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Well…Week # 4 of the NFL Season has come to an end, and there continues to be many surprises with the outcomes of games. At least Aaron and I faired much better this week with our winners and losers and continue to run neck and neck for the season. We both went 9-6 this week and this brings the up to date totals:
Jason: 33-30
Aaron: 30-33
Wow…there is much more parity this season than in previous seasons. I picked Tennessee as my upset of the week…and my that was a mistake. The Titans were trumped by the 4-0 Texans who look like the top team in the AFC right now. They have balance on both offense and defense. In contrast, Aaron went with the favorite in this matchup and his synopsis was correct. We both got the lock of the week right as the San Francisco 49ers absolutely destroyed the New York Jets. In the words if Rex Ryan in his post game interview he said…”They flat out kicked our ASS!”. Aaron had the Giants beating the Eagles outright and came inches away from picking that one right. But close is no cigar. The other surprise of the day was Detroit being humiliated by the Minnesotta Vikings. All in all, this has been a crazy season thus far. I am looking forward to the next few weeks as Division Rivals square off.
As far as Fantasy Football goes…I had yet another hard luck loss, dropping my record to 1-3. I ended up losing by the score of 155.44-147.02. Very close right. So close, that if I had picked just 1 different player I would have won easily. I had Vernon Davis starting at TE, once again, as he has had the best numbers thus far in Fantasy. Well, although the 49ers scored 34 points and blew out the Jets, Vernon Davis only got me 4.8 points. If I had used Jason Witten…I would have earned 30.2 and Anquan Boldin had 22.1. If I had started Witten or Boldin as the Flex and would have won. An even more dramatic statement was the fact that my bench scored 121.74 points, only 25 less than my starting team. So, I am not happy with my results so far, but I have to be happy with my team’s consistency and depth. Peyton Manning in the 10th round is looking more and more like a steal. I am confident that my luck will turn away and I have to stop facing teams that have a record week each week. Oh well…these Thursday games make it very interesting, having to pick winners and losers so early in the week. Tomorrow I will preview Thursday Night’s game and Aaron and I will give you our picks. Don’t know about anyone else…but I am truly enjoying this fall weather. It’s my favorite type of season. The leaves changing, the apples and pumpkins, the Halloween atmosphere and the Fall Football Weather. I can remember back to my days in Echo Beach where we would play Football every day after school and this weather is bringing back all sorts of memories 🙂


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