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On the eve of the release of Mike Piazza’s book “Long Shot”, the ongoing investigation of the Miami PED Scandal continues. Gio Gonzalez, the star left hander for the Washington Nationals has been named to the WBC US roster. This is amid rumors that he has been linked to the scandal. First of all, I feel that this is a very poor decision by the WBC executive staff. It would be like Mark McGwire being named to the team years ago even though there was an ongoing investigation. It’s also very poor publicity for MLB.

There are other actions by Major League Baseball and specific teams that make you shake your head. I know the ultimate goal for any professional team is to win a championship, and that having the best players gives you the best chance to do so. However, at what cost do these teams pay the piper to reach these goals. I mean, what a travesty…Melky Cabrera is named in the scandal and two weeks later he receives a 2 Million Dollar raise. Bartolo Colon is suspended for 50 games and for using Performance Enhancing Drugs and then is rewarded with a two year contract. Even last year, when Ryan Braun was let go on a technicality that stated that his tests were not delivered in a timely manner. Now all of a sudden his name has shown up in this report.

The New York Yankees have yet to part ways with Alex Rodriguez. I mean…I am all about innocent until proven guilty, but the pureness and sanctity of the game is being robbed by these players who chose to risk it all in order to get ahead if the curve. This did not happen in years past so why is it now that it continues. Even with the more strict rules and regulations that the MLB has passed, these players continue to ruin the game by cheating.

I mean, yes Bud Selig deserves some blame and so does the MLB counsel and hierarchy, however, The Team owners deserve most of the blame as they continue to she’ll out millions of dollars to players who are CHEATERS and LIARS! Alex Rodriguez will be found guilty just as Barry Bonds was found guilty and just as Mark McGwire was found guilty and so forth. Steroids…HGH…call it whatever you want to call it but it all reaks of treason to me. The New York Yankees, otherwise known as the “Evil Empire” should do the right thing and save face with the league by cutting Alex Rodriguez. Instead they continue to stand behind him in his defense.

I cannot wait to purchase Mike Piazza’s book tomorrow. I am sure that there will be a lot of exciting stories from the former Catcher, who was drafted with the 152nd pick and became one of the Greatest hitting catchers to play the game. A lifetime .308 Hitter with 457 Home Runs and 2,000 hits. Mike was a top notch player.

In his book he sounds off against his critics that say that he used Steroids just like other star players of his time. I believe that players of this generation were more of a byproduct of the system than all liars and cheaters. I mean we have the players that smell of lies like Mark McGwire, Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa, Roger Clemmens, the list goes on and on. However, Mike is an honest guy and you can tell by some of his commentary in the book.

He highlights his “war” and battles with Roger Clemmens. In 2000 he was intentionally beaned in the head by a Roger Clemmens fastball. Soon after, during a playoff game, Piazza hit a soft grounder towards the mound and his bat shattered, the long stem landed near Clemmens. Roger picked up the sharred bat and throws it at Mike Piazza as he runs down the First Base Line. When Roger Clemmens was questioned in an interview about the incident, he replies in dumb fashion by saying” I thought I was throwing the ball.” HELLO DUMB ASS, even if you were throwing the ball what would possess you to do so. Oh, it must have been the steroids that you claim over and over that you did not take. Even though other players have linked you to the substance and other evidence has showed that you did so. One paragraph in the book has Mike Piazza rehashing his fantasy of how he planned to kick Roger Clemmens ass. This plan was detailed and even involved Mike taking Karate.

Mike Piazza is also known as a true metal head. He was drunk during a Guns N Roses concert and yelled at AXL for not wearing a Mets jersey. Mike was also responsible for leaking pieces of the Chinese Democracy album from GNR to Eddy Trunk in that metal show. I love Mike and his realism. Hopefully his book will shed more light on the fact that Baseball must continue to punish these liars and cheaters. The game has no place for this.



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