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Metal Is Back

I’m a 36 Year Old Metal Die Hard! The first CD I ever purchased as a young kid was “Countdown to Extinction” by Megadeth. I will never forget my trip to the music store…it was a Tuesday morning and the CD was released earlier in the day. I rode my bicycle from my little neighborhood in Echo Beach, Bensalem to the Woodhaven Mall. I cannot remember the name of the store but that’s where I purchased the CD. The year was 1992. I was not even of legal driving age (hence the bike). Anyways…as I raced home on my bike with CD in hand…I could not wait to pop it into my brand new CD player that my father had purchased for me a week earlier. This CD just happened to be the first one I bought because it was a new release. Many of my child hood friends were avid metal fans so I had heard some of Megadeth’s material at the time, mainly from the “Peace Sells but Who’s Buying” era along with a few songs from “Rust in Peace.”. My friend Sean was a huge METALLICA fan and I had listened to “Ride the Lightning” and “And Justice For All.”. So after listening to METALLICA I became enamored with the back story of Dave Mustaine…who at the time I really did not know all too much about, but only that he had been in METALLICA for a short time before being kicked out because of his widespread drug abuse. I had learned that Mustaine had formed his own band “Megadeth” and when I heard my first Megadeth song, Peace Sells But Who’s Buying I sensed that we had a musical genius on our hands. I’m sure whenever you hear this song you picture the video of the young kid watching a Megadeth Video and the father tells him to turn on the news and he replies…”This is the News.”. So anyways…back to the day that I purchased Countdown. When I got home…I made a BLine for my bedroom and tore apart the plastic covering and opened the CD. The artwork was impressive with the old guy in chains…in what looked to be like his own personal prison. So I popped the CD into my player…cranked up the volume and for the next hour I was blown away! The first track…”Skin of My Teeth”, with the opening heavy guitar riffs and the infamous was siiiicccck! I must have replayed the song 3x before moving onto the next song. Then I heard this slow sounding synthesizer on the next track that went into a hard crunching riff! This was “Symphony of Destruction.”. One thing I noticed right away about this album was the tremendous melodic tones and chords that were used in Its production. Symphony was an awesome production and to this day I know all the words by heart. Of course…this song became one of Megadeth’s signature tunes. “Just like the pied piper…led rats through the streets…we danced like marionettes…swaying to the symphony of destruction.”. Wow powerful lyrics which underlayed an obvious anti-political theme. Then Architecture of Aggression and Foreclosure of a Dream which were both hits in their own right. They may not have gotten the air time but they were absolutely metal high fives. Then it was “Hello me…it’s me again…you can subdue but never tame me…It gives me a migraine headache…thinking down to your level.”. One could tell right away the dark theme of this song and how it correlated with Dave Mustaine and his crazy past. “Sweating Bullets” another signature song. Then perhaps the most underrated track on the CD….”This Was My Life”….more powerful guitar and electrifying lyrics. Then “Countdown to Extinction” the title track…a very creative title and theme and an even better song to boot. Then it was the song about the band’s passion for jumping out if airplanes…”High Speed Dirt!”. This song made you feel like you were in the plane with the band taking the plunge. Then “Psychotron” yet another underrated song. Then one of my personal favorites…”Captive Honor” which if you read the lyrics has a double meaning about being in prison and being addicted to drugs…and it’s close relationship to being in prison. Finally, the album ended with “Ashes in Your Mouth”, which truly fit perfect as the last song on the album. Needless to say…that day I was blown away and from that day forward…Megadeth was my favorite band. To this day…I try to hit as many concerts as possible. This brings me to my next point about how the new trend is bands are tending to play entire albums at concerts. I think this is an awesome idea and truly brings back excitement to a once dying brand of Metal. A few years back, Motley Crüe did the entire Doctor Feelgood anniversary tour. This is by far my favorite Crüe album and this tour had tremendous success. Iron Maiden has been doing this for years…they may be the forefathers of this trend. Over this past summer they did the “Maiden England” tour which virtually covered the entire “Seventh Son of a Seventh Son” a concept album. Hearing these songs together brought back lots of memories. METALLICA did the Orion Festival, which was out of this world awesome!!!! What they did those 2 nights in June was take over the entire Atlantic City night life that weekend. They decided to do 2 successive albums the first night performing “Ride the Lightning” and the second night performing “Black” their signature album, which was actually released after “Countdown to Extinction”. Countdown hit number 4 on the chats only to see the “Black” album hit number 1. Needless to say…Megadeth will be performing the Countdown Anniversary Tour in October. I am so looking forward to being at this show and would not miss it for the world. Not only was this my first CD….it led me to my favorite band…which further led me down the path of Metal Mania. I believe that as more bands adopt this type of concert…that it will only further cement Thrash Metal as a Superpower in todays music world. I am so looking forward to the first riff out of Dave’s Guitar. This will bring back so many childhood memories…some good and some bad…but nonetheless will be an extreme boost for me in general.


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2 responses to “Metal Is Back

  1. aaron ⋅

    I still remember that day we got Countdown the day it was released. It is certainly part of the soundtrack to our childhood. Im so pumped for the concert!

    • These Full Album Concerts are a Soundtrack of our Childhood…No Doubt! Music in general brings back so many memories. Talk about a piece of our lives as Best Friends! Sports and Metal…2 of our passions 🙂

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