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I’m sure that I am not the only person right now wondering WTF NHL Commissioner Gary Betman was thinking when he let this season go into a full on lockout! Remember the last lockout…1994….it took about 15 years for the league to fully recover to the point where the sports tv ratings and live attendance figures matched that of those before the lockout of 1994. I will never forget that lockout…the New York Rangers, of all teams had won it’s first CUP in 54 years on the Shoulders of Mike Richter and Mark Messier. The league was having the same sort of disagreement on a variety of issues at that time also. The 1995 Lockout lasted over 3 months and reduced the season to 48 games. I remember that year very well because the Philadelphia Flyers made it to the Conference Finals against the Devils and it marked the first season of the classic Legion of Doom. Eric Lindros won the Hart Memorial Trophy for the MVP if the regular season when he scored 70 points in only 46 games. However, although they did end the lockout that season they lost a ton of fans and revenue that took over 15 years to regain. In those 15 years such things as new teams, new playoff formats, rule changes, an attempt to make the game more offensive, and all sorts of other promotions were used in order to regain the fan base that they so desperately need. I know many more people enjoy Football, Baseball, or even Basketball but those of you who are die hard hockey fans know exactly where I am coming from when I say there is absolutely nothing that compares to “Playoff Hockey”! This is a sad state of affairs right now and both sides are being greedy. The biggest fool of all though, is the sports commissioner who sees no problem with the lockout and actually believes it will have no negative effect on the sport! BULLSHIT…tell that to season ticket holders who pay lots of hard earned money to support their teams. Tell that to the lower level employees of these teams who have been laid off and are unemployed. Tell that to children with disabilities who idolize their favorite players in every sport. Tell that to the players who are only effecting their futures and their families. Tell that to the owners who will never get back to the point that this sport had risen to up until recently. Tell that to the Die Hard fans who are left with nothing to so right now unless their football or baseball team is successful. Many towns that have hockey as their sport do not even have professional Baseball and Football teams. This is a travesty. The NHL should be ashamed of itself. Then Alex Ovechkin….one of the faces of the league makes the statement…that if any one player loses more than a penny in this…he will not return to the NHL. What is he smoking. Or I guess he doesn’t care. He can go back to his homeland where he is more comfortable and can still make millions of dollars and date six hot Russian models at the same time. This is why this league is a joke. More Americans should become involved with this sport but it remains so expensive at the teenage, high school, and college levels. Well…Bettman better get his head out of his ass and rectify this dilemma quickly or he will risk losing a great majority of the league. What is stopping all of these foreign players from signing overseas. Nothing right now because the Collective Bargaining Agreement has expired. Well all you Hockey Fans…we should all be pretty pissed right now at these greedy BASTARDS. Millions of dollars and cannot even settle a disagreement. Hell I wish I could make 100 grand! Oh well…we sit back and watch a bunch of babies cry about money and all while homeless people are starving…sick people are dying…and the national debt keeps increasing…and the unemployment rate keeps skyrocketing. What Does the NHL stand for now? NO HOCKEY LEFT!



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