggie Bush will also have a huge game in this one as Miami’s only real offensive weapon in the running game and the passing game. Cincy dominates Cleveland at home and easily covers the spread. Houston wins at Jacksonville and easily covers the spread. Houston will emerge as New England’s primary competition for the AFC Superbowl birth. Dallas dominates Seattle on the road. Washington wins at St. Louis and covers the spread. Pittsburgh, getting 5.5 points at home defeats the Jets outright. The Steelers still have a top defense and the Jets still have a questionable and inconsistent offense. Look for Mark Sanchez to take a beating this week and sit Shonne Green if you have him in fantasy. Denver, 3 point dogs on Monday night, win outright behind the resurgent Peyton manning in a close one. San Fran wins a tight one over Detroit but doesn’t cover the spread.

  2. Joey C-note ⋅

    @ minnesota -Indy you said you are taking Minnesota and the points. That term is reserved if you take the dog. Unless you tease them up. 😉

  3. Joey C-note ⋅

    I think Philly has a much better chance than you think Arron. The Eagles play down to bad teams all the time. + Cleveland is a tough team to play at home for any team. Baltimore was pumped up because of the night game home opener and because of the Art Modell tribute. The Eagles secondary will eat up the 2 rookie wr brought in to reeplace their injured ones. Look for Rogers cromarte to pick off Flacco 2 or more times. Trent Richardson is no slouch so I say Ray Rice will have an average game at best. Nice Jay! I’ll be a loyal reader.

  4. Joey C-note ⋅

    GB, TB, NE, Indy with the points, NO, Buf, philly, Oak, cle, hou, sea, was, Pitt ATL, and Tenn upsets SD.

  5. Joey C-note ⋅

    Lol, I wound up btting on Denver.

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