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20130912-115043.jpg     As I sit down and prepare to enjoy the Thursday Night Game of the Week featuring the Patriots and Jets, I can’t help but think about Tom Brady.  I mean, Brady is still fairly young and he not only is the Top Quarterback of today, but he would also garner some votes for the Top Quarterback of all-time at this point.  So every time I think of the all-time greats it breeds more thought about who the Top Quarterbacks of our generation are.  I have decided to do a Top 20 List of Quarterbacks post 1990.  Any time that there is any “Top List”, it brings forth widespread debate and opinion.  Just think about it…I always have these sports debates with my buddy and we very rarely agree.  I always list Joe Montana and John Elway higher on my list than Dan Marino…due to their multiple Super Bowl wins.  I never discount the numbers and statistics that Marino put up and they definitely garner a lot of attention.  And although Football is a Team Sport, winning a championship should have tons of weight when ranking players just for the simple fact that their play raised their teams level to the top.  Nonetheless, this is obviously an opinion.  I am sure you could ask 200 People who the Top 20 QB’s since 1990 are and get a wide range of answers.  So here is my list:

20)  Jake Plummer (1997-2007 Arizona Cardinals, Denver Broncos)-  Jake “The Snake” just cracks the Top 20.  Jake was a second round pick of the Arizona Cardinals in 1997.  His Career Stats were better than average as he threw 161 Touchdowns, 161 Interceptions, 29,253 Yards Passing, and a 74.6 Rating.  He never won nor went to a Super Bowl, but he did enjoy some decent seasons, most notably with the Broncos.

19)  Brad Johnson (1992-2008 Minnesota Vikings, Washington Redskins, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Dallas Cowboys)-  Brad began his career as a backup and even left the NFL for the World League for one season.  He was a 2x Pro Bowl Selection in 1999 and 2002 and lead the Tampa Buccaneers to their first Super Bowl Championship in 2002.  Brad ended his career 166 TD/122 INT/29,054 Yards/82.5 Rating.

18)  Matt Hasselbeck (1998-Present Green Bay Packers, Seattle Seahawks, Tennessee Titans, Indianapolis Colts)-  Matt began his career on the bench behind the great Brett Favre until he was traded to the Seattle Seahawks.  Matt is a 3x Pro Bowl Player, and went to the Super Bowl with the Seahawks in 2005 in a losing effort.  Matt could have been better with a supporting cast but it is what it is.  His stats: 201 TD/147INT/34,517 Yards/82.2 Rating.

17)  Phillip Rivers (2004- Present San Diego Chargers)-  Phillip can be remembered as the quarterback that was drafted first overall by the New York Giants and then traded to San Diego for Eli Manning.  Phillip is a 4x Pro Bowl and lead the NFL in Passing in 2010.  He is still in his prime.  Stats: 193 TD/94 INT/28,086 Yards, 94.6 Rating.

16)  Randall Cunningham (1985-2001 Philadelphia Eagles, Minnesota Vikings, Dallas Cowboys, Baltimore Ravens)-  Randall was way ahead of his time as the prototype “Athlete” Quarterback who could Run as well as pass.  During his prime he was one of the most exciting Quarterbacks to watch ever.  He was a 4x Pro Bowl Player.  In 1998 Randall had one of the most prolific seasons for a Quarterback ever as he guided the Vikings to a 15-1 Record, Throwing 34 Touchdowns to 10 Interceptions, 3,407 Yards Passing, and an unheard of 106 Rating!  The Vikings scored a then record 556 Points.  Randall’s final Stats- 207 TD/134 INT/ 29,979 Yards/81.5 Rating/4,928 Yards Rushing and 35 Rushing TD’s.

15)  Steve McNair (1995-2007 Houston Oilers/Tennessee Titans, Baltimore Ravens)-  McNair was the 3rd Pick of the Draft in 1995 by the Houston Oilers who would become the Tennessee Titans.  He was an AFC Champ with the Titans in 1999, and will be remembered for getting the Titans “one yard” away from winning a Super Bowl against the Saint Louis Rams.  Steve was also a 3x Pro Bowl Player and NFL MVP in 2003.  Stats- 174 TD/ 119 INT/31,304 Yards.

14)  Donovan McNabb (1999-2011 Philadelphia Eagles, Minnesota Vikings, Washington Redskins)-  Donovan McNabb was a fixture in the Eagles locker room from 1999-2009.  He was another one of the prototype Quarterbacks and he lead the Eagles to Four Straight NFC Championships including a trip to the Super Bowl in 2004, where the Eagles lost by three to the Patriots.  Donovan was a 6x Pro Bowl Player, NFC Offensive Player of the Year in 2004, and is now retired as an Eagle.  Stats- 234 TD/117 INT/37,276 Yards Passing/85.6 Rating/3,459 Rushing Yards/29 Rushing TD’s.

13)  Warren Moon (1984-2000 Houston Oilers, Minnesota Vikings, Seattle Seahawks, Kansas City Chiefs)-  Warren was the leader of the Houston Run and Shoot Offense through 1993.  He was a 9x Pro Bowl Player and 2x Passing Leader.  He began his career in the Canadian Football League.  If you were to combine his total stats from both leagues he would be the all-time leader in passing.  Stats- 291 TD/233 INT/49,325 Yards/80.9 Rating. 

12)  Drew Brees (2001-Present San Diego Chargers, New Orleans Saints)- Drew is a 7x Pro Bowl Player, 4x All-Pro, a Super Bowl Champion, Super Bowl MVP and 2x NFC MVP.  Stats- 326 TD/166INT/46,276 Yards/94.4 Rating.

11)  Ben Rothlisburger/Eli Manning (2004 Steelers/2004 Giants-Present)-  I am putting these two together as they were both drafted the same season.  Eli has 2 Super Bowls and so does Rothlisberger, Eli is a 3x Pro Bowl Player, 2x Super Bowl MVP, and Rothlisberger is a 2x Pro Bowl Player and 3x AFC Champion.  These guys are extremely close so I put them both 11.  Stats- Eli- 211 TD/ 144 INT/31,527 Yards/82.7 Rating…..Ben-192 TD/ 109 INT/30,035 Yards/92.5 Rating.

10)  Kurt Warner (1994-2009 Green Bay Packers, Saint Louis Rams, New York Giants, Arizona Cardinals)-  Kurt came off the scrap heap to lead the powerhouse Rams in the late 1990’s.  He was a 4x Pro Bowl Player/2x League MVP, 1x Super Bowl Champion and 1x Super Bowl MVP.  Stats- 208 TD/ 128 INT/32,344 Yards, 93.7 Rating.

9)  Jim Kelly (1986-1996 Buffalo Bills)-  Jim lead the Bills to Four Straight Super Bowls where they unfortunately lost all of them.  However, he was still one of the greatest Quarterbacks of his day.  He was a 4x Pro Bowl Player, 4x AFC Champion, and he was even the USFL MVP before joining the NFL in 1984.  Stats- 237 TD/175 INT/35,467 Yards/84.4 Rating.

8)  Drew Bledsoe (1993-2006 New England Patriots, Buffalo Bills, Dallas Cowboys)-  Drew is the unsung hero in New England.  He actually lead the team to it’s first Super Bowl Win before Tom Brady took the helms.  He was a 4x Pro Bowl Player, 1x Super Bowl Champion, 2x AFC Champion, and 2x all-pro.  Stats- 251 TD/206INT/44,611 Yards/77.1 Rating.

7)  Steve Young (1985-1999 Tampa Bay Buccaneers, San Francisco 49ers.)-  Steve is a 7x Pro Bowl Player, 3x Super Bowl Champion, 1x Super Bowl MVP, and 2x NFC MVP.  Stats- 232 TD/ 107 INT/33,124 Yards/96.8 Rating/43 Rushing TD’s/4,329 Yards Rushing.

6)  Troy Aikman (1989-2000 Dallas Cowboys)-  Aikman may not have the enormous stats that these other greats have.  However, he was one of the most consistent Quarterbacks in History.  During his career he was a 6x Pro Bowl Player/3x Super Bowl Champion/ 1x Super Bowl MVP, and a Walter Peyton Man of the Year Award.  Stats- 165 TD/ 141 INT/31,726 Yards/81.6 Rating. 

5)  John Elway (1983-1998 Denver Broncos)-  John Elway sometimes is picked as the best overall quarterback in history.  I will say this much, he may have been the best comeback QB in History.  And his other stats were never shabby either.  He is a member of the Pro Football HOF, 9x Pro Bowl Player, 1x League MVP, 2x Super Bowl Champion, and 5x AFC Champion.  Stats- 300 TD/226 INT/51,475 Yards/79.9 Rating.

4)  Dan Marino (1983-1989 Miami Dolphins)-  Dan did hold every passing record until Brett Favre broke them all.  He is actually rated #25 on the all-time list of NFL Players in History.  He was a 9x Pro Bowl Player, 1x League MVP, AFC Champion in 1984.  His only gaffe…not winning a Super Bowl.  Stats- 420 TD/252 INT/61,361 Yards, 86.4 Rating.

3)  Brett Favre (1991-2010 Green Bay Packers, Atlanta Falcons, New York Jets, Minnesota Vikings)-  Brett Favre is another Quarterback that could easily be Number One on the List.  He holds almost every passing record around.  He is an 11x Pro Bowl Player, 3x League MVP, 5x NFC Player of the Year, 2x NFC Champion, and 1x Super Bowl Champion.  Stats- 508 TD/336 INT/71,838 Yards/86.0 Rating)

2)  Peyton Manning (1998-Present Indianapolis Colts, Denver Broncos)-  You could either go Peyton or Brady Number One.  I am only going Brady as he has three Super Bowls to Manning’s One.  Also, Brady has appeared in Five.  However, one could easily argue Peyton Manning.  His stats are gaudy.  He is a 12x Pro Bowl Player, 4x League MVP, NFL Comeback Player of the Year, Super Bowl Champion and Super Bowl MVP.  Manning is still going strong so this could always flip-flop.  Stats- 443 TD/209INT/59,949 Yards/96.0 Rating.

1)  Tom Brady (2000-Present New England Patriots)-  This is always questionable because his career is not over yet, but under the circumstances as a sixth round pick and what he has been able to accomplish with a team that has never been stacked with offensive Superstars.  Tom is a 2x League MVP, 8x Pro Bowl Player, 3x Super Bowl Champion, 2x Super Bowl MVP, has appeared in Five Super Bowls almost winning the other two (actually lost to the Giants both times)and even won Athlete of the Year in 2007.  His Numbers Speak For Themselves.  Stats- 334 TD/123 INT/44,806 Yards/96.6 Rating.  

Ok…So thats my list.  One Quarterback I forgot in the mix was Rich Gannon.  Gannon should be on this list so scratch off Plummer.  Anyways, I hope you enjoyed my Top 20…I dont expect everyone to agree.  Thats why it is called OPINION.  Anyway…Stay Tuned for my TOP 20 Running Backs.

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  1. I seem to have made some gaffes on the list. I should have made notations…Montana is not on the list because most of his career was spent before 1990…Even though Elway and Marino played a lot in the eighties they are in the list for A) Elway won his superbowls and put up best numbers of career in nineties and Marino played till 1998. Aaron Rodgers and Joe Flacco are too new meaning they were drafted after 2008, only giving them five years in the league. I could have did a totally different list and had only new QB’s which would in fact include Rodgers, Flacco, etc.

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