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Ok…during this week that is not over yet, we have already suffered 2 Tragedies on American Soil. First of all, we were all shocked and appalled on Monday when Boston became the site of the worst tragedy to hit the US since September 11th, when two bombs were detonated injuring 176 people and killing 3. Then on Wednesday, a deadly explosion rocked the town of Waco, Texas. A fertilizer plant exploded killing at least five people and possibly more than twenty and leaving virtually the entire town homeless. Eyewitnesses stated that the blast was like a “Nuclear Bomb” and that it mimicked a Tornado in how it leveled houses and buildings.

Wow…these are two horrible tragedies that have occurred in three days. The Boston “Massacre” part two is being investigated as an act of terrorism. The tragedy in Texas is not believed to be a terrorist plot, however that has not been ruled out at this time. I think it’s important to note that terrorism can have many forms as well as many repercussions. No matter what the facts are, what does it really matter if these tragedies are really “terrorism” or not. Is it really that important to put a label on either of them. Does it change the circumstances? Will it bring back those people who died? Will it make any of the survivors cope better? Will it make those who lost loved ones feel any better.

We have become a society of mass news media and getting the best story. Everything is micro analyzed in today’s society. The Boston tragedy appears to be an act of terror…wether domestic or home grown, or that of foreign perpetrators such as Al-Quaeda. The explosion at the fertilizer plant in Texas appears to be accidental in nature, however, foul play has not been ruled out which I am sure will come to light in the following days after the scene is investigated.

The purpose of this post is to stress the non importance of wether or not these tragedies are acts of terror. It really does not matter. The fact is…people have lost lives and loved ones and friends, some have lost limbs and have been affected by bodily injury, most will be affected by post traumatic stress syndrome, and the entire United States will be affected by how the media handles the aftermath.

In the face of tragedy, we must remain strong and resilient. I myself am not a fan of the Obama administration…nor am I a fan of our current political state, however, CMoN! We cannot use either of these tragedies or even past ones such as the school shootings in Sandy Hook to push political agendas. I am disappointed in the Republican Party for using these tragedies as forms of political doctrine. One report had a US senator saying that Obama is using the families of the “Sandy Hook Shootings” as well as Gabrielle Giffords as “PROPS” to push the Gun Control Agenda. This is bullshit!!!! Do you not have any heart Politicians, Republican or Democratic!

When tragedies like these occur we must join together and be resilient as a country. This is not the time to blame ourselves, security, terrorists, political parties. We must stand strong, just like the town of Boston…”Boston Strong”. Lets face it, any time there is a national tragedy it brings chains of misery to us all. We must not lose sight. These political factions can be just as dangerous as the terrorists we all have become familiar with after 9/11. Terrorism can take so many forms and can come from any agenda wether political or personal.

When these incidents are all said and done…they will fall to the way side just like many other tragedies that have occurred in our country in the past. Lets face it, the Sandy Hook shootings occurred less than five months ago but they are hindsight 20/20 now. Besides the ongoing gun control debate…this incident is not discussed. Even 9/11…think about it. Yes, we still have a moment of silence every year to mark the anniversary of the tragedy and to pay homage. However, do we really put ourselves in the shoes of anyone that was personally affected by the attack???? There have been movies, documentaries, trials, the Osama Bin Laden assassination, the pointless invasion of Iraq, and countless other hypocrisy that has happened since the devastation more than 12 years ago.

The true heroes are the First Responders and the millions of people who dedicated their lives to volunteering and helping, even in the face of danger. The same holds true in the Sandy Hook, Boston, Texas, and all other tragedies. We need to focus more on the real heroes and real victims. We focus too much on the Perpetrators, terrorists, and the Criminals as well as the inadequate safety standards instead of focusing on the victims and helpers and those truly affected. These are the people who should be praised and followed. Does it matter if tragedy is the result of terrorism or just random violence or just an act of nature…really?! They are all horrible and saddening.

Please pass this along too all of your friends, maybe we can make a difference. Maybe we can Show all these idiots and non intelligent bigots why this country is really going down hill. The Government is faltering in the face of adversity. They are failing to help our own people. They are failing to give credit and honor those people who deserve to be honored. They are failing in the health care industry. Please, if you are one of the guilty party (you know who you are)…look in the mirror and stop this hypocrisy. Hypocrisy and treason are just as bad as lying cheating or murder. Ignoring the truth can only lead to more violence and tragedy. In the face of tragedy we must unite and stand tall AMERICA! Please like and Share if you agree!




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  1. robakers

    I am proud of the Boston Sports fans. The singing on the National Anthem. That is so awesome and I am know that you guys in Philly would do the same. I would love to see every crowd in every sports town for every sport start the tradition of the fans singing. Very inspiring.

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