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So we are at the halfway point of the 2012 NFL Season.  Baseball is over….The Giants are once again World Series Champions, the NBA season is just getting under way, and the NHL is still involved in it’s greedy labor dispute.  That leaves only Football to concentrate on if anyone is counting.  A record number of people are involved in fantasy football this year as well as suicide pools.  This makes the season more exciting….especially when your favorite team is struggling.  I never thought I would say this…I am a DIE HARD PHILADELPHIA EAGLE’S FAN….but I hope that this team loses the rest of it’s games.  They really do need to rebuild from the top on down.  Andy Reid has given this town 14 Strong seasons under the helms as this team’s coach, but the time has come for change.  The Andy Reid Regime needs to be left in the dust.  A rebirth of youth and a new leader is a must in order to get this team to the next level again.  No one can say that Reid was a terrible coach…his record speaks for itself, as well as the 5 NFC Championships and that one Superbowl in 2004.  Yeah that’s right, I said 2004.  That’s almost 10 years ago folks.  We as Eagle’s fans have to move forward and let the past be the past.  I was always a huge Donovan McNabb fan and his records speak for themselves as well, but he will just go down as another good NFL Quarterback that never won the big game.  One can only imagine if McNabb would have had a better fate had Andy Reid surrounded him with more talent in his earlier, younger years.  This team used to be built on the line of scrimmage.  A stud offensive line and a talented defensive line and always a solid secondary.  Brian Dawkins has already been retired this season and Brian Westbrook is next.  This Andy Reid team has left many good memories, but there will always be that hole.  He was never ever able to come true on his promise to bring this city it’s first Superbowl.  As an avid Eagle’s fan…I just think Reid has run his course and wore out his welcome.  His play calling can be described as average at best.  His time management has always been one of the worst.  And he has struggled recently in the area of talent evaluation.  It really is time for a change.  Joe Banner is gone, now Reid must go along with the rest of the front office.  The excuses are inept anymore.  The Juan Castillo’s of the world can no longer be the scapegoat in this town.  Donovan McNabb took a lot of blame when he left this city, but its very hard to pinpoint blame on McNabb without first blaming Reid.  Face It Philly, we need a total overhaul.  And its also time to pull the plug on Michael Vick.  Bring in a fresh GM.  Bring in a hard nose coach that will not take any more bullshit.  Hold the players accountable.  This city needs a Superbowl and it will not come with Reid at the controls.  “Well again…as Reid always says….I must put the players in a better position to make the plays.”  How many more times do we have to hear that.  Ok, well that was my rant lol.  Now to last weeks results.  For the Week my picks went 12-2 and my Fantasy Team won to make me 3-5.  Aaron’s picks went 11-3.  This brings the season point totals to:

Aaron- 71-45

Jason- 68-48.

Aaron is now 5-3 in Fantasy as my team finally had the weekly high score and my team finally came through.  My team is 3-5 and holding on by a thread.  Jason Witten had a career day for me and Peyton Manning continues to be a beast at the Quarterback Position.  Manning definitely puts Denver in the driver seat and they are well on their way to the playoffs.  

Ok Thursday Night Football.  The San Diego Chargers have a dissapointing record thus far at 3-4.  The Kansas City Chiefs are even worse at 1-6.  These two teams have both underperformed, but they always have exciting games.  Of course, they are bitter rivals so that should at least make a story line.  Well, the Chargers are favored by 8 points at home.  I usually shy away from more than touchdown lines with two division rivals going at it.  However, the Chargers are much better than they have played and will be playing in front of a packed Qualcomm Stadium.  Im taking the Chargers 27-13.  Stay tuned to the rest of my picks later in the week as well as Aaron’s.ImageImageNF 

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