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This is my early predictions and thoughts on the 2013 MLB Baseball Season and a breakdown of how players will finish in different categories. First of all…we will start with the Power Rankings on Offense going into Spring Training. My Top 10 Hitting Teams in MLB are as follows:
1) Anaheim Angels- The Angels lineup is stacked with the top 4 being Mike Trout, Erick Aybar, Albert Pujols, and Josh Hamilton.
2) Detroit Tigers- Triple Crown winner Miguel Cabrera and Prince Fielder will produce a lot of runs.
3) Toronto Blue Jays- With the addition of Jose Reyes the Blue Jays instantly jump ahead in this list. Melky Cabrera and Jose Bautista pack some punch too.
4) Washington Nationals- The addition of Denard Span will mean the addition of more runs.
5) New York Yankees- This is the lowest ranking for the Yankees lineup going into a season in forever.
6) Cincinnati Reds- Joey Votto, Brandon Phillips, and now a legitimate lead off threat Sin Soo Choo.
7) Saint Louis Cardinals- The Cardinals offense is potent every year even with the departure of Pujols. Carlos Beltran looks to better his comeback after a great 2012.
8) Atlanta Braves- BJ Upton, Jonathan Upton, Jayson Heyward, Martin Prado, Dan Uggla, Brian McCann. This team very well could be the number 1 Lineup.
9) Milwaukee Brewers
10) Texas Rangers
Honorable Mention (If Healthy and Up to par) Philadelphia Phillies, Colorado Rockies, Arizona Diamondbacks.

My Top 10 Pitching Staffs are as follows:
1) Detroit Tigers- Justin Verlander, Max Sherzer, Doug Fister, Anibal Sanchez…Top 4 Man rotation in Baseball.
2) Los Angeles Dodgers- Clayton Kershaw, Josh Beckett, Zach Greinke, Chad Billingsley, Ted Lily, and Aaron Harang. Wow!
3) Washington Nationals- Stephen Strasburg, Jordan Zimmerman, Gio Gonzalez, Dan Haren, ??. Awesome Top 4.
4) Philadelphia Phillies- Roy Halladay, Cole Hammels, Cliff Lee, Kyle Kendrick. Of course this is a big if…but if Halladay can stay healthy and be dominant once again the Phillies could jump to Number 1!
5) Tampa Bay Devil Rays- David Price and Jeremy Hellickson right there with the Top 1/2 Punch.
6) Cincinnati Reds- Johnny Cueto, Matt Latos, Homer Bailey, Bronson Arroyo.
7) Toronto Blue Jays- RA Dickey, Josh Johnson, and Mark Bueherle give them a formidable Top 3.
8) San Francisco Giants- The Giants could be anywhere from 8th to 1st. This will depend on Tim Lincecum.
9) Atlanta Braves
10) Oakland Athletics
Honorable Mention- New York Yankees, Anaheim Angels, Arizona Diamondbacks.
Ok…now to my playoff picks.
National League East- The Washington Nationals will win their second division in a row.
National League Central- Cincinnati Reds- The Reds deserved a better fate last year and will be back.
National League West- Los Angeles Dodgers
Wild Card- Philadelphia Phillies, San Francisco Giants
National League Champs- Philadelphia Phillies

American League East-Toronto Blue Jays
American League Central-Detroit Tigers
American League West-Los Angeles Angels
Wild Card-Tampa Bay Devil Rays, Oakland Athletics

No you are not seeing things! The New York Tankees and Boston No Sox will not make the playoffs this season.

NL CY Young- Clayton Kershaw
NL MVP- Brandon Phillips
NL Rookie of Year-Zack Wheeler
Comeback Player of Year-Roy Halladay

AL CY Young- Justin Verlander
AL MVP- Justin Verlander
AL Rookie of Year-Mike Olt

NL HR- Ryan Howard
NL AVG- BJ Upton
NL SB- Ben Revere
NL RBI- Ryan Braun
ERA- Roy Halladay
Wins- Clayton Kershaw
K’s- Clayton Kershaw
SVS- Jonathan Papplebon

AL HR- Josh Hamilton
AL RBI- Miguel Cabrera
AL AVG- Miguel Cabrera
AL SB- Jose Reyes
AL Wins- Justin Verlander
AL ERA- Justin Verlander
AL K’s- Justin Verlander
AL SVS-Andrew Bailey


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