Forgotten Bands- Much Talent

I would like to get one more post in for the music category. I have been sitting here for an hour trying to decide what to blog about. So, I would like to do something fun…a little Trivia Game to get some more fan participation. Ok so here we go:
1) The Band Tesla produced one of their best songs ever on which album?

2) Who was the original Band that Produced Careless Whisper? I will give you a hint…It was not Seether lol.

3) What is the name of the band that had the hit song Island in the Sun?

4) What does the Initials W.A.S.P. stand for and what was their song that was about a Chainsaw?

5) What former Heavy Metal band produced the hit album that was an actual remake of certain Christmas songs?

6) There have been numerous bands that have played the song “Crimson and Clover. What was the first Band to put out the song and what year?

7) Tears For Fears was a very popular 80’s Band. What is the name of their most famous song?

8) In the mid eighties, this Female Artist produced a few number one hits and was considered the next Madonna. She covered the song Original Sin from the motion picture soundtrack “The Shadow”. What is her name?

10) The Studio All Stars covered the song “Since You’ve Been Gone”. Who was the original band that released this hit?

11) What band produced the hit singles Up All Night and Days gone By and a number of other hits.

12) What was the name of the Band Simple Minds Number One Hit?

13) The Female Artist Shannon was a Pop Singer in the late Eighties-Early Nineties. One of her major hits was Let the Music Play. What was her other huge hit?

14) The Band Seether Covered the song Broken. What female artist was featured on this song?

15) What Band produced the Hit Single “Love is on the Way”in 1992?

16) Pop Singer Rhianna produced a platinum hit “We Found Love”. Who was the male vocalist that was featured on this song?

17) What band produced the hit single “Send Me an Angel??

18) Most people recognize the Band RATT and their two most popular singles were “Round and Round” and “Lay it Down”. What was the name of the Bands lead Guitarist through most of their years together?

19) Phil Collins produced the album No Jacket Required in 1985. What song was a Number 1 Hit on the Billboards from this album?

20) Papa Roach released the album Time For Annihilation: On The Record and On the Road. One of the songs was written about infidelity?

21) Overkill was an underrated Metal Band from Newark New Jersey. What song off of the album Horoscope starts off with an intro on Piano?

22) What is the name of the Band that produced the Hit Single “Your Love”?

23) N’SYNC was a very popular boy band in the late 90’s. Some considered
Them the next New Kids on The Block. Justin Timberlake has went on to have a Successful Solo career and also is a
Movie star. On their Debut Self Titled album they had a few hit singles. What were the two hit singles?

24) In 1988 this Rap Band produced the Album Straight Outta Compton. They were known as N.W.A. What does the initials stand for?

25) On a Tribute Album, the Band The Metal Heroes covered the Hit Metal Single “Sober.” What is the name of the original band to produce this Hit?

26) In 1985, This Heavy Metal Band produced the songs “Gods of Wrath
and Beyond the Black. What is the name of this popular metal band of the eighties?

27) Ok, everyone knows that Megadeth is my favorite band…and Dave Mustaine is my favorite Front Man. So I want someone to guess my favorite song by them. Whoever can guess it I will Buy Dinner. Besides Countdown to Extinction., what is my favorite album?

28) Ozzy Osbourne recorded a duet with Female Artist Lita Ford in 1988. What was the name of this platinum hit?

29) In what year did the band The Killers release the album Hot Fuss?

30) What Band produced the hit single “Carry on Wayward Son?”

31) Iron Maiden has been one of the most successful metal bands of all time. Lead Singer Bruce Dickinson left the band for a solo career. What was the name of the album that reintroduced Bruce as the main vocalist?

32) The hit song What’s on Your Mind was released during the Eighties. What band produced this Hit Single?

33) The Popular Rap Artist released an album with a hit song called “Wicked”. What was the name
Of that album?

33) What was the name of the Keyboardist that joined Guns N Roses on the Illusion Twin Albums?

34) Great White was a very popular metal/hard rock band in the Eighties. They lost one of their members in a terrible fire almost 10 years ago. Who was the Band Member and what state did this tragedy occur?

35) What Band did Dave Navarro play for before forming the Foo Fighters?

36) The hit single “Take on Me ” was released in the eighties. What was the name of the Band that released this song?

37) This band was a One Hit Wonder on their first tour of duty. They have since come out with a few new albums that have been successful. The Band’s one hit was called “Turn up The Radio”. What was the name of the Band that released this song and what was the name of the album and what year was it released?

38) Bell Biv Devoe was a one hit wonder rap group in the late eighties. What was the name of their one hit single?

39) What city was John Bon Jovi born in and what year was Bon Jovi’s
Debut album released?

40) Bullet For My Valentine, a metal band that had tremendously grown in popularity in the past five yeas has released 3 albums. What was the name of their 2nd album?

41) Here’s an easy one…what band
Produced the Hit Single “Clocks” in 2002 And what album did it appear on?

42) What Hard Rock produced the song My Own Prison and when their
Lead singer left, what did the bands
Name change too?

43) Crossfade had a huge hit single. What was the name of the single and what female artist appeared on the remix of the song?

44) Everyone has heard the song “I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight “. Many bands have covered this hit, what was the name of the original band that released this hit?

45) What Group did Beyonce sing in before going solo?

46) What famous vocalist produced the song “The Boys of Summer?”

47) What year did Dr. Dre make his comeback and what other rapper joined

48) What artist produced the hit single “Take Me Home Tonight?”

49) What was the name of Anthrax 2nd Album to be released and what year was it released?

50) What was the name of the Famous Female Band Expose’s most popular hit single?



Well we all new this was coming except for the few pessimists that were out there saying that Jeff Lurie would not fire Andy Reid. Well, according to a variety of posts, he was actually informed Friday by the Team that Today would be his last game as the Eagle’s head coach. I know many Die Hard Eagles fans do not like Andy Reid one bit. They cite his failure to Win a Superbowl, His failure as a parent, and his misuse of clock management. Ok.. True all of those statements are fact, however I am choosing to take the high road here. I mean this team was Good for a long time and really did not go downhill until Jim Johnson passed away. Since Johnson’s untimely death, the Eagles have went through Four Defensive Coordinators and lost countless veteran leaders on the Defensive side of the ball. How many of you are wishing that we kept Asante Samuel. How many of you wish that they had hired a true Defensive Coordinator instead if turning an offensive coach over to run a young inexperienced defense. And WE ALL agree that it was a travesty the day that they let Brian Dawkins walk out the door. There will be debates for
Years how the Eagles failed to surround Donovan McNabb with much talent until the 2004 season when they went against the grain and signed Terrell Owens. T.O. as he was known was an awesome player with a bad attitude and a tremendous work ethic. Unfortunately the marriage only lasted a year and a half. Who knows what results the Eagles could have had if they had kept Terrell Owens and if Donovan McNabb was not such a baby. They had tremendous chemistry. It may have worked out different but that is all hindsight 20/20 now at this point. Lets not forget the facts. Yes Andy Reid struggled badly these past few years, but the last time I looked the players still had to execute. Andy always took the blame wether it really was his fault or not. This was a bad way to coach. We would hear “I have to put my players in a better position to make plays…I must do a better job” after every loss or bad game. I am not saying that a coach should throw his players under the bus but C’MON! Enough is Enough! Nhamdi Asomuagh may be the worst signing the Eagles ever made. He is old and way overrated. It showed more this year with the horrible Defense around him. The real undoing of Andy Reid will always be his Loyalty! That might sound like a weird statement but I believe his total loyalty to the Franchise and his players, that they could do no wrong was the real reason that Andy did not have success in Winning a Superbowl. As mentioned…Defense wins Championships! I mean look at the Patriots…they have the top offense on the NFL most seasons but the years that they won the Superbowl they also had a Top 10 Defense. So A) We need a Defensive minded Coach like Bill Cowher in the future. B) We need a Stud Defensive Coordinator. C) The Eagles must abandon the selfishness of Andy Reid and this non version of the West Coast Offense. We have a star tailback, now we must revamp the offensive line and get back to running the ball…pound the ball like the Ravens and Steelers, who every year are in the hunt with offenses that most years have been mediocre. So I say, on this day when the Eagles finished the season at 4-12…please fans…don’t be idiots and mock or blame Andy for not winning a Superbowl. Lets remember how Donovan McNabb never rose to the occasion. And more importantly, lets not forget that the Eagles have never truly been contenders since Jim Johnson passed away. Yes Andy you failed…but no one can say he was a terrible coach. He is not a great coach but that has more to do with his stubbornness in play calling than anything. Let us Die Hard Eagles fans hope that Jeff Lurie makes the right decision with whatever new coach they bring in and let’s also get new coordinators. It starts at the TOP! Eagles…you quit from day one. You have no heart. We need many new players. 2013 can only bring hope!



Ok…So this post goes against the grain of my usual topics, but I felt a strong urge compelling me to stray for the norm. There is no secret that the Holidays are especially hard people with addiction and that they require support during these critical times. I am writing this blog to help other current addicts or people that are in Recovery. This is a tribute to all those who have lost their battle with addiction (a disease), those who are in their current addiction and either won’t acknowledge they have a problem or cannot admit it for whatever reason, as well as those in recovery like myself. Part of what we learn through recovery is to help others that are in denial or refuse to fight their pain stricken disease. Part of the way we can give back is to share our stories, good and bad, through success and failure, and even in relapse. What recovering addicts do know is that relapse is very real and can happen to any of us…experts say some 60 % of Addicts will relapse at some point or another in recovery. If nothing else, this should show how hard it is to beat addiction. It’s just as hard as beating Cancer, Diabetes, AIDS, Heart Problems, or any other type of physical disease.

This is my story. My name is Jason and I am an alcoholic. The biggest step for any addict (for purposes of my story an addict will be described as any person that has an addiction to alcohol, drugs-Illegal and Prescribed, gambling, Sex, and work although there are many other addictions) is to admit that they are powerless over their addiction which is a disease of the mind. Addicts are not bad people by nature…in fact it is shown that it is usually the opposite trait that is shown in addicts. Addiction is strong and very real and is taking millions of lives every year. I believe it is just one of the many tools of the Devil to take people off the narrow path to Salvation. So anyways…sometimes I can ramble so I will try to keep this quick and to the point. As I said, my name is Jason and I am an alcoholic. I am not embarrassed to admit that although I must admit this is the first time I am admitting that I have a disease in a public forum that is not relegated to “the rooms” (AA, NA, SA, or any other addiction rehabilitation program. Well only by the grace of God, on January 6th I will celebrate One Year and Four Months of continuous sobriety. I have not relapsed “yet”, the key word is yet, because an addict is only one mistake from being back on the wagon. The key to my specific sobriety has been my adoption of the “One Day at a Time” philosophy that is adopted in Addiction realms all over the world. Ok so one might say, “How do you know that you have a problem?” Addiction comes in many shapes, sizes, forms, and severities. Some people that are addicts were predisposed to the disease meaning that they inherited this disease from one or more family members, usually a parent. Other people that suffer with the disease have went through some type of sociological or environmental trauma that dramatically affected the person at a young age. What happens here is that the child does not develop normal coping skills and instead adopt addictive techniques to cope with all of the pain and hurt and stress of everyday life. Some people are born addicts. Other people grow into addicts. No matter how you become an addict is not the important factor, but instead the similarities that these addicts face. My addiction is clearly came about as the latter of the two types…as my parents were not addicted to alcohol or drugs at any point in their lives and neither was any of my other close family members. No my addiction to alcohol started when I was very young. I grew up in a tough family environment and had to deal with terrible trauma and issues. I lived in a family that had a mentally ill member. For anonymity, it is not important to tell you who the member was. However I can say that I dealt with dramatic trauma throughout my teenage and young adult life, the most important time that a person will learn important coping skills. Well, unfortunately I dealt with attempted suicidal experiences, mental and physical abuse, abuse of multiple family members. This does not make my family BAD!!!! It’s just an unfortunate part of life that many families deal with a mentally ill family member. I also became parentified at a very young age…meaning I was the caretaker even though I was in much need of care myself and did not get it. Through this process, I developed several mental blocks and personality disorders that have affected me into my adult life. The key and important part of this is that I am finally dealing with these issues and getting the help I so needed a long time ago.
I had my first drink at age 15. Yes, for most people that are alcoholics, that is considered late in the scheme of things. Nonetheless, after having my first experience with alcohol…I learned that I loved putting this substance into my body. In fact, when I was in my party stage as a young adult I was always the one who could not handle my alcohol, but yet i was always the one that drank near the most. I drank till I blanked out or passed out. This was a weekly occurrence for me. U can remember one time when I got my first sports car, my Trans-Am…I thought I was such a bad ass. I always wanted to fit in so I would hang with the “cool kids”. Little did I know that these experiences as a young adult would form me into a person that I did not recognize. Anyways, one night after a party me and a friend were dropping off some Chics and I came up to a Red Light. A Grand National pulled up next to me and revved his engine. Of course, I wanted to show off and as the light changed green I shot out like a bat out of hell…I was beating the other hot rod until I blacked out for five seconds. Well if it were not for my friend, I would have died that day. As I came too we were heading straight for a telephone pole and my friend who was super alert at the time after smoking a joint, pulled up my emergency brake causing my car to spin out of control…and then miraculously I came to a halt. Wow!!! I was red with fear…but that was just the beginning of my journey. The older I got, the more I enjoyed alcohol. Yes I enjoyed it so much I made alcohol my God. I was what they call a functioning alcoholic. Yes I had a decent job that I was good at and I was able to graduate college…don’t ask me how lol…but I was drinking more and more. At this point when I was around 19, I graduated from Natural Ice to Rum. Captain Morgan was my drink of choice, Captain and Coke. I could not get enough. I remember my hangout Joey M’s I would literally drink till I would pass out on the bar and have to be carried out. I thought this was SO great. It was such a great feeling. And it allowed me to receive plenty of attention…especially from the girls. Well, at this point I met a girl and was rebelling from my parents so I moved into her house with her mom and stepfather. I soon realized what my idea of a true alcoholic was…a person that drank all day. Not only did he drink, he became very abusive. He even let me drink with him, actually encouraged me to drink. Well, soon after this I decided I had enough getting beat up and I got my own apartment. Bad idea…my drinking increased. I can remember going through 3-4 Handles of Captain Morgan a week. I was drinking out of control. People must have known I had a problem, but I would never admit that. I continued drinking this way for a few years, covering my pain and hiding it through the alcohol.
At this point, life circumstances forced me to move to New Jersey. I started a new position in my company and I thought I was invincible. At this time, I was working in Glassboro, right near ROWAN college. I thought I was “The Man” a 26 year old adult living my life like a was a kid again. I was hitting all of the fun bars…Landmark, The Hot Spot, etc. I would work the 2nd shift and then go to the bar and slam alcohol like it was water. I would then drive home drunk, countless times, even got pulled over a few times but always got out of it. Then I met another girl with whom I fell in love. We bought a house together, but the relationship quickly went down hill, she cheated on me and I grew anxiously depressed. Instead of communicating my concerns about the relationship and the direction it was going, instead I would “drink my sorrows away.” Well this only lasted for a short time as she knew I was drinking a lot. Anyways…one day I was trying to catch her in the act and I was driving drunk like a maniac on 295 and got pulled over. I got a DUI…lots of Money and lots of grief. This was 2007. So do you think the DUI would have woke me up…no way. I lost my license for a year but I continued to drink away. Me my friend and his girlfriend would spend countless nights drinking into the late hours of the night. At this point, my tastes changed to Vodka and Red Bull with an occasional dabble with Jack Daniels. This went on for close to a year and then I got my license back. So do u think this would deter me from drinking…No Way. I got my license back and soon after I was drinking and driving. Driving under the influence was the norm for me. I was able to hide
My addiction very well from people who knew me the best. I continued to do well in work and I continued to let the alcohol flow. At this point, I began drinking by myself more and more. I would spend endless nights and days drinking at my bar in my basement. Then my life changed…I met the best woman to ever happen to me and she had 2 boys. We fell in love and although my drinking may not have been at the level it was before, I still could not resist the taste of alcohol. To keep my scent or secret under wraps I would by alcohol…vodka every other night and I would buy her a bottle of wine. This happened for most of our relationship but I never let the secret out that I truly had a drinking problem. Of course…I was not ready to admit that I had a problem. Anyways, as time went on I began to drink more and more and I was hiding it at this time. After work, I was stopping at the liquor store and buying multiple air plane bottles of Jack as well as my choice of alcohol for the night. On my drive home, I would acquire a nice buzz from the airplane bottles before I even entered the house. Then I would pound mixed drink after mixed drink like I was just drinking soda. The amount that I was drinking was out of control but I was too proud to notice it. Anyways, I would get really belligerent when I was drunk and started being nasty to my girlfriend and her kids. It really was affecting our relationship. At this time, we were going thru some difficult times financially and this did not stop me. I was spending money that I did not have on booze. It was not a good situation. Finally, a light clicked my head. I was becoming too mean to the boys and I realized alcohol made me a nasty person. Then one day it happened…I had a meltdown and my girlfriend intervened. I was slamming a whole bottle of vodka when she snatched it out of my hands. I then ran to the garage where I began pounding beers. She came into the garage and said…I will not sit back and watch you kill yourself and us in this way. At this time, I finally got it, I was powerless over alcohol. I was an addict. She helped me check into a detox center where I spent seven days. It was the most scary week of my life. I was truly alone and depressed. Little did I know this was the start of a lifestyle change. After Detox, my girlfriend stuck by my side and I knew every day would be a struggle. After Detox I entered an outpatient rehab center that dramatically changed my life. I learned that it is ok to put yourself first. By this I don’t mean being selfish. I mean put your health first. I have learned so many other great things through my recovery. I wrote an emotional good bye letter to my addiction, which took a lot of courage and grit. You actually go through a grieving process while in recovery. Who could imagine that…all of the steps of grieving. The most important thing that I have learned in my recovery is one day at a time! This is the motto that keeps me sober everyday. My girlfriend and her boys have since moved away…my doing as
I wanted to work things out on my own. Being by myself has taught me a lot of things that I did not know about myself…some good and some bad. Eventually I will get past the pain and anguish that all addicts go through. I think it is important to note that addiction is not the plague. However, a person must want to beat the disease and only the strong survive. Just like the cancer patient who undergoes chemotherapy…recovery is a life long healing process. I am sure that I left a lot out of my story. My hope is that this story will inspire someone to acknowledge that they struggle with addiction. If only one person does this, then my story has served a purpose and breeds success. I want to help others who have an addiction. I want to raise awareness that addiction is a disease of the brain and should be treated just as seriously as heart disease, cancer, AIDS, and even Alzheimer’s disease. People that are addicts are normal people just like you. They just have had the unfortunate accumulation of a terrible disease that cannot only destroy your mind but also your body. So in conclusion, I hope that my story has made a difference and I pray that someone will find hope and comfort knowing that there are many other just like you. After the recent shootings in Connecticut, the stigma against mental illness must be addressed with the utmost care. One Day at a Time My Friends. Anyone that thinks they may have an addiction can contact me through Facebook or email. I am more than willing to help. In fact, it will help me go through my recovery. Light Speed…God Bless!


Guns N Roses: Reunion Would Set Record Attendance

Guns N Roses is an American Hard Rock Band that was formed in 1985, in Los Angeles. Geffen Records was the first label to produce an album for the Band and the Classic Lineup consisted of Axl Rose on vocals (Formerly w/Traci Guns) this is where the name came from, Slash on Lead Guitar, Izzy Stradlin on Rhythm Guitar, Duff McKaggan on Bass and Steven Adler on the Drums. Their first album release “Appetite For Destruction”, which reached #1 On the Billboard 100 in 1987…one year after its release. The album has sold over 18 Million copies in the US making it the top selling debut album in American History. Moreover, The album has sold over 28 Million copies world wide. Sweet Child O Mine was their only Single to reach Number 1 on the Billboard 100. After releasing “Lies” (an eight song compilation) they released twin albums, one of the only times a band has done this. “Use Your Illusion 1 and Use Your Illusion 2 were released in 1991 and reached Number 2 and Number 1 on the Billboard 200 respectively. These enormous albums have sold 14 million copies together in the US, while selling a combined 35 Million Copies Worldwide. Guns N Roses has been credited for reviving the mainstream popularity of Rock N Roll during a time when Dance Music and Pop Metal ruled the music circuit. They are on the Rolling Stones Level in that respect. The Rolling Stones were once considered the “Most Dangerous Band in America” which Guns N Roses took on during their hey day. Spaghetti Incident was the last album that Slash and Duff appeared on as they both left the band after reconcilable differences with Axl. The classic lineup of Axl, Slash, Izzy, Adler, McKaggan, Sorum, and Reed were inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2012, their first year of eligibility. Of course, not by surprise, Axl was the only one to not show up at the Ceremony. The Twin Albums Use Your Illusion 1/2 are underrated to this day…producing many hit songs that include but are not limited to “Don’t Cry”, “Back off Bitch”, “November Rain”, “Don’t Damn Me”, “Dead Horse”, “Coma”, “Civil War”, “Yesterday’s”, “Breakdown”, “Estranged”, And “You Could Be Mine” which was featured in the hit movie Terminator 2. Guns N Roses, although short lived, was probably the most influential influence on Heavy Metal and Rock Music from the late 80’s through the Early 90’s. One could argue that if some day Guns N Roses are able to settle their differences and get along, and then have a reunion tour and album, they would probably set all kinds of records including ticket sales, album sales, and merchandise. Guns N Roses is like the Beatles of the 80’s and the Rolling Stones of the 90’s. Chinese Democracy, the latest release by the band (Axl is the only remaining member) was not bad hitting #3 on the Billboard 200, pretty impressive even with the lack of original members. Guns N Roses will always be at the top of my listening catalog. It’s ashame they couldn’t have lasted longer, who knows how many hit albums they could have released. Maybe some day, maybe, there will be reunion. You can be rest assured if that does happen, they would be the biggest draw since Appetite For Destruction. We can hope.



Ok…On this Christmas Day I am writing a post on the Eagles. Before I get to my main blog…I want to take this time out again to Send my condolences and prayers to all of those that were effected by the Newtown Connecticut Tragedy. This is real life and the real important parts of life…To put in perspective while analyzing sports which in the scheme of things is low on the Totem Pole. The Children and Adults who lost their lives that Day are the Real Heroes and will never be Forgotten!
Way back on September 16th, I wrote a piece about how every year us Die Hard Eagles fans anticipate a Super Bowl, no matter how previous seasons have went. I used a lot of past memories and seasons and players that will give any fan goose bumps. Well, of course as we wind down and the Eagles are down to their final game…the season did not go as well as the team as well as the fans had hoped for. With another loss, their record will fall to
4-12 which is the worst record since the 3-13 season…The first season that Andy was the coach. Of course after that season, the Eagles inherited a Top Draft Pick and chose a Franchise Quarterback Donovan McNabb…and the rest is history. This Eagles
Genre enjoyed its best success of any Eagles time period. During the past 14 seasons, the Eagles have made 5 NFC Championships including One SuperBowl appearance in which the Eagles almost beat the favored Patriots. During that game, Donovan McNabb was blamed for choking, the Eagles Defense was blasted for being too soft in the second half when they allowed Corey Dillon to run for 100 yards. Terrell Owens was praised for his effort on basically one leg after almost being lost for the season. Andy Reid was blamed for his poor clock management (an ongoing criticism that is very well documented). And the Eagles 2 Minute Offense was scorned as Donovan threw a last minute interception as the team was driving for a comeback win. Well, sorry to burst everyone’s bubble but that Eagles team was very good but they lost to an even better New England Patriots team. Look at what the Patriots have accomplished in the past 15 years. Tom Brady and Bill Bellichik are sure fire hall of famers. That is not to say that the Eagles could not have won the game, they were leading at half time, but the better team did end up winning in the end. Well ever since that SuperBowl, the Eagles have suffered through some very disappointing seasons as far as their outcomes, making the playoffs but coming up short. The last NFC Championship Run that the team made ended in a loss to the Arizona Cardinals and the reborn Kurt Warner…his last hurrah. Since that loss, Donovan McNabb’s career went south, he was traded and has since retired. The Eagles made a bold move by signing a reformed criminal Michael Vick who really came into his own his first season as the Eagles starting Quarterback. However, since then the Eagles have went totally down hill in every category. Do the Eagles lack talent…Hell No! LeSean McCoy may be the 3rd Best Running Back in the NFL. DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin are very talented receivers. Trent Cole is a stud Defensive Lineman who has never benefitted from an opposite side star. The Eagles finally got a talented Linebacker in Free Agency. Nick Foles even looked like he could be a star quarterback in this league. However, in my opinion the Eagles real demise occurred when Jim Johnson passed away. When Jim died, a piece of Eagles lure was taken away and has never been replaced. Take a look back to any Eagles past season and you will see that no matter how good or bad that their offense was, the Eagles success went as their Defense went. The Buddy Ryan years…years that Randall Cunningham was lost for the season twice…those teams still had much success due to a Dominant Defense. Reggie White, Jerome Brown, Andre Waters, Clyde Simmons, Mike Golic, Bud Carson, Eric Allen, Seth Joyner, Bill Romanowski…the list goes on and on. The Ray Rhodes years…Troy Vincent, Hugh Douglas, Jeremiah Trotter, Brian Dawkins, And that list goes on and on. The Jim Johnson years…Brian Dawkins, Lito Sheppherd, Sheldon Brown, Hugh Douglas, that list goes on and on. The Eagles Defense now is a far cry less talented than any of those defenses. The Eagles Defense lacks heart and identity. My argument would be that the Eagles suffered a tremendous loss when they lost Johnson as their defensive coordinator. That is when this team took a nose dive. No one can argue that Andy Reid has been one of the top head coaches in the NFL during his span as the Eagles Top Dog. However, during Andy’s good years, the Eagles always had a stellar defense. This Defense is no more. Andy lost one of his sons this year and that is a tremendous tragedy for any parent, to have to bury their child. I think Andy Reid has just run his course. This is time for change and no one will forget the positive influence that Reid has had on this franchise the past 14 Seasons. However, this team has still not win a Super Bowl and mediocrity and just making the playoffs is no longer acceptable. Jeff Lurie must see that the Eagles need to win a Championship to make it to the next level. It is painfully obvious that this team will never win a Championship under Andy Reid. The Eagles must get back to their core element. DEFENSE! DEFENSE! DEFENSE! Their Defense must be the core element that is addressed. Every one is saying they want “Chuckie”, John Gruden or The Top College Offensive minded Coaches. I would argue that this would be a huge
Mistake. This team needs a Defensive Minded Coach. My top choice would be Bill Cowher if he will come out of retirement. How about Rex Ryan, Buddy’s Son. Hey…at this point I would say Brian Dawkins would make a great Head Coach! He has more Heart and knowledge than most former players. No matter who the next choice is for the new head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles, Jeff Lurie must bring in a DEFENSIVE HEAD COACH! They also need a strong Defensive Coordinator. With the way this season is going, they will inherit one of the top picks. It’s time to stop taking Offensive Stars, they need a STUD DEFENSIVE PROSPECT! I would definitely go Defense with their first pick. I would take the Top Defensive player available, no matter what position. This should be Jeff Luries Focus as the Eagles move forward. The 2013 Version of the Eagles must have a total makeover. The only way to build a winner is to rebuild. This team has tried signing top free agents year after year and where has that got them. Namdi Osumuagh may be the most overrated player and he was ridiculously overpaid. The Eagles cut their top sack master after just one season Jason Babin. There have been many other countless mistakes made at the Free Agent Table. Jeff Lurie if you ever read this…Please take heed. You must rebuild from the bottom up. This Defense needs an overhaul. This offense needs a new line…one that can dominate just like the John Runyan years. At this point, Dominique Cromartie would be my only untouchable on Defense. Even Trent Cole (my favorite player) could go as far as I am concerned. DEFENSE has to be the top priority going forward for this team. And no matter who is under center next season, wether it is a free agent quarterback, Nick Foles, or some star drafted QB, the Eagles must get away from the West Coast OFFENSE and use their strength…run the ball! LeSean McCoy may be the most underrated under used Running Back in the NFL. He has more talent than Brian Westbrook and could be the best Back in the NFL if used properly. He needs more touches Lurie!!! Anyways, going forward, this team needs much change. Rebuilding is necessary to get better. No matter what changed are made, the Franchise Philosophy is the biggest area that needs change. Winning a Championship must be this teams TOP PRIORITY!!! Making the playoffs will not cut it any more. The Die Hard Fans are hurting for a Super Bowl. Now do the right thing and get this team back on track. Good luck to this team in the future. Merry Christmas everyone…may God Bless all my fans in 2013! God Bless The Eagles!


“December 14th-A Day to Remember”

This is a poem I wrote as a tribute to the families of the victims of the latest school tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School. I may use it as a song in the future but for now it’s the least I could do…my heavy heart and prayers go out to these poor people who are suffering a terrible loss. My thoughts and prayers are with the people of Newtown Connecticut and your children and hero teachers will never be forgotten.

-It was an ordinary day in Connecticut, well into the Christmas Hustle.
-Sandy Hook Elementary School saw all the young children happy and humble.
-Thirteen Days left until Christmas, Thoughts of Santa and all the gifts so vivid.
-Winter Break around the corner,; Family, Fun, Laughter so Timid.
-As the morning goes on the monster is close at hand.
-Devil Possessed hellbent on his plan to commit violence that no one can understand.

-Nine-Thirty AM the shots begin to ring out in slow motion.
-The Children cannot help but wonder what is all the commotion.
-Heroes are born as it sets in what is transpiring.
-This is not a dream, this is reality something bad is really happening.
-Why would any human just walk into an elementary school and start a massacre.
-The sight is all too familiar, cold-blooded murder the work of Lucifer.

“These People Deserved Better, Life is too short. These People are now
In Heaven with our Lord. The children so precious now
Shielded from evil and scorn. The Adults died as heroes, leaving loved ones torn.”

-The question of why may never be answered only debated.
-No matter what the reason there is a lesson to be initiated.
-This world is inherently evil and without Jesus we will all perish.
-Life on this Earth is never easy we all serve a purpose.
-So as we mourn for the family members and friends remember this.
-Our Savior Died for our sins so that we may enter a better place.

-We will not allow Adam Lanza to accomplish his goal of trying to play God.
-Sometimes it takes a tragedy to make others sin come to a stop.
-As horrific and horrible that this massacre does appear.
-Let’s not forget the children and teachers that are no longer here.
-This tragedy is not about gun control, mental illness, school security or all of the above.
Please never forget their memories, they will always be remembered for their courage and love.

“These People Deserved Better, Life is Too Short. Our loved ones are now in Heaven with our Lord. The Children so precious, now shielded from evil and scorn. The Adults died as Heroes, They are now with Jesus Reborn!”



There is no words that can describe the extreme devastation and sadness that the tragedy in Newtown Connecticut has caused throughout America. One thing is for sure…too much emphasis and focus is always put on these mass murderers…and not enough focus and recourse is given to the victims in these cases. In the Sandy Hook Tragedy, the victims were mostly young children that did not even reach the age of seven years old. These children will never be able to get their driver’s license and vote. These children will never be able to go to the prom. They will not have the opportunity to graduate high school or attend college. These children will never be able to get married and have children of their own. Nor will they have the chance to be grandparents and spend quality time with these grand children. The fact that this massacre took 26 lives was bad enough. The fact that the majority (20) of them were under the age of seven makes this even more unbearable. No one will ever know the exact reason that this horrific crime occurred. No one will ever know what was going through Adam Lanza’s head when he murdered his mother with her own guns and then stormed into the elementary school…guns blazing…and shed bloody murder on twenty-six innocent human beings. There will always remain the question of why? Adam is not here as he took his own life…so there will be no trial and subsequent answers. The victims are being buried every day without fail. There are so many people that are grieving from this tragedy. These massacres are all too familiar now. These killers are always glorified in the media. It has become a major black cloud in our country. The Sandy Hook Tragedy was the second worst school shooting ever in America. The worst shooting was the Virginia Tech murders a few years back. That was college students. This was young children that never will reach the age of seven. Something must be done so that these victims will not have died in vain. We read the numerous stories of the heroic teachers and how they protected their students. The principal of the school, unarmed tried to subdue the killer before being shot to death. The 27 year old teacher that locked her students in a closet before meeting her end by the same killer. Adam Lanza may have suffered from mental illness, there are cited examples that he had mental as well as behavioral issues. However, wether he had these issues are not does not take away the fact that he killed these innocent human-beings in cold blood. So I say it again…something must be done about this violence today. Not two weeks from now, not two years from now, not after more of these horrible tragedies happen. Action is needed now. So what are the issues at hand? Well most people are focused on guns and the need for more stringent gun regulation. Ok, the fact is no one wants or will try to take away the second amendment and the right of every citizens to bear “arms.” No one is suggesting a total ban on guns and weapons. However, there is a true distinction between the Hunting Rifle and the weapon of choice that has been used in the past three mass shootings…Virginia Tech, Aurora Colorado, and now Newtown Connecticut. No we are talking about the AR-15…a semi-automatic assault rifle with the capability of shooting anywhere from 30-100 rounds consecutively, depending on the type of clip. I was listening to a news reporter who actually lived in Japan for five years and never covered a mass shooting. In her past six months living in the United States, she has covered three mass shootings. Something is wrong here. Japan has much more stringent gun rules and laws. America puts individuals rights before the safety of the country as a whole. This is wrong. Nonetheless, as it has been covered, the massacre in Sandy Hook was used carrying out an AR-15 Assault Weapon. No one can provide any legitimate reasons why any civilian should be carrying this type of assault rifle. Some idiot on CNN called the AR-15 the “Ferrari of Guns.” C’MON! Where is the respect for these poor innocent lives that were ended prematurely. I’m sick and tired of hearing that this could have happened even if the weapon was a normal rifle or handgun. I totally disagree. A normal rifle can be deadly and with technology the clips and ammo can be changed very swiftly. However, having the ability to keep pulling the trigger until at least 30 rounds have been fired can allow for tremendous loss of life in a very short time. If the perpetrator was using a more conventional weapon, there would have been a much better chance to limit the deaths. What this country needs is a federal law that can supersede the states’ laws regarding regulations of firearms. Not only should these assault weapons be banned, but also there needs to be federal laws and policies that will make it harder to purchase weapons legally. We already know that these tragedies will not be totally eliminated just like we know that people will get their hands on these guns illegally. But please, there needs to be some reform in this area. You and I can go and visit a gun show…say in Harrisburg, and purchased an AR-15 or any other firearm without even having to take a background check. If I was drafting a new law, not only would I require a background check for someone to purchase a firearm, but I would also push for some type of psychological exam, just like they require when entering the military or law enforcement. This would make it harder for citizens to purchase weapons and would also hopefully catch many of these people with mental illness and stop them from getting their hands on these guns. Now one would argue that these people could still get their hands on these weapons, just like in the case of Adam Lanza, who stole his mother’s guns. This is true but it would lessen the chances of these people getting the weapon. Secondly, I would call for new laws and policies regarding mental illness. Right now as it stands…in order to get immediate mental and behavioral help you must be considered immediate danger to One’s self or others or someone that has already committed a crime. This is a serious problem because as these massacres prove…this may be too late. Also, there needs to be more help for children who go through traumatic experiences such as domestic violence, alcoholic parents, rape, abuse, or any other social instances that can lead to a serious mental and behavior deficit. As I have mentioned before, there are more people walking around that suffer from some type of mental illness than those who actually get diagnosed medically. The mental health arena in the United States must be truly reformed and there needs to be more funding and research. With each of these tragedies, more evidence is formed that may make it easier to form a profile of the person who is capable or likely to commit such a heinous act. Mental illness is stigmatized so badly in this country that parents and children alike are embarrassed to seek health. The similar profile of these mass murderers are young males between 16-25, very intelligent, some type of major personality disorder, and they may also have psychosis. These males are alike in that they stay to themselves (recluse), enjoy violent video games, and suffer from some type of depression. Mental Health care must be upgraded and there needs to be a more proactive approach. Also, the standard for getting someone help should be dropped from the current standard which makes the person have to be an immediate danger to either them self or others. This definitely needs to change. Finally, the government must ensure more funding to the security and safety of our schools and universities. There are many things that can be done. There is no quick fix. But they can start by having better training for dealing with these types of massacres. Also, there should be trained professional armed guards (maybe retired police officers) that have to pass a psychological exam and safety course before they get this job. There are so many other areas of opportunity but this cannot wait! This issue must be addressed today. And the NRA needs to respect the needs for public safety more than its own agenda. These incidents need to come to a stop. We owe it to these poor children who should not have perished in vain. God please help this country to come together and help fix the evil things that are occurring in our society. And America, please join together in the effort to make our country a safer place to live.



Ok…one more game to go in Week #14. There were a few surprises as usual yesterday as the 49ers beat the Patriots on the road in a game that saw the Pats come back from 27 points but fall short. Even with this latest loss…the Patriots are still my favorite to make the Superbowl. My original pick was the Patriots-49ers, but I am oddly making a change to that now as the Seattle Seahawks look poised to take the Division and get a home game in the first round. The Seahawks Defense has been relentless…and now their offense is firing on all cylinders. Rookie Quarterback sensation Russell Wilson rushed for three touchdowns yesterday, while throwing two. He also accounted for over 400 yards in offense. Marshawn Lynch has been a beast as always and has remained healthy this season which will be scary in the playoffs. Peyton Manning an Adrian Peterson continued their quest for NFL Comeback Player of the Year. Manning and the Denver Broncos are now 11-3 and have the second best record behind the Houston Texans who also rebounded and are 12-2. The Patriots are now 10-4, but do not let last night’s loss deceive you. The 49ers needed this game much more than the Pats as they are battling for a Division Title with the Seahawks. The Patriots showed in the fourth quarter that they are capable of coming back from a huge deficit against one of the league’s best defenses. Speaking of the AFC, the Colts lost some of their luck as the Texans were a team possessed after being embarrassed in National Television last week to the Patriots. Meanwhile, Denver beat Baltimore handily and The Ravens fell to 9-5. The Jets who will not make the playoffs beat the rival Dolphins in a not so offensive game. The Giants, last week putting up 50 points, were shut down by another team out to prove their dominance in the NFC. Nobody sees the Falcons as a force in the playoffs but I don’t think they should be taken lightly with an 11-2 record. The Packers beat the Bears and the Bears continue to slump. The Saints won a meaningless game but Drew Brees had a strong game. Arizona broke their 9 game losing streak by beating the Detroit Lions. The Rams were embarrassed by the Seahawks. So here we are…2 weeks left and the only teams to have clinched home field are Houston and Atlanta. The Giants are so inconsistent. Eli Manning looks to have lost his accuracy and the Giants Defense has struggled the previous two weeks. Two more weeks to go until the playoffs and it should be a strong finish.
Here is my Power Rankings after 14 Weeks in the book:
1) Houston Texans
2) Atlanta Falcons
3) New England Patriots
4) Denver Broncos
5) Seattle Seahawks
6) San Francisco 49ers
7) Green Bay Packers
8) Baltimore Ravens
9) Chicago Bears
10) Indianapolis Colts

Bottom Feeders:
1) Kansas City Chiefs
2) Philadelphia Eagles
3) Oakland Raiders
4) Cleveland Browns
5) Carolina Panthers

****Now some Fantasy Football. In my league two teams were 11-3 and I made the playoffs on the last week of the season with an 8-6 record while winning 4 straight down the stretch. Aaron was the fourth team also posting an 8-6 record. Yesterday in the First Round of the Playoffs Aaron’s team Deuce Droppers was dropped a deuce in by Will McCarthy. In my game, I won easily 140-89. I think that may only be the second week where a team scored less than 100 points on me. So it’s down to me and Bill. Bill led the league with the best record and has the points total. I actually came in second as far as points go. I have not win a fantasy title since the days of Priest Holmes (I have won 2). So may the best team win Bill. If I do win I think it shows that I drafted well as I also made some very good waiver pickups. My Second pick Maurice Jones Drew has been hurt all season. My second running back Steven Jackson was dropped twice by me and now I picked him up and he is paying dividends. My first pick was Charles Johnson and then I also got Brandon Marshall. That has been my strength…Wide Receiver. I also took a chance on Peyton Manning who has put up unbelievable numbers and looks to be leading the Broncos to a first round bye in the AFC Playoffs. Whatever the outcome is next week…I am very satisfied with my season…my first fantasy league in 3 years. Just saying…I had the 8th pick and I am on the Championship…just saying.



Today I am choosing to forgo my weekly NFL post for a much more important topic that must be discussed and cannot be ignored. Yes, The NFL goes on…day to day issues go on, life goes on…but the horrific tragedy that occurred in Sandy Hook is an issue that cannot be ignored and must be looked at. The first question that will never be answered is why? Why would another human being walk into a school and slaughter 27 people…20 of whom were young children. What could have been done to prevent this tragedy? Most people are focusing on The Gun-Control Debate. Some people are looking at mental illness as the major contributing factor to this massacre. Other people are citing the lack of school security as the main cause of this tragedy. There are many other topics of discussion that are being debated all around the country. No matter what view point these people have…we cannot ignore the main issue. That issue is that almost 30 people lost their lives in a sensible unexplained tragedy and many more family members, friends, first responders, school faculty members, and ALL PARENTS in the WORLD were terribly disturbed and effected by this tragedy.
There was an incident that occurred in an airport where a person tried to use a bomb in their shoe awhile back and immediately legislation and regulation was put into affect, with a law being passed that makes every passenger who enters an airport to take their shoes off before going through security. In retrospect…since Columbine there have been over 10 school shootings as well as many other murders in other areas of public meetings…but yet nothing has been done…NOTHING has been done to try and eliminate these senseless murders. So, first of all…what can be done right away that can limit these types of tragedies. I mean, no one will ever question the Second Amendment Right to Bear Arms, that is something that our forefathers voted on and agreed upon that should not be taken away. The Act…Mass Murders in Public Places. We should not look at this as Gun Control, but yet Gun Regulation. We are not talking about weapons that people use for hunting, or in their homes for self protection. Instead the issue is Automatic Assault Type Weapons. I don’t think that our ancestors that passed the Constitution, had these issues in mind when drafting the laws. How about looking at this in a logical way. There is NO REASON for average citizens to be able to purchase, transfer, sell, or use Automatic Assault Weapons for any reason. Why has the Government not acted immediately in this issue?!!!! The only people that should have access to these weapons ( let’s refer to automatic assault weapons as any weapon that can shoot off more than 10 rounds of bullets in succession) would be military, security, and law enforcement agents because these are the types of weapons that have been used in the majority of these killings. I myself am a hunter and I own weapons…but I also have the opinion that there is no reason for these assault weapons to be on our streets or in a normal citizens possession END OF STORY. Congress should be in the room TODAY to BAN ASSAULT WEAPONS IMMEDIATELY! Now let’s get to the bottom line. Banning Automatic Assault Weapons may not totally eliminate these types of tragedies but I can guarantee that it will greatly lower the amount of incidents. Ok…There should also be more strict and vigilant rules and regulations that would make it tougher for people to purchase any type of weapon…legal or not legal. I mean…There have been laws in so many areas of debate that has been passed to help stop tragedy. Let’s look at drunk driving. They have passed very strict rules regarding Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. These laws have not stopped people from getting behind the wheel drunk or from driving drunk and killing others and themselves. However, the numbers have declined. To use the argument that passing a law will not make a difference in stopping tragedy from occurring is BULLSHIT and also a cop out. We owe it to the public, families, children of America and it is our duty to protect our children and citizens at all costs. This means, sitting back and doing nothing is not doing a good of help towards accomplishing this goal. We cannot sit back and say that violence is a part of society and that it will never be abolished! We know that…this is not a stretch. However, doing nothing is not an option. Ok, well that’s just a small part of the Gun Debate. We also must look at the mental illness issue. There are hundreds of thousands of people that are diagnosed each year with some type of mental illness. What about the millions of other people who have a mental illness that goes undiagnosed and unnoticed. What about the people that have mental illness and do not seek treatment. There are so many people who have mental problems that do not know it than the actual people that are diagnosed. The number of these people is probably double. This is a major problem that needs immediate action also. Now one would say…what can be done to help in this area. Well first of all, mental illness carries a stigma that makes the public all uncomfortable and unwilling to put the time and effort to study, implement money and funding for more research as well as sometimes even discuss the issue. Now my argument is virtually this. My father has bi polar disease. I have been around mental illness my entire life. My argument is that just because someone has mental illness, that it does not justify these mentally unstable people from committing these senseless irrational horrible acts of violence. As mentioned, my dad has bi-polar disorder and I can tell you for a fact that he would never ever consider walking into a building of innocent children and slaughtering these poor souls. In fact, most people that struggle with mental illness that will resort to some type of violence tend to take it out on themselves and other close family members. There is something different going on with these people. Yes, they are definitely mentally deranged in some capacity, but I would argue that something more powerful is at work here. These people are possessed by EVIL, The Devil, SATAN, LUCIFER, or whatever you want to refer to evil as. I don’t care what religion you believe in…Christianity, Catholicism, Judaism, Buddhism, Islamism, etc. No one can argue that Good and Evil does exist and that there are evil powers above our knowledge and understanding that are at work to try and destroy the good in the world. These people who are committing these acts of violence are not just mentally ill, they are tools of the devil. Now my argument is that mental illness definitely needs more attention as far as research, public awareness, teaching and education, and less stigma. You may have mental illness or depression and be scared to talk to someone about it. This is a major problem. People should not be ridiculed for having a mental disorder. So much education, funding, and testing is used for Cancer, Tumors, AIDS, And other terminal illness. But what about mental illness…where is the funding and insurance and help for these people. It’s like a plague…no one wants to face the facts that this illness is alive and well and destroying millions of lives and families every year. This is also a problem, just like the lack of Weapons Regulation. The third area of concern is School security. When these types of tragedies occur don’t you think we should look at the failure and lack of school security and follow through. As these tragedies keep occurring, I think it’s time that we focus on strengthening that area. I mean I work for a Supermarket and we have unbelievable security to protect what? To protect assets and money. WTF!!!!! Merchandise and money is just that…This can be replaced. Human life cannot be replaced. So my argument would be that more funding should be put into better security for these schools as well as training. I mean at my work we have all types of training for bomb scares, power failures, natural disasters. Well how about Random Acts of Violence! This should be an immediate priority. Now I am in no way condoning concealed weapons in schools, this could easily end up in the same way. But there has to be better training for these situations starting with how a person would be able to enter a school with weapons of mass destruction. We have security in our Airports and people still get through with bombs. We need to emphasize security in the schools as a top priority as well because we have a duty to protect these children at all costs. This type of debate could go on forever and yes I’m sure everyone has their own opinion. Even if they totally banned weapons ownership, violence would still occur. But we as a country cannot have the attitude that we are going to sit back and just be reactive to these despicable acts! We need to be proactive in all facets wether gun regulation, mental illness awareness, security preservation, and protection of our young…less video games, less violence on television, less violence in music, all of these areas must be addressed. Yes, the United States is a country that shared the most freedom. However, with freedom comes a price. Does this price have to continue to be loss of innocent lives? I would argue, NO WAY! There must be something done now…this cannot be argued. A normal civilian has no business having an assault rifle with unlimited firing capability with numerous magazines and clips. Put a ban in TODAY on all assault weapons immediately. The NRA needs to put human life in front of its own agendas. Banning assault weapons does not mean banning guns for private use such as target shooting, hunting, self defense. It just means getting these other weapons off of our streets and in turn these killings will lessen. Lets face it, violence will always exist…we are inherently evil. We all sin at one or more times in our life. However, to sit back is to condone violence. Mental Illness awareness needs to be a top priority for science and researchers as well a public awareness and education. And security in schools must be a top priority going forward. It’s sad that it always takes a tragedy for people to become awake and share their opinions. We as a society need to become more proactive and less reactive. Stay tuned…I will continue to blog about this topic until something is done to fix the issue. Please feel free to comment and share your viewpoints. To all those that lost their lives and were effected by this and other past tragedies…my prayers and condolences go out to you and my deepest sympathy. Also, I pray that God will put an end to the Devil and his horrible influence on other human beings.


Thursday Night Football/State of the Eagles

This is going to be my shortest blog in history! I forgot once again to pick the result of the Eagles Bengals game because first of all…I forgot there was even a game. Is that not sad?? I can remember a time when the BIRDS were the first thing on my mind and then the last. Well…those days are over. This team is pathetic and it begins with the owner Jeff Lurie. Grow some balls you French Whore!!!!!! Andy Reid is a great guy we all know that. He has been through a horrible tragedy losing his son earlier this season we all know that and sympathize. The Eagles have probably had their best run out of any eras. Yes…true sports fans which Eagles fans are do not get tricked! You guys say that your ultimate goal is to win SUPER BOWL…14 years and counting…ughhhhh. C’MON Lurie…wake up. Your goal is not to win the Super Bowl…your goal is to be just good enough each year to hopefully make the playoffs and compete and that’s it. Well DAMN IT…that’s not good enough anymore. You will not commit treason anymore. It’s time to own up to your mistakes and change the culture of this team. Face it…the years that the Eagles have been at their best is when they have had a dominant DEFENSE! Defense wins Championships. Well…it’s time to get a Coach in here that understands that Defense is the back bone to the team. A DEFENSIVE minded coach…Bill Cowher maybe??? I’m so tired of all this John Gruden talk. Please stop…that Packers Superstar Squad are has beens. Holmgren is gone. Steve Mariucci is gone. Ray Rhoads is gone. Give it up…that West Coast Offense bullshit is a thing of the past. Look at the past ten Super Bowl winners…not west coast offense. Pro style offense with a Defense that dominates. God bless Jim Johnson’s soul…God bless Bud Carson. Buddy Ryan…we all miss you…you were a legend. Reggie White, Jerome Brown, Mike Golic, Bill Romanowski, Seth Joyner, Eric Allen, Andre Waters, Brian Dawkins, Ben Smith, Clyde Simmons…the list goes on and on. Jeremiah Trotter, Hugh Douglas, Sheldon Brown, Lito Sheppherd, Al Harris. These were real defensive players. Where is this teams heart? Oh that’s right…there is none. Lurie it starts with you. There has always been a scapegoat every year wether it was injuries, wether it was your once star quarterback Donovan McNabb, whether it was the whole T.O. Saga, wether it was Andy Reid dealing with his sons’ addictions, wether it was offensive coordinators or defensive coordinators. Take a look in the mirror Lurie…wake the FUCK up! Reid needs to go now…no hard feelings. Hell even give him a job in the main office. We need a Defensive Coach, a stud Defensive Coordinator, an overhaul on Defense. No matter how bad the offense has been this year…this is an aberration. The Eagles offense has usually shined every season wether it was McNabb, Garcia, Feely, Vick…behind center. The Defense has been the Achilles heel most of the past few seasons. This is where you must start. Fire Reid…Scrap the team…REBUILD. The time has come…just making the playoffs every year is not gonna cut it anymore! Lurie this city deserves a Championship…A SUPER BOWL. You are killing the fans. Really…are you not sick of the same Reid Press Conference speech…”We’ll again…I have to do a better job…I was not prepared…I have to put my players in a better position to make a play!”””” Seriously…what about these players!!!!!!!! They make millions of dollars…how bout showing up one week!!!! Time for change Philly…we need this Football team as an organization to make a true effort to put a team on the field that will once again compete for the Lombardi Trophy. This is unacceptable. The season ticket holders…please hear me. Do not renew your seats. You MuST SEND a message for the entire fan base that we will not accept mediocrity anymore!!! Blow this team up…Build a Winner!