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     This will obviously be a hypothetical post as Tom Brady is one of the Greatest Quarterbacks to ever grace the fields of the NFL.  However, I can see a ton of similarities between Tom Brady and Nick Foles, the Eagles starting Quarterback in just his second season.  Tom Brady was a Sixth Round Pick out of Michigan, and he was picked #199 in the 2000 NFL Draft (6th Round).  That first season, Brady was the Fourth String Quarterback and saw barely any NFL action.  However the rest is history.  In 2001, Tom Brady took over as New England’s Starting Quarterback after star Drew Bledsoe went down with a terrible injury.  Brady never looked back.  Brady was like a surgeon on the operating table as he won game and game after game for the Patriots to the NFL’s amazement.  After a wild and crazy post season, Brady became the youngest Quarterback to ever win a SuperBowl as he took the Patriots to a win against the heavily favored Saint Louis Rams (Greatest Show on Turf) NFC Team.  

     In Tom Brady’s first year as a starter for the Patriots, during the Super Bowl Run, he put up above average stats.  He completed 264 Passes out of 413 for a 63.9 Completion Percentage, threw for 2,843 Yards, had 18 Touchdowns and 12 Interceptions.  Then in the Playoffs, Brady lead the Pats to wins over the Oakland Raiders and Pittsburgh Steelers on to their way to a Super Bowl Win Against the Saint Louis Rams.  In Fact, that year was the season when the “famous tuck rule.” came into existence after a game in the snow between the Patriots and Raiders.  The Pats then went on to defeat the Rams 20-17 in the Super Bowl.

     Ok, so lets look at Nick Foles and his journey so far.  There are many similarities between Foles and Brady besides the fact that Foles was a 3rd Round Pick.  In 2012, Foles saw limited action behind Michael Vick although he did show some signs of talent.  However, on December 23rd, Foles broke his hand and was placed on injured reserve.  Now onto the 2013 Season.  This is where my Tom Brady comparison becomes more realistic.  Going into the 2013 season, Michael Vick (20 Million Dollar Quarterback) was the unquestioned starter in Chip Kelley’s new high powered relentless offense.  Mike would be the man and had a chance to resurrect his career.  However, eerily similar to 2001 when Drew Bledsoe went down with a freak injury, Vick went down in 2013.  Foles took over and has not looked back despite missing two games due to a concussion.  Foles, like Brady in 2001, has become the unquestioned leader for the Philadelphia Eagles, and has lead them back to an opportunity to win the NFC East Championship, after beginning the season 3-5.

     Foles threw 7 Touchdown Passes against the Oakland Raiders in October and thats when he took off.  If you look at his stats, they are actually better than Brady in his 2001 Season.  With one game to play, Nick Foles has a 118.8 Passer Rating, which would put him in the Top Ten Quarterback Ratings for a season of all-time.  Foles has thrown 25 Touchdowns and only 2 Interceptions.  He has 2,628 Yards Passing, which could easily be over 3,000 had he not missed those two games due to a concussion.  Obviously, you cannot put Foles on Brady’s level as Foles has a ton of work to do.  However, their careers mirror one an others.  Both Quarterbacks have strong arms and are accurate with the football.   Both Quarterbacks are leaders and show poise in the pocket.  Both Quarterbacks are loved by the ladies.  Tom Brady is 6’4″.  Foles is 6’6″.  Brady weighs 225 Pounds.  Foles weighs 243 Pounds.  Both Quarterbacks have many similarities.  

     That second year, 2001, when Brady took over for star Quarterback Drew Bledsoe, he took the league by storm.  In 2013, when Nick Foles took over for star Quarterback Mike Vick, he has taken the league by storm.  Obviously, Foles has a ton of work to do before he can be compared to Brady.  However, this season is eerily similar to 2001.  Next Sunday will be a huge day in the life of Nick roles as he has a chance to lead his Philadelphia Eagles to a Division Crown and 3rd Seed in the Playoffs by beating Division Rival Dallas Cowboys.  We cannot predict the outcome, but it seems that Foles is following a similar path as Brady.  The rest is yet to be written…but this has been a great story and could go along way to the development of the next quarterback prodigy.  We shall see.  Until next time, keep enjoying the NFL.




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