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Ok.  Well I already ranted enough about the state of the Philadelphia Eagles in my previous post so I will not even go into any details about this subject.  Week #10 saw my team on a Bye and Aaron was solo as far as picks go.  Aaron went a modest 6-6, which moved him and I into a virtual tie for the year so far, both of us with a 78-51 Record ATS.  Aaron actually picked the Eagles to beat the Cowboys, a result that was far from the outcome.  We are coming down the stretch so with six weeks left…it’s anyone’s win for the taking.  As I have stated in many previous blogs….this NFL season has been full of surprises both on an individual performance basis, as well as on a team level.  Of course, my trend continued as I lost another tight one in Fantasy.  The New York Giants Defense and Miles Austin both killed me.  Both the Giants and Austin had been my most consistent performers to date.  Well, this week they cost me.  I also lost Fred Jackson, once again to an injury after compiling a stellar 26 Point Day (ughhhhhh!!!!!).  I have had no luck at the Running Back position, which continues to be my weak link in Fantasy.  So with this loss….my record drops to 4-6 with 3 weeks left.  I would probably have to win out at this point in order to have a chance of making the playoffs.  Aaron on the other hand won this week and moves to 7-3.  Last year Aaron won the league as well as the points total.  My team is really putting up good numbers, but I keep getting bad breaks by starting one or two of the wrong players.  Peyton Manning is at the top of the points charts as far as quarterbacks go.  I probably have the best Wide Receiver core in the league with Marshall, Megatron and Miles Austin.  Jason Hanson is at the top for Kickers, The Giants are at the top in defense, and Jason Witten is at the top in Tight Ends.  My weak link is definitely at Running Back where I have had some key injuries.  Oh well, thats how Fantasy works.  It takes some luck and good health.  Well as far as Power Rankings go….here is my Top 10:

1) Atlanta Falcons

2) Houston Oilers

3) Chicago Bears

4) Baltimore Ravens

5) Denver Broncos

6) Chicago Bears

7) Seattle Seahawks

8) New England Patriots

9) Tampa Bay Buccaneers

10) Pittsburgh Steelers

*****Honorable Mention: New York Giants, San Francisco 49ers, Green Bay Packers.

Stay tuned to Thursday for the pick of the week and more Fantasy News.Image

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