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Well here we go again…another High Profile Criminal case…another controversial verdict…another chance to cause Widespread Public Media Debate. Ok…I am not here to lecture or rehash all of the facts of the case…I’m sure most of you are so sick of the media coverage by now and all of the protests and social media posts etc.

There have been tweets, emails, and posts wishing George Zimmerman bodily harm or even death. And once again…as the Not Guilty verdict has been rendered…RACE has once again come to the forefront. This case is definitely not about race. What if Trayvon Martin had been white…we would not be having these debates and protests and evil words going back and forth.

Anyone that has any knowledge and exposure to the case whether it be media or just people watching the case on TV…can truly see that the Prosecution did not prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt which is the standard that our judicial system is built on. With that being said…George Zimmerman was very irresponsible on that night for putting himself in that position in the first place. And when the police told him to stop pursuit he should have listened. However, we cannot go back in time and change this.

What is a fact is that this was a ridiculous charge in the first place with the second degree murder charge. There is enough evidence that there was a struggle between both parties and that Zimmerman received injuries and that Trayvon Martin lost his life. If the judicial system had done their job better…then maybe Zimmerman would have received some type of punishment which I firmly believe he deserves. Zimmerman was negligent and definitely does not lack responsibility. In fact…him being the adult lacks more responsibility.

Nonetheless…the preponderance of evidence was not there. This is really getting ugly now. The NAACP is getting involved trying to institute protests and riots. This is an absolute travesty. The NAACP needs to concentrate on the real problems in the inner cities across America where Blacks are killing Blacks and Whites killing Whites. However, we never hear about the majority if these cases. Stop making this about Racism…this I not a RACE issue.

Then we have all of these ignorant people…many of whom know nothing about the case…many who don’t even know the facts sending hate mail…death threats and tweets to do bodily harm to George Zimmerman. If you ask me…this is an ACT of RACISM! I mean…these people are just seeing the not guilty verdict if a white man that “reportedly” killed a black man jumping on this band wagon against George Zimmerman. What If a Black Man killed Trayvon…this debate would not be happening!!!! Face It!

It’s very sad…I myself believe that Zimmerman was wrong in his actions and deserved some type of punishment for this case. Now we have a Star NFL Player tweeting that all of the Jurors should “Kill Themselves.” C’MON…what is wrong with people. Using Violence to combat violence is not the answer. And this is just another example of how this case has been blown out of proportion and used as a Racial Ideology.

Parents lose their kids everyday to murder/manslaughter/tragedies and we never hear about those cases. The case is over…and now we must move on. God knows the truth…And George Zimmerman will ultimately have to answer to God one day. The people that are making this a race issue must rethink what they are doing. They are just instituting more violence to react to violence. This is where the Racism comes into it. Stop making this “White and Black”. Move on…there will be many more cases just like this. I mean if you live locally…a young girl was murdered in Clayton, New Jersey by three black boys and the Race card was never put out there. There were no protests. But you never hear about this!

And now we have the Government trying to file Civil Rights Charges and Hate Crime Charges! WTF is wrong with these people! Give it up…you are just prolonging the HATE and I am so sick of hearing that this was racially motivated. It could have been a white boy wearing the same hoodie and Zimmerman would have acted the same way! I am so sick of this!!!! Please!!!! Going Forward we need to be the better person. Stop making this a RACE issue. And once again…no one is denying that Racism exists but lets face it…it exists on all sides of the fence.

Let the Martins move on with their lives. Let Zimmerman and his family move on with their lives. Stop proposing protests and riots. And grow up…stop using your own hate to escalate others. Instead…look at this case as a lesson that everyday citizens need to be more careful and let law enforcement handle situations that seem suspicious.

GROW UP AMERICA!!! NAACP…do something that is truly helpful and help our own communities. Like I said…these murders happen everyday…stop with the RACE ISSUE. It’s getting so OLD!



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