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WALK! That’s what Phil did after irreconcilable differences with his band members after the Death of Dime Bag Darrel. Yes…Philip is still going strong with his own band “DOWN”, but let’s face it…Down is not Pantera. Earlier this month I did a post about how much I miss Pantera. I remember when they first came out…I was just getting into Metal and they provided a unique new style that was somewhat different than the Thrash Bands that I had come to grow and love. To me…Pantera is on a Guns N Roses level, as far as what they did to popularize heavy metal music in America today. I have always said…If Axl Rose could get his head out of his ass and reconcile with Slash, and if Guns N Roses announced a comeback…there would be not only record album sales…but also record sell outs and unlimited tours. It would be the biggest thing since the Beatles. GNR is an Icon and in a league of their own. Well, I would not hesitate to say that if Pantera were to reunite…they would provide a similar social phenomenon. Zack Wylde is one of the greatest guitarists of all time and would be a perfect fit to replace DimeBag. They both have similar styles and I feel that the band would not miss a beat with Zack. I mean….in my era of life there have been many awesome guitar players but there are some that are definitely on another level. Slash, Dave Mustaine, Zack Wylde, Eddie Van Halen, Randy Rhodes (before his death), Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton just to name a few. Zack Wylde most notably is known for his playing with Ozzy Osbourne but he has starred in many other bands and side projects. If this rumor can come to fruition…you can pretty much bet it will be the biggest news in Metal since Metallica’s comeback. Stay tuned for future announcements regarding this awesome possibility. I can just picture Zack right now strumming his guitar and hearing the intro to Cemetary Gates. This is exciting news for any metal fan!


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