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     Black Sabbath visited Philadelphia last night at the Wells Fargo Center.  Not only was this a big deal…as the last time they played together as the original unit…Ozzy had to sit out sick while Judas Priest “Rock God” Rob Halford killed every song without missing a beat.  There will never be a doubt or an argument that Rob Halford is a way better vocalist than Ozzy, even in Ozzy’s hey day.  However, this was my first Sabbath show EVER including the DIO era.  I have also never saw Ozzy Osbourne live.  

     Anyways, considering the year is 2013 and the band is over 45 years into existence…it was an AMAZING experience to see the Forefathers of Heavy Metal Music in action.  Their set list included 17 songs, even four from the new studio album 13.  I don’t care how horrible Ozzy’s voice may be (Years and Years of Drugs, Alcohol, and vocal abuse)…the experience was once in a lifetime for me and I am glad that I was able to see them, as it may be their very last tour.  Of course, never say never to a band that I never thought could take the stage let alone put out a brand new full length studio album.  13 may be one of this band’s best all around albums due to the technology of today.  

     Nonetheless, the band began with the EPIC “WAR PIGS”…as the sirens were blaring and the strobe lights were flaring!  Ozzy welcomed Philly with his calling card HAHAHA evil sounding laugh that only Ozzy can pull off.  Yes, the band did drop down on many of the songs  as far as tuning goes, but it still sounded masterful.  I was extremely curious how the band would sound without one of its core members, drummer Bill Ward.  However, Tommy Clufetos from Rob Zombie and Ted Nugent was absolutely STELLAR!!! He actually did an over eight minute drum solo that rocked the crowd.  

     Tony Iommi and Geezer Butler were both at their absolute BEST.  The setlist was as follows: War Pigs, Into the Void, Under the Sun/Every Day Comes and Goes, Snowblind, Age of Reason, Black Sabbath, Behind the Wall of Sleep, N.I.B., End of the Beginning, Fairies Wear Boots, Rat Salad, “Drum Solo”, Iron Man, God is Dead, Dirty Women, Children of the Grave, and an encore with the Sabbath Bloody Sabbath Intro into Paranoid!  Not bad, seventeen songs for just over a two hour show for one of Metal’s epic bands ever.  The show opened with Andrew WK who mostly whooed the crowd with many Metal Classics.  I am not just saying this, but I thought Ozzy sounded better than I have heard him in years, although he was off tune quite a bit.  

     I will say this, I was shocked that the band did not play “Sweet Leaf”, as I must admit I never smelled the aroma of green as much at a single concert as I did last night.  The entire show was a blast and I will never forget seeing the band that started it all for me and everything music that I enjoy.  At least now I can say, I SAW BLACK SABBATH…well at least 3/4.  It would have been nice to see Bill Ward but unfortunately even the best fight in time.  Greed does not discriminate.  Oh well, Tommy was AWESOME!  Any of my fans that are reading this, I strongly suggest that you attend an upcoming SABBATH show as they ROCKED the HOUSE.  Also, I have put four of their videos on YOU TUBE for your viewing pleasure.  In conclusion, BLACK SABBATH was way better than I expected and I feel like I have visited the Holy Grail of Heavy Metal.  Until next time….Children…Children…children…children of the Grave.ImageImage

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