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I don’t normally do this and this is very much out of character for me. What I mean is that I don’t normally blog about the Eagles solely…and I never blog during a game that is still in progress. However, As a Die Hard Eagles fan since I was born…I cannot take anymore of this team. I don’t care who the quarterback is at this point. The offensive line this team is starting couldn’t beat my Atco little league team down the street. This defensive line has no spark. This team hasn’t had a punt or kick return for a touchdown in two years. This team cannot ever make big plays. These are all characteristics that the Eagles possess. But this is not the problem with this team. 14 years and counting. What is the significance of that number. The significance is that the Eagles have been coached by Andy Reid for 14 years and they have still yet to win a SuperBowl. That is the ultimate goal in the NFL. Please do not give me injuries as an excuse. Please do not blame McNabb, Westbrook, Dawkins, or any of the other star players that have donned the green and black! When Jim Johnson passed away…a huge piece of this team was taken away. The heart and soul of the Eagles team has always been its defense. The past two years the defense has been brutal. Last year it sucked. This year it’s even worse. Juan Castillo was already fired but he is just the scapegoat. Andy Reid put together this team and he must be held accountable for its record…success and failure. For the record…I am an Andy Reid fan and I do believe that he is definitely one of the best coaches this franchise has ever had. However….He has lost this team. There is no heart! There is no leadership! There is no game plan. There is no adjustments. There is no hope. Right now this team needs to rebuild from the top to the bottom. The only players that I would keep going into next year would be LeSean McCoy, Trent Cole, Demarco Ryan’s, Domenic Cromartie, and Nick Foles. Scrap the rest of the team. Rebuild means draft smart, sign key free agents, build dormant offensive and defensive lines. Well to start the rebuilding process…Lurie should get the ball rolling today and cut his losses. Fire Reid. Set an example. These players deserve to be humiliated. They have quit on their boss. They have lost all rhyme or reason. Fire Reid today. Why wait. To save Face! Hell No!!!! Reid Must Go! Lurie…stop being loyal it gets you nowhere. I hope that enough people will support this petition to get rid of Reid. He must be gone tomorrow. Do not let him coach another game. Start the rebuilding today! We as Fans deserve much better. This has gotten out of hand and this team is pathetic. Reid is the problem and has been for years. His stubbornness has cost the Eagles many chances to go further. He is to proud to beg. It took losing Michael Vick getting knocked out to run the ball! C’MON! You have one of the best running backs in the game and barely use him. Sorry…but it’s time for you to go Big Red. Maybe you could just so yourself a favor and resign. Ok…now I feel much better. Had to get that off my chest!!!! Hopefully Monday the 12th will be Reid’s swan song.




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