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Well after last weeks picks, Aaron went 9-7 while I struggled at 7-9. This brings the up to date totals through Week #13 to Jason-100-73/ Aaron-99-74. So the standings are so close. We both picked Denver to win and cover against Oakland. Stay tuned for the rest of our picks tomorrow. This has been a fun season as it was my first year of blogging and picking against the spread, even if it was just for fun. Next year we will have to make it more interesting with some type of bet. Anyways, in Fantasy I won my 4th straight to go 7-6. I am one win away from a playoff birth. Pretty good comeback considering I was 1-3 at one point and 3-6. I have to win my game to clinch, but I can still win with a loss as long as I score more than 30 points. Joey Clemments gets in with a win against Aaron. This has been a crazy season for my fantasy team. My running backs have been decimated by injuries, while Peyton Manning, Calvin Johnson (Megatron), and Bandon Marshall have been beasts for my team. My best waiver pick ups were Josh Freeman, The Giants Defense, and Alfred Morris. I feel confident in my team this week although Peyton Manning only got me 22 points on Thursday despite throwing for 300 yards. He only had one touchdown and that hurt me. No matter what happens…it has been a fun ride for me being the first year in three years that I joined a fantasy league. I almost gave up halfway thru the season, but Aaron talked me out of it citing the fact that I had great stats, especially from the wide receiver position. Tomorrow I will preview Sundays picks as well as a synopsis on Fantasy starts and sits.
Here are my Power Rankings:
1) Atlanta Falcons
2) Houston Falcons
3) New England Patriots
4) Denver Broncos
5) New York Giants
6) San Francisco Giants
7) Chicago Bears
8) Baltimore Ravens
9) Seattle Seahawks
10) Pittsburgh Steelers

Bottom Feeders:
1) Jacksonville Jaguars
2) Philadelphia Eagles
3) Kansas City Chiefs
4) Oakland Raiders
5) Cleveland Browns

******My Superbowl Pick:
New England Patriots VS Chicago Bears….NFC Championship- Chicago Bears @ Atlanta Falcons
AFC Championship- Denver Broncos @ New England Patriots.


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