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Wow!!!! What a post season this has been. It seems like every year anymore the series get more exciting by the minute. My original picks for the World Series were both knocked out in the Divisional Round so of course I was a little shocked. What doesn’t shock me though is that Detroit and San Francisco are in the big dance. The World Series gets underway tonight as the Detroit Tigers are in San Francisco for Game 1 of the 2012 World Series. The game will feature a pitching matchup of Justin Verlander (Tigers) VS Barry Zito (Giants). Both pitchers have had tremendous playoff series and Barry Zito could very well be the comeback player of the year in 2012 after posting a 15 Win Season. Zito was the class of the American League on an Athletic’s team that produced stud starting pitchers every year. Zito them signed a huge contract with the Giants and has been a huge disappointment up until this year. Two years ago when the Giants upset the Phillies and won the World Series…Zito was left off the postseason roster. My how a few years can change drastically. This year Zito has been a key player on this Giants team as their stud ace Tim Lincecum struggled with injuries. Let’s take a close look at the matchup. The Tiger’s Pitching Staff held the Yankees Offensive Juggernaut to six runs in four games…insane! Their starters surrendered 3 earned runs the entire ALCS. The Giants in contrast won the ALCS by winning 3 straight games after falling behind 3-1 to last season’s champs. The last two games were shutouts so the Giants Pitching Staff is also a Force to be reckoned with. Verlander is the probable CY Young Winner for the American League and he is set up perfectly for 3 starts if the series goes 7 games. This to me makes the Tigers the favorite but not by much. The series will most likely come down to the bullpens as both teams starters are their teams strength. On offense…Detroit trumps the Giants lineup with Triple Crown Winner Cabrera and power hitter Prince Fielder. The Giants play more small ball but Marco Scuttaro has hit safely in every Giants playoff game and sports the best batting average in the post season. Angel Pagan has been a spark plug. Reminds me of Lenny Dykstra of the 93 Phillies as he makes plays in the outfield…hustles on every hit and shows some pop. So I say the Tigers have the edge in both Starting Pitching and Offense, but not by a wide margin. The Giants have the intangible edge as they have been playing in tight games just about every series. Also, they were down 2-0 to the Reds in the Division Series and came back with 3 straight wins. Then they were down to the Cardinals in the NLCS 3-1 and won 3 straight. This has to be one of the greatest comeback teams in postseason as they have beaten the odds every time. The Tigers will be favored in the series but how can you pick against this pesky Giants team. Plus…I think their experience with winning it all 2 years ago will also help give them the edge. I’m taking the Giants in 6 games. Their 2 losses will come to Justin Verlander. So looking forward to this series. I hope Detroit wins but my gut says the Giants will win their second world series in three seasons.


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