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Forgotten Bands- Much Talent

I would like to get one more post in for the music category. I have been sitting here for an hour trying to decide what to blog about. So, I would like to do something fun…a little Trivia Game to get some more fan participation. Ok so here we go:
1) The Band Tesla produced one of their best songs ever on which album?

2) Who was the original Band that Produced Careless Whisper? I will give you a hint…It was not Seether lol.

3) What is the name of the band that had the hit song Island in the Sun?

4) What does the Initials W.A.S.P. stand for and what was their song that was about a Chainsaw?

5) What former Heavy Metal band produced the hit album that was an actual remake of certain Christmas songs?

6) There have been numerous bands that have played the song “Crimson and Clover. What was the first Band to put out the song and what year?

7) Tears For Fears was a very popular 80’s Band. What is the name of their most famous song?

8) In the mid eighties, this Female Artist produced a few number one hits and was considered the next Madonna. She covered the song Original Sin from the motion picture soundtrack “The Shadow”. What is her name?

10) The Studio All Stars covered the song “Since You’ve Been Gone”. Who was the original band that released this hit?

11) What band produced the hit singles Up All Night and Days gone By and a number of other hits.

12) What was the name of the Band Simple Minds Number One Hit?

13) The Female Artist Shannon was a Pop Singer in the late Eighties-Early Nineties. One of her major hits was Let the Music Play. What was her other huge hit?

14) The Band Seether Covered the song Broken. What female artist was featured on this song?

15) What Band produced the Hit Single “Love is on the Way”in 1992?

16) Pop Singer Rhianna produced a platinum hit “We Found Love”. Who was the male vocalist that was featured on this song?

17) What band produced the hit single “Send Me an Angel??

18) Most people recognize the Band RATT and their two most popular singles were “Round and Round” and “Lay it Down”. What was the name of the Bands lead Guitarist through most of their years together?

19) Phil Collins produced the album No Jacket Required in 1985. What song was a Number 1 Hit on the Billboards from this album?

20) Papa Roach released the album Time For Annihilation: On The Record and On the Road. One of the songs was written about infidelity?

21) Overkill was an underrated Metal Band from Newark New Jersey. What song off of the album Horoscope starts off with an intro on Piano?

22) What is the name of the Band that produced the Hit Single “Your Love”?

23) N’SYNC was a very popular boy band in the late 90’s. Some considered
Them the next New Kids on The Block. Justin Timberlake has went on to have a Successful Solo career and also is a
Movie star. On their Debut Self Titled album they had a few hit singles. What were the two hit singles?

24) In 1988 this Rap Band produced the Album Straight Outta Compton. They were known as N.W.A. What does the initials stand for?

25) On a Tribute Album, the Band The Metal Heroes covered the Hit Metal Single “Sober.” What is the name of the original band to produce this Hit?

26) In 1985, This Heavy Metal Band produced the songs “Gods of Wrath
and Beyond the Black. What is the name of this popular metal band of the eighties?

27) Ok, everyone knows that Megadeth is my favorite band…and Dave Mustaine is my favorite Front Man. So I want someone to guess my favorite song by them. Whoever can guess it I will Buy Dinner. Besides Countdown to Extinction., what is my favorite album?

28) Ozzy Osbourne recorded a duet with Female Artist Lita Ford in 1988. What was the name of this platinum hit?

29) In what year did the band The Killers release the album Hot Fuss?

30) What Band produced the hit single “Carry on Wayward Son?”

31) Iron Maiden has been one of the most successful metal bands of all time. Lead Singer Bruce Dickinson left the band for a solo career. What was the name of the album that reintroduced Bruce as the main vocalist?

32) The hit song What’s on Your Mind was released during the Eighties. What band produced this Hit Single?

33) The Popular Rap Artist released an album with a hit song called “Wicked”. What was the name
Of that album?

33) What was the name of the Keyboardist that joined Guns N Roses on the Illusion Twin Albums?

34) Great White was a very popular metal/hard rock band in the Eighties. They lost one of their members in a terrible fire almost 10 years ago. Who was the Band Member and what state did this tragedy occur?

35) What Band did Dave Navarro play for before forming the Foo Fighters?

36) The hit single “Take on Me ” was released in the eighties. What was the name of the Band that released this song?

37) This band was a One Hit Wonder on their first tour of duty. They have since come out with a few new albums that have been successful. The Band’s one hit was called “Turn up The Radio”. What was the name of the Band that released this song and what was the name of the album and what year was it released?

38) Bell Biv Devoe was a one hit wonder rap group in the late eighties. What was the name of their one hit single?

39) What city was John Bon Jovi born in and what year was Bon Jovi’s
Debut album released?

40) Bullet For My Valentine, a metal band that had tremendously grown in popularity in the past five yeas has released 3 albums. What was the name of their 2nd album?

41) Here’s an easy one…what band
Produced the Hit Single “Clocks” in 2002 And what album did it appear on?

42) What Hard Rock produced the song My Own Prison and when their
Lead singer left, what did the bands
Name change too?

43) Crossfade had a huge hit single. What was the name of the single and what female artist appeared on the remix of the song?

44) Everyone has heard the song “I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight “. Many bands have covered this hit, what was the name of the original band that released this hit?

45) What Group did Beyonce sing in before going solo?

46) What famous vocalist produced the song “The Boys of Summer?”

47) What year did Dr. Dre make his comeback and what other rapper joined

48) What artist produced the hit single “Take Me Home Tonight?”

49) What was the name of Anthrax 2nd Album to be released and what year was it released?

50) What was the name of the Famous Female Band Expose’s most popular hit single?


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14 responses to “Forgotten Bands- Much Talent

  1. If you asked me, on the Tesla question…first album, Mechanical Resonance. “Lil’ Suzy”. In my opinion!

    As far as I know, W.A.S.P. stands for nothing but in the 80’s people used to assume it was “We Are Sexual Perverts”! Ahh, the 80’s…”Knights In Satan’s Service” was another popular assumption!

  2. Close but not the answer. The album was Psychotic Supper and Your WASP answer was correct. W.A.S.P. did stand for We Are Sexual Perverts. Nice Job…happy new year!

  3. Ok…so I did not receive as much feedback on this post as I would have liked…anyways I will give the answers to the first ten trivia questions now.

    1)Psychotic Supper was the name of the album that produced the hit single by Tesla.

    2)Wham was the first band to produce the 80’s hit Careless Whisper. George Michael left Wham soon after and went on to have a solo career.

    3)Weezer produced the hit single Island in the Sun.

    4)The 80’s Metal Band W.A.S.P. initials originally stood for We Are Sexual Perverts.

    5)Twisted Sister was the Heavy Metal band that produced the album A Very Twisted Christmas which covered many famous Christmas Carols.

    6)Tommy James and the Shondells was the original band to produce the Single Crimson and Clover.

    7)Head Over Heels was the most famous song that was written by Tears For Fears.

    8)Taylor Dayne was the female artist who produced a few hit singles including “Original Sin” which appeared on the soundtrack The Shadow.

    9) The Music All Stars covered the hit single “Since You’ve Been Gone” which was originally written by the band Rainbow.

    10)Slaughter was a metal band that produced the hits ” Days Gone By, Fly to the Angels, and Up all Night among others.

    • I have to disagree with a couple points. First of all, W.A.S.P. did not stand for that. That was an urban myth propagated by the PMRC. If anything, W.A.S.P. had something to do with “Winged Assassins” — as this can be found hidden on the first LP.

      Also, Tesla — that album was not nearly as big a hit as Five Man Acoustical Jam, which had their biggest hit “Signs” (a cover from Five Man Electical Band!). Psychotic Supper came out in ’91 when Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden and Alice In Chains had started to take over the charts.

      Other than that, I fully agree! Good quiz!

  4. robakers

    I will give a couple of these questions a ride…All guesses, no internet aids…fun quiz
    #18: Robin Crosby and Warren DiMartini
    #19 “I don’t care no more”
    #22 Dokken
    #24 Nigg*s with attitude
    #25 Tool
    #27 Peace Sells (It is mine so it might be yours too)
    #28 “Close my eyes”
    #30 Kansas
    #35 Nirvana
    #36 Ah Ah
    #37 Autograph
    #38 Poison
    #42 Creed
    #45 TLC
    #46 Kansas
    #48 Eddie Money w/ Ronnie Specter
    #49 I’m the man

    • You did a great job!!! 13 out of 17. Unfortunately u did not guess my favorite Megadeth although Peace Sells is in my Top 5. Keep following…I love feedback on here. It will help me become a better blogger. Thanks for your support!

  5. robakers

    You have a great site and althought we cheer for different nfl teams, I think our music is intertwined.

    My only suggestion would be to break up the long paragraphs. It is hard to read in the current form. Making a paragraph after finishing the thought or breaking the thoughts into several paragraphs helps the reader’s eyes.

    How about Holy Wars? Is that your Megadeth fav song? That is mine. Love that one.

    Put me down for New England 41-10
    Denver 17-3
    GB 31-21
    Atlanta 37-17

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