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I don’t know about anyone else, but I love having Thursday Night Football. I remember when we didn’t even have Sunday Night or Thursday Night Football. That is ancient history now. Anyways…here we are already…Thursday Night Week #7.
Thursday Night Football keeps us sports diehards interested as well as entertained. It also keeps Fantasy Football Owners busy, especially when the Bye Weeks arrive. Week #6 was another crazy week in the NFL. The Patriots last minute win, Jacksonville making Manning look human, Seattle’s Dominance, and many more unexpected moments.

So…let us take a look at Tonight’s Matchup

(5-1, First Place Division)

(3-3, Third Place Division)
Arizona is 5.5 Point Underdogs to the Seattle Seahawks at home. Arizona is coming off a 32-20 loss to the San Francisco 49ers, while the Seattle Seahawks beat the tough Tennessee Titans to take the Division Lead. Arizona has played tough on Defense, but their offense remains inconsistent. Carson Palmer is the Quarterback but he has not shown well. The Cardinals also lack any kind of Running Back.
On the other hand, Seattle comes into this game as the most dynamic on offense and defense. They are ranked close to the top on both sides and Marahawn Lynch is running over people. Russell Wilson has picked up where he left off last year. Seattle seems to be an early favorite to go far in the NFC playoffs. Arizona at 3-3 is still very much in this. However, I see the Seahawks winning this game on National TV in easy fashion. My pick…Seattle 24- Arizona 17.


Stay tuned as I will have the rest of my Week #7 Picks as well as my next installment of Top Positional Players/Teams Post 1990. The next will be the Top 10 Defenses post 1990. We know the 85 Bears, 72 Dolphins, and the Steel Curtain Steelers were some of the best all-time, but there are also some very good defenses that have played since 1990. This should be an interesting piece. Enjoy your Thursday Night Folks…And I will See you Soon.



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