Today RA Dickey of the New York Mets became the first 20 Game Winner for the franchise since Frank Viola won 20 in 1990. He is also the first Knuckleball Pitcher to accomplish this achievement since Houston’s Joe Niekro in 1980…32 years ago! Wow! This is not only huge for the Mets franchise itself…but also for Dickey who never won more than 11 games before this year. He could become the first New York Met’s pitcher to win the CY YOUNG award since Dwight Gooden (The Doc) in 1985. RA (which stands for Robert Allen) is 37 years old and is the type of feel good story that they make movies about!
RA was originally drafted by the Texas Rangers in 1996 in the 18th Round. Amazingly enough…after he was drafted it was discovered that Dickey was missing an ulnar collateral ligament of the elbow joint. RA should not be able to open up a door let alone pitch a baseball in the major leagues. He was not too successful in his early career and in 2006 he transitioned to the Knuckleball, which saw him struggle early on. On January 5th, 2010 he RA was signed by the New York Mets to a spring training invitee contract. Since then he has become a huge bright spot for the team by tying or breaking many records. In late May, Dickey became the first Met to toss back to back double digit strikeout games since Pedro Martinez in 2006. 2012 also saw Dickey become the first pitcher in MLB to throw back to back 1 hitters since Toronto’s Dave Stein in 1988. He also had a consecutive scoreless innings streak of 44.1 which is one of the longest in MLB history.
Dickey has also overcome much adversity on a personal level as well. His book was released earlier this year which documents his battle with childhood abuse and suicidal thoughts as an adult. Look…I’m a Phillies fan and the Mets are our biggest rival. But this guy has to win the CY YOUNG AWARD. The only other pitcher close in numbers to Dickey in the NL is Gio Gonzalez of the Nationals. Let’s face it though…the Nationals have other talent. With Dickey’s 20 wins…that is almost a 3rd of the Mets total wins. One could argue that Dickey could win the MVP also as he definitely was the most valuable player for the Mets. His story is truly amazing and continues to unfold in front of us. It’s early but I am joining the campaign for RA to win the CY YOUNG! He definitely deserves it!
In the NFL…the replacement referees have finally been replaced….by the real refs. Yes that’s right…the replacements have been replaced. This September continues to heat up with hot sports topics but today the main story is RA DICKEY. So now that we are on the subject…who would play RA in a movie when it comes out. Let’s have some fun…looking for comments!