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With the first pick in the 1997 draft…The Philadelphia Eagles take John Harris from the University of West Virginia…who…who…who the hell is that?!!!!!! Jon Harris…I did not even see him on the draft board. WTF! Years earlier…with the 12th pick in the draft…wait wait wait. The Eagles have traded the 12th pick to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for the seventh pick in the draft. They have also given up their two 2nd Round Picks!!!! WTF! With the Seventh pick in the 1995 Draft…the Eagles select Mike Mamula.

Mike Mamula will probably go down as the Eagles worst first round draft pick ever especially because if what they gave up to get him. I mean, Mamula did have an average NFL career with over 30 career sacks, however, a first and two second rounders for him. Are you kidding me?!
Tampa Bay went on to draft Warren Sapp, Derrick Brooks, and Ronde Barber with those three picks! Holy Mistake Rhodes!

In 2003, Andy Reid have up the 30th and 62nd pick to move up to the 15th pick and selected Jerome McDougle. Who? Terrell Suggs, Troy Polamolu, and Kevin Williams were all taken after the Eagles would have picked at 30. Wow! Definitely Andy Reid’s worst draft pick, even more worse than Freddie Mitchell.

My how things change. Andy Reid is now the Head Coach of the Kansas City Chiefs and inherited the First Pick in the Draft. Chip Kelly, the Eagles new head coach inherited the fourth pick. Ironically, both coaches drafted an offensive lineman with their first pick. By the time The Eagles could make their pick…Lineman Eric Fischer had been snagged by Reid and the Chiefs, Lineman Luke Joekel had been drafted by the Jaguars, and the Miami Dolphins had traded up to draft Linebacker Dion Jordan, who had donned the other green of Oregon, yes that’s right, Chip Kelly’s Oregon.

Ok, well the Eagles feel that they got the steal of the draft and very well may have. Lane Johnson may have the most upside of the three Offensive Tackles drafted in the first round. In the second round, the Eagles drafted huge Tight End Zach Ertz. Ertz will ad to an already skilled Tight End position. Chip Kelly uses a lot of three tight end sets. In the third round, the Eagles took Defensive Tackle Bennie Logan. And in a pleasant surprise, traded up to the first pick in the fourth round to get Matt Barkley. Barkley, from USC, would have been the Number 1 Quarterback drafted last season but decided against coming out. So, in turn had a bad season and his stock dropped.

With Johnson, Ertz, and Barkley…the Eagles actually have three potential first round picks. In the fifth round, they took hard hitting safety Earl Wolff in what many analysts have named the best draft class of safety’s in over a decade. They rounded out the draft with two defensive lineman and a cornerback.

Well, we have all been here many times. We all know that draft classes sometimes take years to fully grade. However, the Eagles this season have a renewed passion and this draft looks very good on the outside looking in. The Eagles have drafted a bookend Offensive Tackle who could be a potential Pro Bowler, a Tight End who will definitely start in year one, a Defensive Tackle who will be in the mix, a future number one signal caller, and a safety that will probably start. This is excellent for Chip Kelly. Who better to know this talent anyway other than a coach coming from college!

Anyways, it’s too early to judge but I have a good feeling about this draft. For the first time in years it felt like the Eagles carefully planned their draft strategy. Chip Kelly knows most of these players and should have been able to get some steals. I cannot wait for training camp. The starting offensive line will now feature perennial pro bowler Jason Peters, Lane Johnson, and Todd Herremans will be able to go back to guard. This team will also feature a three tight end attack. With a running game and a middle game, DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin should be able to go deep. Finally, Michael Vick should be able to have a descent season with some better protection. To Be Continued….


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  1. robakers

    If I had a choice to trust Jerry Jones or Chip Kelley. That is a tough choice, I would probably go with Chip.

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