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Megadeth and Iron Maiden are Co-Headlining a select tour to a few cities across the United States. Whoever is lucky enough to be in a city where this show is playing is in for a treat. Iron Maiden is still kicking ASS to this day. They probably bring more energy to a show than any other band. And then we have Megadeth, who continues to improve every year. Megadeth has become a Top Notch Metal band!

Dave Mustaine and Bruce Dickinson both bring excitement to the front man position. These two bands together is an excellent opportunity for any die hard Metal fans. This tour is going on through September and follows Megadeth’s Gigantour that was the biggest show this summer. Anyone that had a chance to go…I urge you to pay the money to see two of the best metal bands today play together. I wish I had the chance! ROCK ON FOLKS!


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  1. Ms. Ray

    As a matter of fact, by a sheer miracle, I am going to see them TOMORROW, Sept. 10th in Austin!

    Though, I am as giddy as a schoolgirl in the 60’s and absolutely elated to experience Maiden for the 3rd time in 30 years, I have to say I’m not too excited about Megadeth. To be fair, I’ve never been that big of a fan — they’ve got some really beautiful tunes, but I’ve always found the majority of their collection pretentious.

    The last time I saw MegaDave was when they were opening for Judas Priest on the Defenders of the Faith tour in Albany, NY. All they did was stand there, bang their heads, do the song, and say thanks. Even their hardcore fans wished they went fishing, instead.

    I’m hoping they’ve grown old gracefully over the years…at least before tomorrow.

    • You will love it!!!! I’m so Jealous! Megadeth has matured over the years’

      • Ms. Ray

        *raising an eyebrow* Hmmm…Okay. But, I’m holding you to it!!! I WILL see you here again with my full report. Bank on it! \m/

      • Where are you from?!! I wanted to go to SAn Berdina CA…they are playing with Anthrax, Slayer, Testament, Overkill, Megadeth, Killswitch Engage, Slipknot, Lamb of God! Wow what a show!

      • Trust me…Dave Mustaine is actually a born again Christian now. His band is methodical. They are all business…the even dress nice. Chris Broderick was a Classical Guitar player and really knows how to shred. If you don’t like them I will be shocked😞

      • If you are looking for a new band to listen to and become a fan of. You gotta check out Avenged Sevenfold. Their first few albums were not produced well…their instruments were overused…and M Shadows voice was throaty. Their last album “Nightmare” was much better! And now, “Hail the King”…an instant metal classic. They sound like their idols…Iron Maiden, Guns N Roses, Megadeth and Metallica. They have all been on the record as saying Maiden is their top influence. They use the bat as their mascot just like Maiden uses Eddie😊

  2. Ms. Ray

    lol — yeah, actually I got into A7 over 6 years ago, before The Rev died. I recommend their self-titled project. “So Easy” got a lot of media attention, featuring a famous drum fill and “Little Piece of Heaven” is classic.

    And, for the record: There is no one, nothing like Eddie. Period. (Rivethead, 30 years right here!)

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