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Guns N Roses: Reunion Would Set Record Attendance

Guns N Roses is an American Hard Rock Band that was formed in 1985, in Los Angeles. Geffen Records was the first label to produce an album for the Band and the Classic Lineup consisted of Axl Rose on vocals (Formerly w/Traci Guns) this is where the name came from, Slash on Lead Guitar, Izzy Stradlin on Rhythm Guitar, Duff McKaggan on Bass and Steven Adler on the Drums. Their first album release “Appetite For Destruction”, which reached #1 On the Billboard 100 in 1987…one year after its release. The album has sold over 18 Million copies in the US making it the top selling debut album in American History. Moreover, The album has sold over 28 Million copies world wide. Sweet Child O Mine was their only Single to reach Number 1 on the Billboard 100. After releasing “Lies” (an eight song compilation) they released twin albums, one of the only times a band has done this. “Use Your Illusion 1 and Use Your Illusion 2 were released in 1991 and reached Number 2 and Number 1 on the Billboard 200 respectively. These enormous albums have sold 14 million copies together in the US, while selling a combined 35 Million Copies Worldwide. Guns N Roses has been credited for reviving the mainstream popularity of Rock N Roll during a time when Dance Music and Pop Metal ruled the music circuit. They are on the Rolling Stones Level in that respect. The Rolling Stones were once considered the “Most Dangerous Band in America” which Guns N Roses took on during their hey day. Spaghetti Incident was the last album that Slash and Duff appeared on as they both left the band after reconcilable differences with Axl. The classic lineup of Axl, Slash, Izzy, Adler, McKaggan, Sorum, and Reed were inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2012, their first year of eligibility. Of course, not by surprise, Axl was the only one to not show up at the Ceremony. The Twin Albums Use Your Illusion 1/2 are underrated to this day…producing many hit songs that include but are not limited to “Don’t Cry”, “Back off Bitch”, “November Rain”, “Don’t Damn Me”, “Dead Horse”, “Coma”, “Civil War”, “Yesterday’s”, “Breakdown”, “Estranged”, And “You Could Be Mine” which was featured in the hit movie Terminator 2. Guns N Roses, although short lived, was probably the most influential influence on Heavy Metal and Rock Music from the late 80’s through the Early 90’s. One could argue that if some day Guns N Roses are able to settle their differences and get along, and then have a reunion tour and album, they would probably set all kinds of records including ticket sales, album sales, and merchandise. Guns N Roses is like the Beatles of the 80’s and the Rolling Stones of the 90’s. Chinese Democracy, the latest release by the band (Axl is the only remaining member) was not bad hitting #3 on the Billboard 200, pretty impressive even with the lack of original members. Guns N Roses will always be at the top of my listening catalog. It’s ashame they couldn’t have lasted longer, who knows how many hit albums they could have released. Maybe some day, maybe, there will be reunion. You can be rest assured if that does happen, they would be the biggest draw since Appetite For Destruction. We can hope.


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2 responses to “Guns N Roses: Reunion Would Set Record Attendance

  1. To me it’s kind of funny that people always mention Adler in a reunion but not Matt Sorum. Could Adler even play the complicated material that came later? I honestly don’t know. He couldn’t at the time, due to the drugs. To me a true GN’R reunion tour would have to include Matt Sorum, otherwise I don’t think there’s a way they could faithfully play more the more complex material from Illusions. Adler was great on Appetite but to me, that’s his style and he’s never proven he could do anything else.

  2. inthepresenceofall ⋅

    Izzy was the coolest of them all.

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