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Well everyone can dream. A few years back, the Eagles backup Quarterback Vince Young labeled the Philadelphia Squad “The Dream Team” after an ill fated offseason of Top Free Agent Signings. Well the rest is history. Steve McNair is out of Football, many of those top free agent signings are gone including sack master Jason Babin. Nhamdi Asomuagh may have been the Eagle’s worst free agent signing ever as his age shows during every game and his talent level has dropped off the charts. But most of all, the Eagles are coming off their worst season since 1998 and probably their worst two year period under Andy Reid finishing 4-12. Well, we all knew what was next. This will be a rebuilding process and I hope Eagles fans are ready to be patient as a complete overhaul is needed for this team to wipe the slate clean and start fresh. Andy Reid is gone and he has already signed on with the Kansas City Chiefs…Good Luck Andy…no matter what some idiot fans say, you were the greatest coach in Philadelphia History and will be missed (except your boring obnoxious press conferences). Ok…so where do we go from here. As fans we are able to also hope and dream so I wanted to give you my “Dream Team” of Coaching. The Eagles would truly never have a chance of doing this but this would be my Coaching Staff.
Head Coach- Chip Kelly: Great College Coach who has perfected an offense that was already half decent and made Oregon into one of the Best Teams in College Football today. He also does very well with young teams which is the Direction the Eagles must go if they want to do this right.
Offensive Coordinator- Norv Turner: Norv Turner is responsible for turning a young inexperienced San Diego Offense into one of the most prolific offenses in the NFL and he also made huge strides with Phillip Rivers, who some thought may become a bust in his earlier career. Norv Turner has had huge success in Washington and Dallas and would be a great fit for OC in the Eagles rebuilding project.
Defensive Coordinator- Lovie Smith: Lovie Smith was right behind Andy Reid as far as head coaching tenure in the NFL. Lovie was responsible for turning the porous Chicago Bears team into one of the most successful consistent teams in the NFC. He also made the Bears into one of the Best Defenses in Football year in and year out. This was even during losing their all pro linebacker for an entire season (Brian Urlacher) and another season losing its top Cornerback for the year. Anyways, he would be a tremendous asset for the Eagles as his defenses does exactly what the Eagles are missing…rush the passer and create turnovers.
Defensive Backs Coach- Brian Dawkins: I know this would be a pipe dream, as Brian has continually stated that he does not want to coach in the NFL. However, Could you imagine his energy and excitement not only on the sidelines but also in the locker room…wow!!! Anyways, this is my Coaching Dream Team. The chances of this happening is slim to none. However, I do think the Eagles have the inside track to Oregon’s Chip Kelly if they want him. He would be a great addition and as I said, he works good with young players and rebuilding Football Squads.
Ok, this is to be continued as it is too early to see what direction Jeff Lurie will go with his Coaching Picks. Let us move on to the Eagle’s previous coach, Andy Reid. Now Reid is on his way to the Chiefs and actually will inherit the worst team in the league. I would never bet against Andy Reid and turning this football team around as he did 14 years ago in Philly. I think in order to do this though he will need good solid coordinators and a solid offensive line which is key in this passing NFL league. He inherits Matt Cassel who was a prospect of the Patriots that has not worked out. However, Reid is great with Quarterbacks and may be able to turn Cassels career around but he will need to build a stud offensive line. Hmmmmm….What are the chances that Reid persuades Donovan McNabb to join the Chiefs and reunite with his old pal for one last hurrah??? Well this would be one of those comeback stories like Randall Cunningham or Warren Moon. Do I think this would be a bad idea for McNabb….yes I do. If McNabb is looking for a comeback he needs the right situation…a team that is on the verge of moving to the next level and contending. I would say that Arizona would be a much better fit, depending on what they do with their offensive line. With all of the Drama with the New York Jets quarterback controversy I am surprised that Rex Ryan has not even attempted to peek McNabb’s interest into returning to the NFL. Nonetheless, this will be a story in 2013…you heard it here.
Well, of course the end of season means Awards time. Peyton Manning and Adrian Peterson are the top Candidates for Comeback Player of the Year. They both deserve it but since there can only be one I am leaning towards Peterson. Adrian Peterson had one of the worst NFL injuries (especially for a running back) a torn ACL, and came up 7 yards short of breaking Eric Dickerson’s all time rushing record, while surpassing the 2,000 yard barrier. Many doctors have proclaimed that Peterson has defied all odds. This is not to discredit what Peyton Manning has done in Denver! Wow, Nine Straight Wins! Top Seed in the AFC! Home field Advantage throughout the NFL playoffs including a first week bye. Pretty impressive for a Quarterback that has so much success and was basically ” dumped” after an injury plagued 2011. Stay tuned to more playoff talk as I will preview all of the games and give you my inside take and picks.
Lets talk Draft. The Eagles hold the Number #4 pick in the draft. They need to look for the right situation and see if they can get a team with 2 first round picks to bite on a trade. With the Eagles first two picks I believe it is necessary to go Offensive Tackle and Safety. They are very weak at those positions and cannot fail to address them. Secondly, if there are any free agents, they need another Cornerback and I would either look to trade Asomuagh (even if they have to pay the majority of his salary) and a Top Defensive End or Tackle. I would take a look at trying to pry Kurt Cousins away from the Washington Redskins as I could see him being a quarterback with a bright future in the NFL. Anyways, these are just my thoughts and opinions right now. Stay tuned to all of the action. It should be a Great Ride!


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  1. Joe C-Note ⋅

    Nice! I still say give Foles a shot.

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