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On Monday, it was announced that Megadeth and Iron Maiden will co- headline a US tour beginning in September. The tour will start in Charlotte, North Carolina. So far, the bill has eight shows including the final two in Las Vegas an San Bernardino, California.

This will mark the first time since the late eighties that Megadeth will share the same stage with Iron Maiden. This tour should be one of ten most highly anticipated this summer. Megadeth will be coming off their new release tour for “Super Collider” which is due out in June. Megadeth has been on a role since their release of Thirteen in 2012. This will also mark the first time since Cryptic Writings and Risk that the band will feature the same line up for two albums in a row.

In recent interviews, Dave Mustaine has been noted to say that this new album will be one of their best ever and that there are many “Potential Hits” on this album. Megadeth recorded this album under Mustaine’s brand new label. 2013 is an exciting year for albums and tours.

Anyways, the Iron Maiden-Megadeth show will be a hot ticket. And to add to the already huge news that these two super bands will be sharing the same stage…a huge announcement was also made. The final show in California will also feature Anthrax, Testament, Overkill and Sabaton. So, two of the Big Four Megadeth and Anthrax will be together. One of the all time legends Iron Maiden will be there. And if there was such a thing as the Big Six…number five Testament and number six Overkill will all be on the same stage together on one night. This show will take place at the Amphitheater in San Bernardino, CA.

Anthrax is coming off their recent release of Anthem…a cover album of some classic bands. Likewise, Testament is coming off their latest album…”The Dark Roots of Earth.” For those Metal fans that are not familiar with Overkill…Overkill is an amazing Metal band that packs power thrash and punch. They are also a local band which gives us an extra rooting interest. Sabaton is also a very good Metal Band. This concert will be one for the Ages and I hope that I can attend this show somehow. I will look forward to to others feed back of where this show can go as far as stardom.



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2 responses to “METAL MADNESS

  1. robakers

    I will try to catch a show somewhere as well. Should be great and I have never seen either of these groups. Rock On!

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