The End of May Is approaching fast, and June is right around the corner. There are so many current events that are in full blown attack. We have the Jodi Arias Murder Trial, The George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin case, the Ongoing War and Terror in Syria, the Obama Health Care Reform Referendum, The Oklohoma Tornado, the Boston Massacre II, and many other current events. The NHL is down to the Final Four after skipping half of a season. MLB is in full swing and this year it’s anyone’s crown. NFL training camp is also right around the corner.

However, there is nothing more vivid than the news and notes and stories coming out of the Heavy Metal Community. Alice In Chains just released their new album on Tuesday. Saturday is the debut of That Metal Show with a guest appearance from Vinnie Apiece. Then we have both Megadeth and Black Sabbath releasing brand new studio albums this Tuesday. Also, Gigantour, The Rock Star Energy Concert in California, The Metal Hall of Fame.

June will also see a new biography from Pantera, which will cover the career of the Super Bands journey, including the tragic death of its star guitarist, Dimebag Darrell. Judas Priest is releasing a Blu Ray DVD called “Epitaph” which will include 22 Tracks from their latest tour in Europe. We have Gigantour, Metallica’s 3D Movie, Rock Star Energy Show, as well as many other concerts. Pantera is also contemplating a reunion tour with star Guitarist Zack Wylde. There are so many stories that are about to arise in the Metal Community. Finally, we have many other new albums that are due out. Also, there will be many huge shows in 2013.

Slash is working on a new album, Slayer is still mourning the loss of their Star Guitarist, Jason Newsted is about to embark on tour with Metallica, so many stories…lets get excited Metal Fans! Let me see your Liighhhterrs! As Ozzy says it best!





Substance Abuse and Addiction are two major problems in American Society today. Alcohol continued to be one of the leaders as far as abuse as well as an increase in Heroin use. However, the biggest drug problem today is prescription pills. Percocet, Oxycoten, Klonopin, and many other pharmaceutical drugs have become the substance of choice by addicts.

As a former addict, I can totally relate to many of these issues. Addiction can be genetic and this has been studied with alcoholism and other drug addictions. However, the biggest contributing factor to addiction today is sociological factors. Many children grow up in broken homes, dysfunctional family environments, poverty, and many other negative social and economic environments. The economy also plays a major part in addiction today.

Nonetheless, there is one key contributing factor that leads to addiction that is rarely discussed and really overlooked. This aspect is mental illness. Many addicts also suffer from a co-issue which happens to be mental illness. Mental illness can take on many forms such as psychopathic issues, sociopathic issues, and also cognitive behavioral dysfunctions.

There are so many types of mental illness that cause chaos in society today. These can be both anxiety disorders as well as personality disorders. Bi-Polar illness is one of the most common mental illness today. Bi-Polar comes with a “manic” state as well as a “Depressive” state. There are two types of Bi-Polar (Bi-Polar I and Bi-Polar II). They are opposite in nature as one is more of a hypo manic disorder and then the other one is a very depressive mental disorder.

There is also Post- Traumatic Stress Disorder which causes many problems in teens and adults alike. Post- Traumatic Stress Disorder is very serious and can lead to addiction as the victim uses drugs or alcohol to cope with the uneasiness that they struggle with as a result of the Trauma. There is also Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. These anxiety problems can lead to worry and self doubt. As mentioned, many people that have some sort of mental illness also struggle with co-addiction.

Anybody following the Jodi Arias case on the news can see that Jodi suffers from some type of serious mental block. The one that most fits her is called Borderline Personality Disorder, which is a group of anxiety disorders that cause many issues including addiction, sexual recklessness, relationship switches and many other impulsive behaviors. Borderline Personality Disorder can be described as a group of unstable emotional states of mind. Many of these people suffer from unstable self worth, feelings of abandonment, idealization and devaluation of others and self, and even suicidal behavior.

Mental Illness is truly stigmatized in today’s society. It is always overlooked when it comes to people that commit violence, that suffer from addiction, and many other violent and sociopathic issues. There needs to be more money put into research and studies for mental illness. There needs to be greater mental illness awareness. In schools, at work, in the news, and in many other aspects of life.

Children that have bad childhood and dysfunctional family environments have a greater chance of suffering some sort of substance abuse problems in time. This is where we must focus. I mean, we give all of this money and federal aid to other countries, but what about our own. What about the Drug Problems. These problems will not go away until mental illness is addressed. Mental Illness should be a major topic in future studies and research.



“An Eye For an Eye…A Tooth for a Tooth.” This saying was coined from the Code of King Hammurabi, who was the King of Babylon (1792-1750B.C). The Saying was also used in the Bible…
“Ye Have Heard it hath said, An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth” (Matthew 5:38). Most people, even those that have are uneducated have heard this phrase many times. However, most people that hear it may misinterpret the true meaning. Nonetheless, it means exactly what it says. Seriously, have you ever thought deeply about the saying and how it applies in modern society. Oh yeah, that’s right, it doesn’t…At least not in the United States.

Speaking of this saying, I thought about it just the other day when I was watching CNN, and saw the Jodi Arias trial come to a conclusion… well not really. Jodi Arias was convicted of First Degree Murder for killing her ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander. For those people that are not familiar with the Arias case, Jodi Arias, now 32 was just convicted for brutally murdering her ex-boyfriend. The trial, which took over five months, became a very high profile case and Jodi was made a celebrity because of it and received a ton of publicity.

Jodi was convicted for the stabbing and shooting murder of Travis Alexander in 2008. Jodi Arias and Travis had dated for a short period and then broke up. Well, Arias became obsessed with Alexander and stalked him…they still met up a few times for physical relations. After the murder, it was discovered that Arias and Alexander shared a pretty intense and over the top sexual relationship. When Jodi was arrested, she first denied the murder. Jodi was a beautiful blonde “bombshell” who would never fit the stereotype of someone who could commit murder. However, all of the evidence pointed to her guilt. Any intelligent person can see that this case became high profile for a few reasons…Jodi’s looks, the sexual escapades of her and the deceased, and the back and forth, changing stories that were thrown around by Arias.

Although Arias was found guilty by the Jury in a unanimous decision, the Jury could not give her the Death Penalty. Arias had claimed the entire time that she was mentally and physically abused by Alexander before she killed him in cold blood. The same Jury that found her guilty of the crime could not come to an agreement on the Death Penalty or Life in Prison without the possibility of parole. Now a retrial will occur with a new jury, beginning on July 18th where she can either be sentenced to Die or Go to Prison for the rest of her adult life.

This is just one of the many cases that shows how futile America’s Judicial System is today. First of all, I am totally against the Death Penalty if it is not used in the proper way. What I mean by this…is that I support the Death Penalty 100 Percent, but it must be used in the right way. The Death Penalty, otherwise known as “Capital Punishment” is a legal process where a person is convicted to die for a crime. Currently today, 58 Total Nations practice Capital Punishment…while 97 Countries have abolished it. There are currently 32 out of the 52 States in the U.S. that institute the Death Penalty.

New Jersey does not use the Death Penalty, as it was abolished in 2007. Capital Punishment is one of the most controversial topics in today’s society. I actually wrote a Thesis on the topic in College way back when, lol. But in all seriousness, the Death Penalty today is a “joke” with all of the appeals and even the way it is used, today almost all states use lethal injection, which has deadly chemicals injected into the criminal as they are put to death.

In my opinion, America’s Judicial System sucks today for many reasons. The main reason that our Criminal Code fails miserably is because it is “weak.” By weak, I mean there are too many cracks in the surface and it is so inconsistent, but mostly these codes do not do much to stop would be crimes from occurring. This could be very different if the system was revamped under the “Eye for An Eye” Method.

Lets first look at the Death Penalty. If someone knowingly commits murder in any way, besides self defense (domestic violence, abuse, law enforcement, etc.) and the person is found guilty, there should be No Life In Prison. The person should automatically be sentenced to Death, with no possibility of appeal or years of time in death row. If a criminal shoots someone, they should be shot execution style. If someone stabs another human being to death, that person should also be stabbed to death. If a person burns someone, they should be set on fire. This would go on where the penalty matches the crime. Think about it…do you not think that people would think twice of committing murder if they knew that they would automatically get death themselves. And don’t you think it would be even more effective if the criminal knew beforehand that the penalty would match the crime??

Capital Punishment, as I stated is a complete joke today. All of its layers real of weakness and focus too much on the humane side of the argument. Was the murderer humane when they committed their crime? Hell No!!!! Well, if you shoot someone in the United States you will be executed by a firing squad. For the terrorist in the Boston Bombing, you will face a bomb in a steel cell that is made up of all of the same materials that were used in your crime. For Jodi Arias, you will be hacked to death with a meat cleaver and stabbed with a knife. If you kill someone with a baseball bat, you will then be beaten to death. This list could go on and on…but I think my point was made.

Lets look at other crimes. If you steal, your hand should be chopped off. If you steal multiple times, all of your limbs should be cut off. If you beat someone and abuse them, you should be beaten and abused. If you rape someone and are convicted…you should be raped by someone in prison. How about credit fraud or identity theft, well this crime should be in the form of punishment that hurts your pockets.

Lets look at other crimes like Driving Under the Influence. First of all, if you kill someone while under the influence and are successfully convicted of manslaughter, you should automatically be sent to prison for life, without the possibility of parole. If you are arrested for a non fatal killing and are convicted of a DUI, you should lose your license for no less than 10 Years…no exceptions. Not the puny 6 months to a year that is now the current standard in the US for first time offenders. If you are found guilty of a second DUI…your license will be revoked for life. Once again, do you not think that these crimes would decrease dramatically?

The United States Crime Code is terrible. First of all it is extremely weak. Second of all, it does not strike fear into would be criminals. Also, our foreign policies suck. We always think more about other countries than ourselves. When 9/11 occurred, we should have tool out the Middle East in one shot. America will pay the price…trust me. I know this may seem like a radical opinion, however it would surely decrease crime in America. People would truly be scared and think twice about committing these crimes. I feel that the only way that our Justice Department and Judicial System will be bettered is if we take the “Eye For an Eye” approach.

I firmly believe that the “Eye For An Eye” code would help this country. There are so many reasons to be happy that we live in America where we have many rights. However, with rights comes responsibility. Also, with responsibility comes ownership. With ownership comes being held accountable. In order to be held accountable these criminals should be tried in a fair manner. The only true fair and just method is to be consistent across the board…no loopholes. I am sure that this type of action will never occur in my lifetime…but I truly believe that it would solve Americas Criminal War. Also, speaking about foreign crime and the War on Terror, if these countries are responsible for committing crimes against the United States, we should stop funding and helping immediately. Wake Up Washington…there will be a revolution if things don’t get better. The writing is on the wall.





April, 2010…The Philadelphia Flyers were playing the Boston Bruins in the Eastern Conference Semi-Finals in Round 2. Boston had the edge at the start of the series. In fact, Boston had home ice advantage and was looking for it’s first Stanley Cup in over 20 years. The Flyers were also trying to erase the demons of years past and winning their first Cup since back to back Cups in 1974-1975.

The stage was set on January 1st, 2010 as the Boston Bruins defeated the Philadelphia Flyers 2-1 at the Outdoor Winter Classic. It was an exciting game and the first of its kind. Fast Forward to April 2010. The Bruins, like the Flyers made the playoffs on the final day of the regular season, winning in overtime. The Bruins dispatched of the Buffalo Sabers with relative ease, taking the series 4-2. This set up a second round matchup in which the Bruins were better suited to win.

The stage was set. May, 2010. The Boston Bruins went ahead 3-0 in the series and the series was thought to be all but over. However, then an incredible rarity occurred. The Bruins went to the locker room for overtime, with a chance to sweep the Flyers. However, Simon Gagne destroyed their champagne party by scoring his first goal of the playoffs in his first game since coming back from an injury. The Flyers took the next two games easily which forced a Game 7 and the chance to make history. The Flyers were trying to become only the 3rd Team in Professional Sports to win a playoff series after trailing 3-0.

Well, Boston had everything going for them. They had Home Ice. They had the better goalie, the Flyers were starting Backup Michael Leighton, who was relatively unknown at this point. And then it happened. The Bruins jumped out to a 3-0 First Period Lead and everyone in the Sports world had thought they had dodged a bullet. Not so. The Flyers chipped away and were able to tie the Game at 3 with less than 9 minutes to play. At the six minute mark, Simon Gagne once again capitalized on a neutral zone turnover and buried the game winning goal. The Bruins had collapsed. It was a colossal
Collapse. The Flyers went on to reach the Stanley Cup Finals, only to lose to the Chicago Blackhawks.

Well, 2011 brought redemption as the Bruins swept the Flyers in the Divisional Round and went on to Win the Stanley Cup Championship behind the stellar goaltending of Tim Thomas. Fast Forward to 2013. The Bruins made the playoffs after playing horrible the first month of the season. The Bruins were the Fourth Seed and would face the upstart Toronto Maple Leafs, who were playing in the playoffs for the first time in awhile. Well, Boston jumped out to a 1-0 and 3-1 lead in the series. Don’t look now, the Maple Leafs won the next two games to miraculously tie the series at 3. Even more astounding, was the fact that in game 7, Toronto went up 4-1 with less than 9 minutes to play. BANG! The Bruins scored 3 goals to tie and then scored the overtime winner to stave off another tremendous collapse.

Elsewhere, the 2013 Playoffs have been fun filled and not without drama. We had the huge brawl in Ottawa between the Senators and Montreal Canadiens. Game 3 saw 210 Penalty Minutes in the Third Period alone and 14 Fighting Majors. Wow…insane. Ottawa ultimately won the series knocking out yet another Canadian Heavyweight. In the other two Eastern Series, the Pittsburgh Penguins beat the surprise New York Islanders 4-2 and the New York Rangers beat a feisty Washington Capitals team 4-3 en route to a date with Boston in the second round.

Over in the Western Conference, there has been more consistent play and more domination by one team across the board. The Chicago Blackhawks beat the Minnesota Wild 4-1, the Detroit Red Wings beat the Anaheim Ducks 4-3, the San Jose Sharks swept the Vancouver Canucks, and the Los Angeles Kings beat the Saint Louis Blues 4-2.

This playoff year has been extremely exciting to watch, especially with all of the rivalries. Not to mention…Four of the Original Six Teams have made the Semi-Finals…Chicago, Detroit, New York, and Boston. Boston went up 1-0 in the series with the Rangers with a game one win. Pittsburgh is up 2-0 in their series with the Senators going to Ottawa. The LA Kings are up 2-0 against the upstart Sharks and the Red Wings and Blackhawks are tied at one game a piece.

It has been an absolute frenzy thus far. So many analysts had picked the Flyers to win it all in the beginning if the year. Instead, it’s the Bruins who are playing like the unsung hero once again. They say KARMA can be a bitch. Well, Boston has shared it’s set of tragedies this past season and also sports collapses, but it looks like they may just be the Whitehorse in these 2013 NHL Playoffs. If you are not watching, you are definitely missing out. Tune in tonight…it’s getting interesting!











It’s so amazing how fast technology evolves. I can remember back to the nineties, when pagers and beepers were the hot commodity. By 1990, World Wide Paging had been invented and there were over 22 Million Different Pagers in Use. By 1994, my Senior Year of High School, there were over 66 million almost tripled from four years prior. Just like Sony Walkmans, everyone had one. Of course, just having a pager was not enough. They began to make all kinds of colors and cases, also donning all types of Decorative Art.

In 1987, cell phones were just becoming a popular item and a certain particular cell phone became very popular. Fleet, which later became Nextel Communications was the hottest provider and actually invented a phone with a “Push to Talk” walkie feature. This was especially popular in the Contracting Realm of Employment. In 2005, Nextel merged with another popular carrier Sprint and at this point had over 20 Million Subscribers in the United States alone.

The next big craze was IPODS and Smart Phones. The first smart phone was actually invented by IBM in 1992. Smart phones overtook the cellular media outlet totally by 2013. Even “Regular Cell Phones” are dinosaurs today. Pagers are almost extinct and non existent. The early models just linked phones with PDA’s but today’s phones are equipped with a minimum of a digital camera, portable media players similar to IPods, and even GPS systems. Touchscreen and wifi were the next upgrades allowing users to surf the Internet at virtually any time from virtually anywhere.

In 2007, The IPHONE by Apple was introduced and now all of the Smart Phones are similar to the IPHONE in options. There is the Android, Blackberry, Symbian and many other models. There are also many service carriers with the most popular being Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and Microsoft. These carriers also provide Internet service, while Verizon actually supplies Cable TV. Everything today begins and ends with the cell phone.

It was only ten years ago where I remember having to wait until the next morning to watch the News to see what was going on in with current events. I can also remember purchasing a Daily News every AM to check out all the sports news, statistics, and highlights. Then this phenomenon became ESPN where you could see the sports news every hour. And of course, it then evolved to the “Bottom Line” on ESPN TV where all of the days sports news slides slowly across the screen. It just keeps evolving. Now you have the news or sports at the tip of your finger. They have applications on the phone that allow you up to second scores, statistics, highlights, and even play by play as well as actual simulated games that are in real time. All of these evolutions are incredible and it almost feels like something new comes about daily today.

Along with the social news media and smartphones…today we have taken it to an even further level. In August, 2003, MY SPACE was launched by Justin Timberlake. MySpace was a social media outlet on the Internet with strong music connections. From 2005-2008, MY SPACE was the most visited networking site…even more than Google. However, in 2008 FACE BOOK was created and quickly overtook MY SPACE as the Number One Social Media Outlet.

Facebook has grown to the point where it has become an actual addiction. I myself am relatively new to Facebook, having joined in 2011. However, it’s so easy to get sucked into the hoopla. One thing that is dangerous about Facebook is that it can put a strain on relationships, because of the access to whoever you want…maybe an ex boyfriend or girlfriend or coworker. It also causes a lot of drama regarding many issues.

One good thing about Face Book is that it gives every individual person the right to put whatever they may like to their site as well as control who and how many can see their material. It actually gives an ordinary person the ability to feel special. For example, a buddy of mine calls himself “The Life Coach” and he posts random statuses about life’s different trials, obstacles, etc. but he adds humor and sarcasm to the mix to get more people’s interest. Face Book can be a great tool as well as bad depending on how it is used. In my estimation, many people abuse the site including myself, which dampens its positive affect on society.

In conclusion, the Social Media Network has become the leader of everyone’s everyday lives. Cell Phones are attached at people’s body. At the dinner tables, people are more worried about what may be going on with their phone, a la text messaging, FaceBook, Internet Web, multi media players and music, etc. Believe me, I see this first hand because I am guilty of it. Also, people in record number are on their cell phones at their Place of employment, while working instead of focusing on the task at hand. And the worst aspect of this craze is the amount of people who die behind the wheel or kill others everyday, while using a cell phone and driving. There is so much more research that is being done on this phenomenon and you could write a novel. I am planning on revisiting this topic at a later date and will cover other topics. To Be Continued……


The year was 1991. The setting was Opening Day of the 1991 NFL season between the Philadelphia Eagles and Green Bay Packers. The Eagles were coming off a season in 1990 in which the team scored 396 Points and Rushed for 2,556 Yards. Both of these were tops in the league and the 2,557 yards rushing was the most for any NFL Team during the 1990’s. The Eagles finished 10-6, which was good enough for second place in the NFC East and a First Round Playoff Game against the Washington Redskins. Unfortunately, the Eagles were one and done as they lost 20-6 to the Washington Redskins.

Ok…fast forward to 1991. Game One of the 1991 Season and all the high expectations for a Philadelphia Franchise that was seeking its first Super Bowl Championship. Buddy Ryan had been fired as Head Coach and Rich Kotite took over as the head honcho. On the very first play from scrimmage against the Green Bay Packers in Week #1, Bryce Paup hit Randall Cunningham in the Knee, essentially knocking him out for the season. At this point, most people also thought the Eagles season was over on that play.

At this point, the 1991 Eagles Defense flexed its muscle and was not going down without a fight. The Eagles lead the league against the pass and rush giving up the fewest yards in both categories. Only the 2002 Tampa Bay Buccaneers had a better pass defense as far as statistics, while only the 2000 Ravens had a better run defense. The 1991 Eagles version was more balanced than both of those teams.

Whenever a debate comes up regarding the NFL and what Teams had the best Defense ever…there is always disagreements and arguments for certain teams. There are Seven Defenses that make this list and they are:
1) 1973 Los Angeles Rams
2) 1976 Pittsburgh Steelers-one of the Steel Curtain Teams
3) 1977 Atlanta Falcons
4) 1985 Chicago Bears
5) 1991 Philadelphia Eagles
6) 2000 Baltimore Ravens
7) 2008 Pittsburgh Steelers.
It’s important to note that all of these teams ranked #1 in Points Allowed besides the 1991 Eagles (5th) and the 1973 Rams (4th). However, the Eagles had a much less competent offense to complement their defense, particularly their running game which when used right can keep the Defense off of the field and refreshed. The Eagles Offense that year also had 43 Giveaways that year, the most by far of any of these seven teams. So, instead of limiting the other teams offensive opportunities, the Eagles offense actually gave these teams more chances to score. They still only gave up 244 Points, which is an amazing stat considering their enormous amount of turnovers.

Another fact that has to make the Eagles the Number 1 Defense is the fact that the team had the 26th ranked offense and 21st ranked rushing attack that year. Combine that with strength of schedule and you have to seriously consider them as the Number One Defense. That year, the Eagles defense faced 3 Games against Top 3Scoring Offenses and 4 Games against Top 5 Scoring Offenses (Both Scoring/Yards), the most by far of the seven teams.

The Eagles Defense compiled 26 Interceptions as well as 22 Fumble Recoveries which was second to the Chicago Bears who had 34 Interceptions and 20 Fumble Recoveries. Bid Carson, who also was the architect of the Steel Curtain Defenses, was the Mastermind of this Eagles Defense. The only knock on this Eagles Defense is that the Team failed to make the Post Season. However, they started Five Different Quarterbacks an still came away with a very respectable 10-6 Record.

Reggie White, arguably the Greatest Defensive Player ever to play in the NFL was the anchor of this Eagle’s squad. In 1991, White had 15 Sacks. His counterpart, Clyde Simmons had 13 Sacks. Both Defensive Ends collected 100 Tackles a piece, which is an astounding number for a Defensive End, let alone any two on the same team. At Defensive Tackle, 2 Time Pro Bowler Jerome Brown had 9 Sacks of his own that year and over 50 Tackles. Brown was tragically killed in a car crash a season later.

Seth Joyner, who led the Linebacker Corps had 7 Sacks, 6 Forced Fumbles, 3 Interceptions and over 100 Tackles. Byron Evans, his counterpart also had over 100 Tackles for the season. Eric Allen, the leader of the Defensive Backfield, earned his second of six Pro Bowl selections and will certainly end up in Canton as a Hall of Famer. Andre Waters and Wes Hopkins were the Safeties and no one wanted to face either of them this year. The 1991 Eagles Defense also played in the toughest Division in Football.

The 1991 Eagles Defense led the league in fewest yards allowed against the rush, the pass, and overall. They also led the league in sacks, forced fumbles, and takeaways. Half of the Eagles total Defense made the 1991 Pro Bowl. What more does one have to show to prove that this Defense was definitely Number One. The 1991 Eagles Defense had 55 Sacks, 26 Interceptions and 22 Fumble Recoveries.

Lets take a quick glance at the 1991 Defensive Roster:
DE- Reggie White, Clyde Simmons, Mike Pitts, Mike Golic, and John Booty.
DT-Jerome Brown, Mike Pitts
LB- Seth Joyner, Byron Evans, William Thomas, Rich Miano.
CB- Eric Allen, Izel Jenkins, Ben Smith, Otis Smith.
S- Andre Waters, Wes Hopkins
What would have happened to this team if the “Ultimate Weapon”, Randall Cunningham was not lost for the season in Game #1? Seriously people, we started 5 Quarterbacks that season including Jeff Kemp, Pat Ryan, Brad Goebel. The Eagles did have Jim McMahon but he was injured for half of that season also. All of these factors contribute to the idea that the Eagles all the more battled adversity and the Defense was the heart and soul of that team.

According to the DVOA (Defense Adjusted Value Over Average), a system that analyzes efficiency using all sorts of statistical criteria, the Eagles by far had the best Defensive Season when looking at this system. The Eagles Defense scored 20 Total Touchdowns that year, which was Five less than the offensive total of 25. That is a huge disparity for anyone that understands football.

Yes, The 1985 Bears/2000 Ravens/2008 Steelers/1976 Steelers all won a Super Bowl. So if we go by that formula, the Eagles would be at the bottom. However, it’s pretty safe to say that the Eagles would have at least contended for a SuperBowl in 1991, had Randall Cunningham not been lost for the season. All of these Defenses were great. And we also cannot forget the Undefeated 1972 Dolphins Defense. But these teams also had better than average offenses. In my mind, the 1991 Eagles get the nod for best Defense Ever.



September 11, 2001, otherwise known as 9/11 was the largest catastrophe in American History. Pearl Harbor was a horrible tragedy. But let’s face it, Hawaii doesn’t come close to New York City and Washington. 9/11 was a monumental moment in the war on terrorism. Terrorists had done many attacks before using many different methods, but this was the first time that any one flew airplanes into a building as a bomb.

On February 26th, 1993, Eight Years before 9/11 a truck bomb was detonated around the World Trade Center in an attempt to bring down the Twin Towers. This attack was the precursor to Islamic Terror around the World. It was also the moment that Osama Bin Laden became Public Enemy Number One. Osama Bin Laden had been on the United States radar, however this attack on our soil raised the level to extreme.

Osama Bin Laden had been involved in the War in Afghanistan against Russia. Our own CIA funded the Islamic Jihadists and helped them defeat Russia, who pulled its troops out in 1989. After the Gulf War, Bin Laden became enraged and was set on a mission to bring Global Terrorism to life.
In April 1993, the incident known as “Black Hawk Down”, a few American Helicopters were shot down in Africa. The people that carried out this mission were funded and trained by Al Qaeda. Eighteen Americans and thousands of African civilians were killed.

After this incident, President Clinton pulled our troops out of Somalia and Africa. By doing this, the United States showed that they were scared and that Al Qaeda could use their threats to beat superpowers, just as they had with Russia. At this point, the United States became more aware of Bin Laden and his reign of terror. In 1996, Osama Bin Laden was exiled from the Sudan and his refuge. He returned to Afghanistan and issued a decree against the United States in an interview. At this point, a declaration of war had been made.

Osama Bin Laden was like the “Master of Puppets” pulling the strings behind closed doors. He remained anonymous and hidden during this time. At this point, the US created a Counter-Terrorism Agency that was devoted to catching one person, one man, Bin Laden. Osama Bin Laden was like the “Godfather” of the Mafia. He was determined to destroy the United States until we vacated all of their Holy Lands. He also denounced America’s alliance with Israel.

During the decade from 1995-2005, Osama Bin Laden used the News and Interviews as well as all media outlets to lead his crusade. On August 7th, 1998 Al Qaeda bombs two American Embassies in which over 250 people were killed and over 4,000 were injured. This was the largest terror attack yet and Bin Laden was flexing his muscles.

This attack was another tank in Bin Laden’s armor, as Terrorism was becoming more and more prevalent. There were repeated warnings that a huge attack was coming, but somehow our Government Agencies were not able to “Blend” intelligence and the attack on 9/11 took America totally by surprise.

After 9/11, there were so many chances and close calls to catch Bin Laden, but all of these opportunities came and went. America was the Number One SuperPower and yet we failed to catch one man. The Manhunt for Bin-Laden was the largest and longest in US history.

Until he was killed in the famous raid on May 2nd, 2011, He was the World’s most wanted man. Bin Laden was extremely dangerous and relentless in his attempts to bring down the United States. The World had not saw a person of this magnitude since Adolf Hitler. Although Hitler and the Nazi regime killed many more people, him and Osama were very similar in their dedication to their cause. Of course, Hitler wanted to destroy the Jews, while Bin Laden wanted to destroy the entire United States.

After Osama Bin Laden was killed, the war in terror was not finished. Terrorism is still alive and well. So the question is…who is the World’s Most Wanted Man now? There are always dangerous people who may rise up to power and cause chaos around the World. Some people would argue that today our Government is our number one enemy. “Our own Worst Enemy.” What we have learned is that when someone had their mind set…it can take the World by surprise.


SlAyEr: What’s your Favorite Album?

Former Slayer Guitarist and one of the founding members, Jeff Hanneman died last week. There was a lot of speculation that the death had somehow been caused by a “Spider Bite” from years past that had caused the flesh eating disease necrotizing in his body. On Thursday, the Band made it publicly known that Jeff had died from severe Cirrhosis of the Liver, caused by heavy drinking.

Jeff was with Slayer from the beginning and was a mainstay in the band. Jeff was also responsible for writing some of Slayer’s most famous songs including Reigning Blood, South of Heaven, Hell Awaits, Seasons of the Abyss as well as Angel of Death. “Angel of Death” is actually written about the Nazi Death Camps. In fact, the first line of the Song is Aushwitz.

Slayer, who has often been criticized by religious groups regarding their Dark Symphonies and Heinous topics of music. Slayer has covered a wide range of topics such as Serial Killers, Necrophilia, Satanism, Religion, Anti-Religion and Jeff’s personal favorite warfare. So why was Jeff so enamored by War. It’s simple, he came from a generation of war veterans in his blood line. Slayer’s album sales are estimated to be over 20 Million.

Since their inception in 1983, the Band has released Eleven Studio Albums, the first being Show No Mercy and the Last being World Painted Blood. Slayer is among the Big Four of Heavy Metal along with Metallica, Megadeth, and Anthrax. Most of their albums are heavy and hardcore with speed to the bones. When South of Heaven was released, the band took a different approach and slowed the style down to a more dark and slow paced rhythm.

So, I am sure many of my readers are huge Slayer Fans. So tell me…what is your personal favorite Slayer album. My personal favorite happens to be Seasons of the Abyss. However, all of their albums are top notch and I can never get sick of the Fast Paced Guitars and heavy relentless drums. Also, Tom Araya has the perfect voice for the band. Well anyways, this is like the level when DimeBag Darrel from Pantera passed away. This is that big. The metal community mourns a true legend and giant. Rest in Peace Jeff, you will be sorely missed. Here is hoping that Slayer’s legacy will live on!



Ok…so my friend Mario, whom I know from work has a band called Red Carpet Masquerade. The band features Marcello Izzo on Vocals, Mario Izzo on Lead Guitar, Gorgy on Drums and Steve Clark on Guitars. They have released their first single and video off their new album that is due out May 31st! That’s right folks, May 31st. Only a few weeks away. The album is titled “Jealousy Kills.”

Their new single “Big Man” can be seen on You Tube as well as Facebook. I have it on my Facebook page as well. Let me start out by saying that I believe this band has a real shot at making it big! Now most people would say I am biased. However, check out the Video. This Video is put together extremely well and was filmed on a haunted property in South New Jersey.

“Big Man” has an awesome intro and vibe and creates a true enigma of sound. Marcello is very well versed on vocals and his voice fits the style of music perfectly. Mario and Steve are stellar on Guitars and the song features some catchy riffs! Check this video out ASAP! It’s hot guys, trust me. Red Carpet Masquerade. New album Jealousy Kills due out on May 31st. Check the single “Big Man” out on You Tube! Rock on my friends!