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     Super Bowl XVIII reminded us once again that sometimes these games become blowouts.  I cannot remember a team that dominated Sports #1 Event like the Seattle Seahawks did since the 1980 49er and 1970 Steeler Dynasty Teams Did.  In no way am I comparing the Seahawks to those teams as they have much work to do to reach that level.  However, I think every sports fan in America was taken by surprise with the result of Sunday’s Game (Including all Seattle Fans).  Yes, the line was only 2 Points and the Broncos were favored.  How could they not be?  Peyton Manning, Julius Thomas, Wes Welker, Eric Decker, Demariyus Thomas, Knowshon Moreno and all of that offensive talent.  That talent set many NFL records this season.

     Well I guess the old saying Defense wins Championships is really true.  Just like they always say that in Baseball that Pitching wins Championships.  We had an immovable object in this game with the League’s #1 Offense vs. the League’s #1 Defense.  When I look back at all of the previous Super Bowl Champions of years past there truly is one fact that stands out.  The teams that win the Big Dance always have a better than average Defense.  Let us just look at the past few years.  Last year, the Baltimore Ravens had the league’s most vaunted Defense with Ray Lewis and Company.  Before them, both Giants teams that won also had great defenses.  The Patriots teams that won in the past also had great defenses (in spite of their stellar offenses).  The list can go on and on.  The last Offense that I can remember that was on Denver’s level playing in the Super Bowl was the Saint Louis Rams and the Greatest Show on Turf.  However, that Rams team had one of the better defenses as well that season and went unnoticed.  

     The Denver Broncos of 2013 surely set many Offensive Records.  However, the Denver Defense may have been one of the worst ever.  They were ranked at the bottom in almost every category.  So fast forward to the game.  If it was not an omen on that first play from scrimmage when the ball was errantly hiked over Peyton Manning’s head that resulted in a safety, then I don’t know what an omen is.  Then Seattle went ahead 15-0 at halftime and people were like…ok the Broncos can still make a comeback.  I don’t know what coach John Fox said to the troops at halftime…however the players must have been listening to headphones because they came out after the half and let Percy Harvin go 109 yards for a Kickoff Return.  The game was definitely over there.

Seahawks wide receiver Harvin runs for a touchdown on the opening kickoff in the second half against the Broncos during the NFL Super Bowl XLVIII football game in East Rutherford

     The Seattle Seahawks earned this win the old fashioned way.  They played smash mouth Football and totally dominated the line of scrimmage.  Everyone in the media is focusing on how Denver choked and that Peyton Manning can never win the big game.  I seriously do not think anyone is giving Seattle enough credit for what they were able to accomplish, with a sophomore Quarterback no less.  Yes, the Broncos failed to show up.  However, that had more to do with Seattle’s tenacity than a lack of effort from Denver.  Everyone will debate how Peyton Manning is just another Quarterback and thats a debate for another day.  This day needs to be a focus on the Seattle Seahawks and their amazing run to the championship.  I must admit, Im not a Denver fan but I did pick them to win the game.  I was STUNNED!!!

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Ok here we are now, Eli Manning is 2-0 in Super Bowls and Peyton Manning is 1-2.  Does that mean Eli Manning is a better Quarterback than his brother?  Of course not, Football is a team sport.  However, this loss did a lot to damage Peyton’s legacy.  No one will take away what Manning has accomplished and I still rank him in the Top 5 Quarterbacks of all-time.  However, he cannot be #1.  The Seahawks Defense were able to do what no other team did this season.  The Seahawks pressured Manning.  He threw two Interceptions.  He just was not the same player he was all season.  Through all of that, ironically he set a Super Bowl record for completions with 34.  Demariyus Thomas, Peyton’s favorite target in this game also set a record with 13 receptions.  And yes, Julius Thomas dropped quite a few would be first downs.  However, Kudos to Pete Carroll and the Seahawks for an excellent game plan.

IMG_0774 Check out this Tweet from NY’s WFAN.  I think this is perfect of an assessment that has been made regarding Peyton. I am sure there will be many debates in the days to come.  However, I think people need to stop dwelling on the negative (Denver and Peyton Losing) and focus more on the positive  (The Seattle Seahawks are Super Bowl Champions).  Wow, I can’t imagine.  I am an Eagles fan and still waiting for the thrill of winning.  Maybe next year.  Ok, well this was a great day for a Seattle and a dark day for Warren Sapp, who reportedly bet 10,000 Dollars on the Broncos.  Even more crazy, Floyd Mayweather bet 10,000,000 Dollars.  Ten Million Beans.  Oh well, thats why I never bet.  Well, stay tuned as I will be monitoring whats in store in the new year for music.



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  1. med515 ⋅

    Don’t quite understand the Eli SURPRISE pic. Eli wins his SBs. Peyton chokes them up. Don’t really understand the rings argument either. It’s not about counting the number of rings a player has. It’s about watching the performance. Eli performs like an assassin. Peyton performs like a wuss.

    Agree about his legacy though. GOAT just can’t choke in so many SBs. Once? Ok. Three times? Not good. People forget how pedestrian Peyton’s one SB win was. People need to back off Eli too. He blows Peyton’s post season PERFORMANCES right out of the water. Remember the NFCC vs Niners? Peyton never survives that game. Eli goes onto to win SB46

    • If you want to argue that Eli is a better Quarterback than Peyton because he won two rings that is a ridiculous point. Peyton is so much better than Eli will ever be. Don’t forget that Eli played for a Giants team that always had a ferocious defense. The Indy teams and The Broncos were horrible defenses. I will say that he did have a lackluster performance but you cannot say Eli is better. Joe Montana, Tom Brady, Yes. But Eli no way!

      • med515 ⋅

        I said Eli performed better than Peyton in his SBs and that fans should stop dumping on Eli with the number of rings argument. It is a false argument. Every QB should be judged on how they perform and way too often, Eli Manning’s post season performances get dumped on because he destroys fantasy football teams. Peyton is the greatest regular season QB in NFL history. He is also a spectacular SB choker. Startlingly so. Eli has stunk up the regular season, but he has someone broken every Giants passing record in the books. Hmm.

        And to say Eli had ferocious defenses is a misperception thanks to the SB42 pass rush that destroyed Tom Brady. It was awesome, yet people forget that Brady defeated that pass rush in the 4th quarter. If Eli Manning doesn’t drive down the field for a TD, people never talk about that Giants pass rush again. It would be used to glorify Tom Brady. Thanks to Eli’s drive (which btw, no QB has ever driven a team for a SB TD when only a TD would do) the Giants pass rush was immortalized. I think it is weak as hell to dump on Eli Manning.

        Peyton has now choked with two different teams. All of his teams were favored, but all of a sudden, he loses and now he had bad teams? Eli’s career is not over. That book is still open. Ernie Accorsi still believes Eli will end up being the better QB. Crazy to think yet people also thought the idea of Eli having more rings than Peyton was insanity. Peyton was always surrounded by talent since Tennessee. None of Eli’s teammates at Ole Miss made it to the NFL and yet they still won a championship.

        He led the Giants to SB46 with a bottom third ranked defense and 32nd ranked run game. People need to stop listening to Skip Bayless and think for themselves. These QBs should be judged on performance. Dilfer has a ring, but everyone knows he didn’t win the SBMVP because he was merely a role player. Brady is a terrific post season QB. Give him the right weapons and he’ll go all the way, much like Eli Manning. Peyton chokes in his SBs. It is what it is, but people need to get over knocking Eli Manning. He had some of the most incredible post season performances in NFL history. The ring argument is a false argument. He is not Trent Dilfer. He is also not Marino. Or Peyton. He is a 2SBMVP. One of only five in NFL history.

  2. med515 ⋅

    correction: *somehow* not someone

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