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Just want to take this time out to wish Duff McKagan a Happy Birthday! Most of you will recognize Duff as the former Bassist for Guns N Roses and Velvet Revolver. For anyone that enjoys to read, his Book is a Must Have. He has an amazing story about his battle with addiction and alcoholism and his near death experience. The book tells the tale of how he was able to get Sober and stay sober.

So Metal Fans, if you were in a band and had the chance to cover any band or specific song, what would your choice be? Cover Songs have always been an important part of the music industry. Many bands start out their careers as cover bands. Many other bands will make it big after playing a Cover Song. In my lifetime of music enjoyment, I have heard some awesome cover songs as well as some pretty horrible ones.

Many Metal Bands have covered Black Sabbath as they are usually credited for the root of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal. There are a few cover albums out devoted to Black Sabbath, most notably Nativity in Black. Nativity in Black is a collection of popular modern metal bands that came together and made music masterpieces. Megadeth has covered Paranoid. Anthrax has covered Sabbath Bloody Sabbath. Stryper has done Heaven and Hell. There are so many more bands that have took the liberty of remaking Black Sabbath classics.

I am going to list a few bands and review what song or songs that I would love to cover if I was in a Band. Many bands have covered Metallica also. Master of Puppets was covered by Whitfield Crain of UKJ. Welcome Home Sanitarium by Anthrax. If I could cover one Metallica song it would be The Shortest Straw. And Justice For All was my first Metallica album that I owned. The Shortest Straw happens to be my favorite song off of this album. Classic Thrash and multiple solos.

As you all know, I am a huge Glam Metal fan. One of my favorite bands from the Sunset Strip is RATT. RATT was very huge in the mid to late eighties. The song that I would love to cover by them is Body Talk. I can remember watching this video numerous times on MTV as a teenager. I also remember playing it over and over agin on my Walkman. There is a blast from the past…Walkmans remember them lol. Now we have MP3’s and Cell Phones.

Not only am I a huge fan of the music these bands play…but Im also very much into the lyrics and the various themes. If I had to pick a Guns N Roses song…it would be Bad Obsession due to my personal experience with addiction. Iron Maiden is also one of the bands I would love to cover. One of my favorites is The Evil That Men Do. I can see myself on stage with Eddy in the background. Def Leppard would have to be Gods of War. Hysteria is my favorite album and this track would be very fun to remake.

As everyone knows…Megadeth is my all time favorite band. If I had to cover a Dave Mustaine classic I actually have two songs that I would love to cover. Hook in Mouth is one. I have always been a huge fan of this song and its message. The System Has Failed is one of their most underrated albums. The song that I would most want to cover would be Scorpions.

Anthrax has also been a huge inspiration to my music catalog and I would actually chose one of their newest hits off of Worship Music, their latest studio album. I would love to cover Alive. This song is classic Anthrax but has a more modern sound. If it was Slayer it would have to be Seasons in the Abyss! Pantera would be Hollow. Poison would be Ride the Wind.

Alice in Chains has been covered by many bands. I am a huge fan of their heavy songs, but If I was to cover a song it would be Nutshell the acoustic hit from Jar of Flies. AC/DC would have to be The Razors Edge. Guns N Roses would be Estranged.

There are also a few newer bands that I would love to remake. Avenged Sevenfold has many hits in their short time on the scene and I would pick the Song Scream off of their Self Titled album. Bullet For My Valentine is also one of my favorite modern bands. If I had to cover one of their songs it would be Hand of Blood. Killswitch Engage would be Rose of Sharyn. There are so many great metal songs that would be awesome on my own vinyl. The list is endless. Feel free to pick some of your favorites. I am curious to see people’s ideas.


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  1. About 22 years ago, my buddy Andy and I wrote out a list of all the songs we wanted to cover. I can’t remember very many of them. I do remember two:

    The Cult – Fire Woman
    ZZ Top – I Thank You

    Today though, I would cover Budgie. Mainly because A) Budgie are an incredible band with dozens of classic songs, and B) very few bands have covered Budgie. Just Metallica and Maiden, that I know of.

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