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McNabb avoids Michael Strahan rush and passes to Todd Pinkston in corner of end zone TOUCHDOWN….Eagles win in last minute 10-9 at the Meadowlands.
That was 1999. 2003….Eagle’s season in the balance…trailing the Giants 10-7 once again at the Meadowlands…1:34 seconds left on the clock. Brian Westbrook back to field the punt…he…could…go…..all….THE……….
WAY! Touchdown Eagles beat the Giants again in the last minute. 2010….Another wild one at the Meadowlands. Eagles trailing Giants by 31-10 in 4th quarter. They score 3 unanswered touchdowns to tie the score at 31-31. With only 14 seconds Desean Jackson was back to field a punt…a low line drive that he muffs. He then picks it up and scampers through numerous missed tackles for the Game Winning Punt Return! The last Monday Night Football game at the Vet and Brian Dawkins levels Ike Hilliard knocking the ball out and icing the game for the Eagles! Eagles trail Giants 17-16 w/ 2:00 left at the Lincoln! Eagles drive down and kick a FG….19-17, but there is over a minute left for Eli to bring the Giants back down the field. He seems to have a game winning drive in him as they drive down to within 54 yards. Lawrence Tynes for the win….He MISSES!….wait…wait…oh no! Andy Reid called a timeout to ice the kicker. Ok…Lawrence Tynes back again….The kick is up…it’s…..No Good! NO Good! Are u kidding me…what an ending to an epic battle. Everytime these Division Rivals battle it out something always occurs. This was a defensive hold out. The Eagles also backed your statement. Well anyways…Great win for the Birds to go 3-1. They have now won 3 games they should have 1.


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