Wow….already Week#3 of the 2012 NFL season. This is the best time of the year…seasons changing…leaves falling…cooler weather…pumpkins and mums…and Football is heating up. It’s also close to Playoff Baseball and of course the NHL cannot get it’s head out of it’s ass so no season on the horizon. Anyways…it’s time for my picks of the week. Hopefully I will do much better than I did last week. Aaron and I both did not have a very good week picking winners, but I have a feeling that many people had the wrong teams. I mean let’s face it…who had New England losing at home to Arizona?????!!! Once again I will show you the matchup and then make my predictions.
1) St. Louis @ Chicago- Chicago is favored in this one by a touchdown. St. Louis has not looked terrible but I cannot pick against Chicago at home…especially after they got destroyed by the Packers last week. They have had ample time to heal their wounds. I think both Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall have bounce back games and Matt Forte will have some running room. My Pick- Chicago.
2) Buffalo @ Cleveland- This is my stone cold lock if the week as Buffalo is favored by a field goal. I believe that CJ Spiller will have a career day as teams have had much success running against Cleveland. I see this game being a blow out on the road. My Pick-Buffalo.
3) Tampa Bay @ Dallas- Dallas is favored in this one by 8 points. I would normally be wary of picking Dallas by more than a Touchdown, but I think they bounce back at home against the same team that almost took the Giants to task. Tony Romo, Miles Austin, and Jason Witten all have huge games as the Giants proved that you can pass all day against the Tampa Defense. My Pick- Dallas.
4) Jacksonville @ Indianapolis- Indy is favored by a field goal at home in this one and has been the better of the two teams. Jacksonville has struggled mightly in the Red Zone. However, The Jags always play Indy tight and I think Maurice Jones Drew has a breakout game after missing the entire preseason. My Pick- Jacksonville.
5) New York Jets @ Miami- The New York Football Jets are favored by 1 point in this one. Jets/Dolphins games have always been entertaining and are usually played very close. Miami should be able to utilize Reggie Bush, who is leading in all purpose yards by Running Backs thus far in the season. My Pick- Miami.
6) San Francisco @ Minnesota- So far, San Fran has picked off right where they left off last year. They have the Top Defense in the NFL and their offense has become more dynamic. Look for more of the same in this game. The Vikings are inexperienced at the Quarterback position and the 49ers have an excellent pass rush. I think this is a unanimous vote. My Pick- San Francisco by the Touchdown.
7) Kansas City @ New Orleans- New Orleans is favored at home by 8 points. The Saints have been a huge disappointment thus far and I believe that the offseason scandal has hurt the mojo of this team. However, although they are 0-2…this team has entirely way too much talent to go 0-3. Especially against a team like Kansas City who cannot compete on offense with the Saints. My Pick- Saints win Big.
8) Detroit @ Tennessee- Detroit is favored on the road by 3.5 points. Tennessee has been much better than expected but Detroit has the potent offense to keep the Titans guessing. I do believe this game will be close and Chris Johnson should be able to run against the Lions Defense. In the end though…the Lions are looking for a breakout game from Johnson (Megatron). My Pick- Detroit.
9) Cincinnati @ Washington- Cincinnati has been a huge disappointment while the Redskins have been a huge surprise. Washington is favored in this one by 3 at home. RJ3 has been spectacular and the unknown Running Back Alfred Morris has been a huge surprise on offense. Mike Shannahan has this team playing excellent ball! I think the Redskins win this one fairly easy.
10) Philadelphia @ Arizona- Tell me how you have 9 Turnovers in the first 2 games and are 2-0 to start the season. Well…the Eagles have defied logic so far, and are a much better team on Defense this year…especially at the Linebacker position. We all know what the Eagle’s Offense is capable of but Arizona is no pushover….don’t forget they just beat New England on the road! I think this game will be very close but I am taking the Eagles by a field goal in this one.
11) Atlanta @ San Diego- Atlanta has looked unstoppable so far and they have one of the Top Offensive Teams in the NFL. However…San Diego has a solid Defense, especially against the pass. Most people are taking Atlanta on the road, but I am picking The Chargers who are favored by a field goal.
12) Houston @ Denver- Houston is only favored by 1.5 points in this one on the road. Denver looked shaky in the first half of last weeks game…Peyton Manning throwing 3 Picks. Houston on the other hand has been methodical so far this season. Arian Foster will pound the ball and this game could turn into a shootout. My Pick- Houston.
13) Pittsburgh @ Oakland- The Steelers are favored by 3.5 on the road in this one. Both teams have not been as good as advertised. However, every time I pick against the Steelers I am wrong so I am going to take Pittsburgh!
14) New England @ Baltimore- This is the battle of 2 Heavy Weights…both teams favored to make it far in the playoffs this year. Baltimore and New England both lost tough games last week…the difference being the Ravens loss was on the road. The Ravens are favored by 2.5 in this one. This game should be a very close game and could go either way, but I am going to take the Ravens at Home.
15) Green Bay @ Seattle- Green Bay is favored by 3 on the road in this one. I always have 1 crazy pick each week and I am going to take the Seahawks as a home dog to upset the Green Bay Packers.

These are my picks for the week. Stay tuned to tomorrow where I will give you my Start Ems and Sit Ems for Week #3. Good luck to the Fantasy Nation….it’s been a wild season so far and should continue to produce many memorable moments. Aaron will be on later with his picks. Until then…enjoy the rest of your night!



Well folks…it’s Week 2 in the NFL and yes there is Thursday Night Football so Wednesday will be my weekly NFL preview where I give my picks and My best friend Aaron will post his picks. This is just a fun idea that I had and we will see who has the best record at the end of the season….kind of like the real analysts on Football Networks.
Without further adue…here are my picks for Week 2:

1) Chicago @ Green Bay- Green Bay is favored in this one at home giving 5 1/2. Green Bay struggled against the Niners but San Fran does have the best defense in the NFL. Chicago looked solid in their debut with the Cutler/Marshall connection and their defense can still wreak havoc. Obviously the popular pick here will be Green Bay but I’m going a different direction and taking the Bears on the road.

2) Tampa Bay @ New York- New York is favored by 7 1/2 points and are playing at home. After losing to the Cowboys the Defending Champs come out with a solid effort to go 1-1. Tampa is still finding itself. No upsets here.

3) Arizona @ New England- New England is favored by almost 2 Touchdowns. This is a huge spread and usually I stay away from lopsided odds but I have to take New England. Tom Brady and Company finally have a stud running back that will continue to get better. Weapons galore on this team. Arizona is not the team it was a few years ago when they went to the Superbowl. I’m going New England.

4) Minnesota @ Indy- Minnesota is favored by 1 1/2 on the road and I can’t argue against this. Indianapolis is rebuilding and I can’t see Andrew Luck being able to go off against the Vikings stellar pass rush. I’m taking Minnesota and the points.

5) New Orleans @ Carolina- A great rivalry game. New Orleans is favored by less than a field goal. I think this will be a shoot out…Drew Brees vs. Cam Newton. I think the Saints even the record barely. Saints win in the last minute.

6) Kansas City @ Buffalo- Buffalo lost its stud running back Fred Jackson but did not miss a beat with CJ Spiller. Buffalo has the better team and I think the home field advantage comes into play in this one. Buffalo is favored by a field goal at home and I say they win and cover.

7) Baltimore @ Philadelphia- I promised not to be a homer and the Eagles did not look anything like a playoff team in their first game. In fact, the game was poorly coached as well as played. Baltimore looks unstoppable. The immovable object (Defense) and a highly potent offense. If Andy Reid is smart he will chose to make this a running game to work the clock. With the Eagles favored by less than a field goal I believe the game could go either way but I have a hunch the Eagles will squeak this one out in their home opener.

8) Oakland @ Miami- Oakland is favored by a field goal in this one on the road. Another game that could go either way but I’m going with Oakland and their star running back and veteran Quarterback Palmer. Oakland covers easily…they win by at least a touchdown.

9) Cleveland @ Cincinnatti- Cincy is favored by a touchdown and after getting spanked by Baltimore on the road they come back with a romp of their own. Cleveland is horrible and I could see them not winning a game this year. Cincy goes off.

10) Houston @ Jacksonville- Houston is favored by a touchdown but I’m taking the Jaguars at home. Jones-Drew was not expected to play much let alone contribute in game 1 but he put forth a stellar opening game. Jacksonville always plays Houston tough at home so I am going with the Home Team.

11) Dallas @ Seatttle- Dallas will be
2-0 after disposing of Seattle. They are favored by a field goal and I think this might be a blowout. The Cowboy’s Offense is Dangerous. Dallas takes this one on the road.

12) Washington @ St. Louis- RJ3 showed he is for real and Alfred Morris almost had 100yards on minimal carries. Washington is favored by a field goal and once again I’m going with Washington.

13) Jets @ Pittsburgh- Pittsburgh has dropped off a little but talent wise. I’m still not sold on Sanchez. I’m taking Pittsburgh who is an underdog by almost a touchdown. I think they have the defense to stop the Jets offensive attack.

14) Denver @ Atlanta- I’m taking Denver. I think this is Peyton Manning’s comeback year. I Also think McGahee will be healthy and they have a solid defense. Popular pick is Atlanta but I’m going Denver.

15) Tennessee @ San Diego- San Diego wins by a touchdown.

16) Detroit @ San Francisco- The Niners have a potent offense as well as defense. Calvin Johnson is questionable. If Calvin plays the game could be much closer but I think the 49ers are a legitimate Superbowl contender. I’m taking the Niners.
*****Ok these were my picks. Look for Aaron’s in the comment section.

Fantasy Update- Peyton is a must start along with Brandon Marshall. I sit Michael Vick and Mark Sanchez. I will be back later in the week with more Fantasy News. On a side note…check out what the Phillies are doing…only 3 back of a wild card…wow. Who would have saw this coming 1 month ago!