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There is no words that can describe the extreme devastation and sadness that the tragedy in Newtown Connecticut has caused throughout America. One thing is for sure…too much emphasis and focus is always put on these mass murderers…and not enough focus and recourse is given to the victims in these cases. In the Sandy Hook Tragedy, the victims were mostly young children that did not even reach the age of seven years old. These children will never be able to get their driver’s license and vote. These children will never be able to go to the prom. They will not have the opportunity to graduate high school or attend college. These children will never be able to get married and have children of their own. Nor will they have the chance to be grandparents and spend quality time with these grand children. The fact that this massacre took 26 lives was bad enough. The fact that the majority (20) of them were under the age of seven makes this even more unbearable. No one will ever know the exact reason that this horrific crime occurred. No one will ever know what was going through Adam Lanza’s head when he murdered his mother with her own guns and then stormed into the elementary school…guns blazing…and shed bloody murder on twenty-six innocent human beings. There will always remain the question of why? Adam is not here as he took his own life…so there will be no trial and subsequent answers. The victims are being buried every day without fail. There are so many people that are grieving from this tragedy. These massacres are all too familiar now. These killers are always glorified in the media. It has become a major black cloud in our country. The Sandy Hook Tragedy was the second worst school shooting ever in America. The worst shooting was the Virginia Tech murders a few years back. That was college students. This was young children that never will reach the age of seven. Something must be done so that these victims will not have died in vain. We read the numerous stories of the heroic teachers and how they protected their students. The principal of the school, unarmed tried to subdue the killer before being shot to death. The 27 year old teacher that locked her students in a closet before meeting her end by the same killer. Adam Lanza may have suffered from mental illness, there are cited examples that he had mental as well as behavioral issues. However, wether he had these issues are not does not take away the fact that he killed these innocent human-beings in cold blood. So I say it again…something must be done about this violence today. Not two weeks from now, not two years from now, not after more of these horrible tragedies happen. Action is needed now. So what are the issues at hand? Well most people are focused on guns and the need for more stringent gun regulation. Ok, the fact is no one wants or will try to take away the second amendment and the right of every citizens to bear “arms.” No one is suggesting a total ban on guns and weapons. However, there is a true distinction between the Hunting Rifle and the weapon of choice that has been used in the past three mass shootings…Virginia Tech, Aurora Colorado, and now Newtown Connecticut. No we are talking about the AR-15…a semi-automatic assault rifle with the capability of shooting anywhere from 30-100 rounds consecutively, depending on the type of clip. I was listening to a news reporter who actually lived in Japan for five years and never covered a mass shooting. In her past six months living in the United States, she has covered three mass shootings. Something is wrong here. Japan has much more stringent gun rules and laws. America puts individuals rights before the safety of the country as a whole. This is wrong. Nonetheless, as it has been covered, the massacre in Sandy Hook was used carrying out an AR-15 Assault Weapon. No one can provide any legitimate reasons why any civilian should be carrying this type of assault rifle. Some idiot on CNN called the AR-15 the “Ferrari of Guns.” C’MON! Where is the respect for these poor innocent lives that were ended prematurely. I’m sick and tired of hearing that this could have happened even if the weapon was a normal rifle or handgun. I totally disagree. A normal rifle can be deadly and with technology the clips and ammo can be changed very swiftly. However, having the ability to keep pulling the trigger until at least 30 rounds have been fired can allow for tremendous loss of life in a very short time. If the perpetrator was using a more conventional weapon, there would have been a much better chance to limit the deaths. What this country needs is a federal law that can supersede the states’ laws regarding regulations of firearms. Not only should these assault weapons be banned, but also there needs to be federal laws and policies that will make it harder to purchase weapons legally. We already know that these tragedies will not be totally eliminated just like we know that people will get their hands on these guns illegally. But please, there needs to be some reform in this area. You and I can go and visit a gun show…say in Harrisburg, and purchased an AR-15 or any other firearm without even having to take a background check. If I was drafting a new law, not only would I require a background check for someone to purchase a firearm, but I would also push for some type of psychological exam, just like they require when entering the military or law enforcement. This would make it harder for citizens to purchase weapons and would also hopefully catch many of these people with mental illness and stop them from getting their hands on these guns. Now one would argue that these people could still get their hands on these weapons, just like in the case of Adam Lanza, who stole his mother’s guns. This is true but it would lessen the chances of these people getting the weapon. Secondly, I would call for new laws and policies regarding mental illness. Right now as it stands…in order to get immediate mental and behavioral help you must be considered immediate danger to One’s self or others or someone that has already committed a crime. This is a serious problem because as these massacres prove…this may be too late. Also, there needs to be more help for children who go through traumatic experiences such as domestic violence, alcoholic parents, rape, abuse, or any other social instances that can lead to a serious mental and behavior deficit. As I have mentioned before, there are more people walking around that suffer from some type of mental illness than those who actually get diagnosed medically. The mental health arena in the United States must be truly reformed and there needs to be more funding and research. With each of these tragedies, more evidence is formed that may make it easier to form a profile of the person who is capable or likely to commit such a heinous act. Mental illness is stigmatized so badly in this country that parents and children alike are embarrassed to seek health. The similar profile of these mass murderers are young males between 16-25, very intelligent, some type of major personality disorder, and they may also have psychosis. These males are alike in that they stay to themselves (recluse), enjoy violent video games, and suffer from some type of depression. Mental Health care must be upgraded and there needs to be a more proactive approach. Also, the standard for getting someone help should be dropped from the current standard which makes the person have to be an immediate danger to either them self or others. This definitely needs to change. Finally, the government must ensure more funding to the security and safety of our schools and universities. There are many things that can be done. There is no quick fix. But they can start by having better training for dealing with these types of massacres. Also, there should be trained professional armed guards (maybe retired police officers) that have to pass a psychological exam and safety course before they get this job. There are so many other areas of opportunity but this cannot wait! This issue must be addressed today. And the NRA needs to respect the needs for public safety more than its own agenda. These incidents need to come to a stop. We owe it to these poor children who should not have perished in vain. God please help this country to come together and help fix the evil things that are occurring in our society. And America, please join together in the effort to make our country a safer place to live.


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