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Ronnie James Dio is one of the Greatest Vocalists and front men to ever walk the stages in the Metal Kingdom. We all know that he is responsible for the Heavy Metal Horns Symbol. We also know him for his creative lyrics and his wide range of vocal chords which enable him to hit every note.

DIO had an extremely successful solo career making many masterpieces, the most famous of which was Holy Diver. He also had a very great period with Black Sabbath when he replaced the legend in his own right, Ozzy Osbourne. The first album released by Black Sabbath with Dio was Heaven and Hell. Heaven and Hell was an instant classic. I believe I have it ranked as the 3rd greatest Sabbath album of all time.

In 2009 Heaven and Hell released their only studio album as the Combination of Black Sabbath’s Tony Iommi and Geezer Butler along with former front man Dio and his counterpart Vinny Appicie. The album was called The Devil You Know. For those Black Sabbath fans this is a must album for your collection. The Devil You Know is heavier than the last previous Sabbath album Dehumanizer.

Atom and Evil, Bible Black, Rock N Roll Screw, Eating the Cannibals, and. Follow The Tears are the best songs that were produced on the album. Follow the Tears is a cross between solo DIO and Black Sabbath mixed with an Ozzy vibe. This album is very underrated and is an excellent Metal album. This was one of Dio’s last studio material to come out before his untimely death. Dio has a way of bringing Sabbath to another level. There will always be the debate of who was a better singer for the band. I guess it’s safe to say DIO has a way better voice but Ozzy was the better frontman. After listening to The Devil You Know…you will not know the Difference Between Heaven and Hell and Black Sabbath.


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3 responses to “DIO: HEAVEN AND HELL

  1. Follow The Tears reminds me of Black Sabbath meets
    Testament….with a little OZzy influence mixed in.

  2. Thanks for taking time to write about my hero. LLRR

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