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In case you were wondering…The New York Yankees are 1 game away from joining the rest of the league on the sunny golf courses across America. After losing last night 2-1, they are now down 0-3 to the upstart Detroit Tigers. Ace Justin Verlander had another MVP performance going 8.1 Innings and surrendering 1 run on 3 hits. He had a 2 Hit Shutout going into the Ninth Inning and gave up a home run after getting the first out. The Yankees Hitting woes continued as they accounted for a measly 3 hits. In the ALCS thus far…they have 18 hits in 3 games. That is an average if 6 hits per game, which in today’s game will not get the Job done. I hope Joe Girardi is eating his heart out today after the comments he made in the previous game regarding some bad calls and how they directly influenced this series. No Joe…think again. Your team’s strength in the entire regular season was your offense. Well…in this years playoffs you have the fewest hits, scored the fewest runs, and hit the fewest home runs of all the teams that are left. This offensive slump actually began before October Baseball. Robinson Cano has 1 hit in the entire playoffs…which came all the way back in Game 1 of the ALDS against the Orioles. Alex Rodriguez has 1 hit in the series and was benched for the second time in the series. He is playing so terrible at the plate that he wasn’t even used in a pinch hit role in a must win game 3. The Yankees Offense as a whole has now scored 5 runs in 3 games…4 coming in game 1! Face the facts…you have choked again. Anything less than a World Series win is a failure for you….you were expected to win. You boast the leagues highest payroll every year and you still cannot win the big dance! Joe you are an idiot! Your team is in shambles. They are old…slow…and unmotivated. It is very sad. And you want to talk about another sad thing…where are all those Yankee fans now?? Where are all the Yankees Hats?? You do not see them because they don’t exist! They are already in hibernation for the winter. It’s like David and Goliath every year anymore and David keeps coming out on time. George Steinbrenner must be crawling in his grave. This team is not a team…they are a bunch of pansies. Down go the Skanks again. Another year…another billion…another failure!


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