Ok…so it’s been awhile. Had some personal issues to attend to but I am back with a vengeance. Today I will cover a wide variety of topics. First off, I would personally like to give my condolences to the entire Saint Louis Cardinals Extended Family for losing one of the true Baseball Legends that were still alive. Yesterday, Stan Musial died at the ripe old age of 92. Well, many of us will not even see 75 so that is quite an accomplishment in itself. Musial in my mind has to be in the top 3 MLB players of all time list and he was an offensive legend. Stan Musial was probably the best all around hitter with both power and tenacity to ever play the game. RIP Stan…You were a true legend and gentleman.

Yesterday also marked the return of the NHL from its extended labor strike. There were quite a few key markee match ups including the Pittsburgh Penguins opening on the road against the Philadelphia Flyers. Well, the game did not disappoint as it was a well played game considering the long layoff…it took the Flyers two periods to really break off the rust. I must admit, I was totally shocked with the amount of support and fans that showed up all over the league yesterday, especially in Philly. There was. 10,000 people alone in the XFINITY Entertainment Lounge. With a shortened 48 game season, it should be interesting which teams will ultimately make the playoffs. By judging the games from Saturday, the playoffs are already here in spirit. This should make for some very exciting games and story lines. Stay Tuned.

Well, I worked all day and have not even turned on the TV…I had heard that Atlanta had an early lead on the 49ers in the NFC Championship. Well, my original picks for the Superbowl did not even make it to this round so at this point anything is possible. I was going to take the 49ers, but I feel that Atlanta has the edge at home. Also, I think they are out to prove that their season was not a fluke. The AFC Championship tonight…The Patriots are favored to beat the Baltimore Ravens. I’m going out on a limb to say that Ray Lewis will have one last hurrah and stun the Patriots faithful.

Speaking of Football, the Eagles did finally get a head coach this week by signing Chip Kelly. We will visit this topic many times in the near future but my only early opinion is that the Philadelphia Fan Base is out of control for some of the statements that they have made. C’MON give the guy a chance! Lets see what he can do?

On the music scene, Anthrax announced a new release of an EP this spring featuring cover songs from bands of the 60’s and 70’s. Anthrax also announced that they will be doing the Among the Living Anniversary Tour, following the footsteps of its other Big Four members. They are actually scheduled to play a show in AC so I’m sure that I will try and make it again. Also in other big news, Metallica announced that they will be doing the Orion Festival once again this summer. Should be AWESOME!

As you all know, I am a huge fan of Heavy Metal, but I am far from proclaiming myself Eddie Trunk or anywhere close to his knowledge of music. I would even venture to say that my best friend Aaron knows much more about music than me. Well, while using Pandora I actually heard a tune from Stryper…who??? Yes Stryper! I totally forgot how good this band was and them I did some research and realized that they released an album in 2011 called “The Covering” in which they covered some classics from such bands as Black Sabbath, Ozzy Osbourne, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Deep Purple, the Scorpions and a few others! The album is SICK and I would recommend it to any fan of metal or hard rock. These guys are way underrated in my mind. Michael Sweet is a Musical genius. Look for his new autobiography due out this spring along with a Greatest Hits Remaster album followed by a Brand New Studio Album! Awesome News! Can’t wait…so looking forward to this. Anyways, I was researching Christian Heavy Metal/Hard Rock Bands and I came across a band named Pillar. Let me tell you, heard some of their material and was absolutely impressed. More music news to follow, so many exciting stories including Def Leppard doing Hysteria as a Week Long Guest in Las Vegas. Wow! Wish I could be there for that.

Finally, I thought it necessary to bring up the fact that I think I had posted back when the school shootings occurred in Connecticut, that the one major problem of our government during these crises…is failure to act! Well, here we are a month has went by and still morning on the part of our government. Not even one BILL! I mean…geez they owe it to these families to do something. And the other horrible thing about these tragedies is that after time they are forgotten. This crime cannot and should not be forgotten and the Government must take action in the Gun Control and Mental Health realms. Well…thanks for letting me vent lol. Anyways…it’s good to be back…thanks again to my loyal fans!






Ok…here we are Week #2 of the NFL Playoffs. Andy Reid is well in to his head coaching job for the Kansas City Chiefs. Well, the Eagles have yet to find their man…what else is new? The Eagles search for a new head coach and assistants is going just like me searching for a pair of matching socks in a laundry basket. What are they waiting for…it’s like Jeff Lurie is scared to pull the trigger and make a mistake and get hung by the fans. C’MON ALREADY…pick up the phone, call Bill Cowher, give him control and all the money he wants, tell him he can pick his guys and lets move forward. The longer they wait, the more chance of losing the guy they want. I said it before and I will say it again, the way to go is not a College Coach. Anyways, that’s a discussion for another day. Onto this weeks games. First we have the Ravens with Ray Lewis on the road against the Denver Broncos. The Ravens looked good in their win against the Colts, but that was against a rookie quarterback. Sorry to say it Baltimore, but Ray Lewis career will end on the road in Denver. Peyton Manning is on a role and he wants another ring to tie his brother Eli with two! Denver wins a close one folks. Ok, the other AFC game is the Houston Texans traveling to Foxborough to face the perennial favorites the New England Patriots. Well, I wish I could say that the Texans stood a chance in this game, but I see Tom Brady lighting it up once again. I see the Patriots Defense rising to the occasion as it always does to stop Arian Foster. Another disappointing end to the Texans season. The Patriots win by at least two Touchdowns.

The NFC sees the Green Bay Packers travel across the country to face the San Francisco 49ers. Well the Niners have a rookie Quarterback, but they have a stellar Defense that creates turnovers. The Niners and Colin Kapernick have been inconsistent on offense. Unfortunately, the 49ers Defense will not be able to score more points than Aaron Rodgers which must happen for the Niners to Win. Packers by 10. Finally, we have the upstart surprise Seattle Seahawks going on the road to face the Atlanta Falcons. Normally I would go with the Falcons, but Matt Ryan has been inconsistent in the playoffs. Also, Russell Wilson will be playing much loser this weekend. I like the Hawks running game and ability to go deep. I say Seattle wins a tough won. On that is my quick picks…stay tuned to more analysis.




Week One of the NFL Playoffs (The Wild Card Round) is in the books. So l went Three out of Four with my picks…missing the boat on the Houston Texans as they took care of the Cincinnati Bengals. I had picked the Bengals to upset the Texans. Oh well, it wouldn’t have mattered because either team will get spanked in the Second Round. Houston is facing the New England Patriots on the road in Fox-borough. The Patriots have been legendary at home in the playoffs and are seeking their fourth Superbowl win in the last 12 years. Tom Brady has many weapons at his disposal, and the last time these two teams met a few weeks back, The Patriots routed Houston making them look like a college team. The Texans began the season as the front runners to go to the Super Bowl, however their season will end this week in New England. This game will be much closer, but in the end Brady and the Patriots will roll. The other AFC game features the Baltimore Ravens visiting the Denver Broncos. The Broncos have win nine games in a row and Peyton Manning is playing like he did in his prime. This game will be much tougher, but in the end the Broncos will be victorious by a field goal. Peyton leads yet another comeback win. Ok, well in the NFC we have the Green Bay Packers visiting the San Francisco 49ers. This game brings back the memories of past rivalries featuring such players as Joe Montana, Steve Young, Brett Favre, Don Majikowski, Sterling Sharpe, Terrell Owens and many more. Well these two teams are a little different. The Packers have the MVP Quarterback Aaron Rodgers and the high scoring offense while the 49ers are built on Defense! The 49ers are now lead by the versatile multi talented quarterback Colin Kapernick and star Running Back Frank Gore. As good as the 49ers have been, I am going to take the Packers to win this game and move on to the NFC Championship. In the other game, the Seattle Seahawks go on the road to face the Number 1 Seed Atlanta Falcons. Atlanta has faced much adversity this season despite its top record in the NFC. I say the Pressure is on the Falcons and the Seahawks will be lose after beating Washington on the road. One may say Seattle was lucky as RG3 played most of the game injured and was then knocked out of the game. However, the Seahawks are a resilient team and I am picking them as the upset of the second round. Russell Wilson is playing with a ton of confidence and Marshawn Lynch ran for almost 150 yards again. The Seahawks Defense continues to be dominant. This game will be close, but Seattle pulls it out in the end. So in conclusion, looking ahead to the next round, I have New England, Denver, Seattle and Green Bay moving on to the next round. Stay tuned to more Playoff Analysis. On a side note, the Washington Redskins should be ashamed of themselves as an organization as well as coach Mike Shannahan for letting RG3 play hurt despite the Doctors many orders to not let RG3 play due to a serious injury. As mentioned…stay tuned to the next round.



Ok…so here we are…the NFL 2012 Playoffs! Wow, it seems like just yesterday I did my post on The Philadelphia Eagles and the fact that every year we as fans anticipate a Superbowl Win. Well, lets just say this season did not work out as well as the Eagles Organization or any of its fans had thought. In fact they had their worst season since 1998 going 4-12. Andy Reid was fired and has since signed a deal with the Kansas City Chiefs with the title of Head Coach and Vice President of Football Operations. We all wish him luck in the AFC. However, I am not just an Eagles fan I am also a Football Fan. And as we move forward…it’s that time of year again where we get to analyze the playoffs and the first week known as Wild Card Weekend starting with Wild Card Saturday. The First Week Byes went to the New England Patriots and the Denver Broncos in the AFC and the Atlanta Falcons and the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC. We will get to those teams at a later date. Today we will analyze the Saturday and Sunday Wildcard Teams. The first game begins in just a bit with the Bengals go on the road to face the Texans. This is two teams going in different directions. Houston started this season at 11-1. However, they struggled down the stretch and lost Home Field throughout the playoffs as well as the Bye. So at 12-4, most people would say that the Texans are the clear favorite in this game. Well, if there is any chance of an upset, the Bengals have the BEST chance to upset. The Bengals have been stellar down the stretch as Andy Dalton and A.J. Green have carried the offense. But it is the Bengals Defense that carries this team. The Houston Texans are also blessed on the Defensive side of the Football. J.J. Watt had 21.5 Sacks and Gino Atkins had 12.5. Together these two players make the best Defensive Tackle Duo in the NFL. On Offense the Texans are lead by the rushing of Arian Foster and Matt Schaub. Schaub has been very inconsistent and probably thanks God every week that he has an awesome Wide Receiver in Andre Johnson. The Bengals on Defense are lead by their pass rush also but their Defensive Backs are very underrated. In this first game I am taking the Bengals to upset. Possibly 24-21. Ok onto the second game. The Minnesota Vikings travel to face the Green Bay Packers in a chilly Lam beau Field! So…we have the perennial MVP favorite and former Super Bowl MVP Aaron Rodgers for the Green Bay Packers facing the NFL rushing leader Adrian Peterson who came 7 yards from breaking The NFL rushing record of Eric Dickerson with 2,097 yards! Not only was he the Rushing King, but he may be this year’s NFL Comeback Player of the Year and also possibly the MVP favorite! Yes that’s right, a lot of people thought that Peterson would lose a step after his season ending knee surgery. It has been anything but that, Peterson has been miraculous. He looks like Earl Campbell in his prime running over and through every one in his way. He has single handedly put the Vikings on his back. Green Bay will get its best Defensive Back inserted into the lineup, as Charles Woodson will suit up for the first time since Week 7. Woodson is a game changer. We know all about the Packers Offensive Assault behind Aaron Rodgers and all those talented receivers and his Tight End. The Vikings also get a Defensive Back, Antoine Winfield back into the lineup which should help. When Winfield went down, Rodgers picked apart the Vikings secondary. Ok, the season series was tied. Peterson rushed for over 400 yards in two games against the Packers. However, this is Green Bay and this is the Playoffs. I am taking Green Bay to beat the Vikings despite a hard fought game and another 100 yard rushing game in this one. Packers win by at least a Touchdown.
Ok, now lets go to the games tomorrow. The Surprising Indianapolis Colts under interim Coach Bruce Aryans will face the Baltimore Ravens. Well, this could be the last hurrah for Ray Lewis as he returns from a regular season ending injury. Never count out the Ravens Defense and their Offense had stepped it up tremendously with Joe Flacco. Ten Colts on the other hand are lead by the Rookie Quarterback Andrew Luck and the reinspired Wide Receiving Corps. Indy has also had a strong Defense. As well as Luck has played…his luck runs out tomorrow as the Ravens win this one 21-17. And finally we have the 2 Most Surprising Playoff Teams. We have the Seattle Seahawks on the Road to face the Washington Redskins. Ok…well both of these teams could have the Rookie of the Year Candidates at Quarterback. RJ 3 has been better than anticipated while Russell Wilson has come out of nowhere to Lead the Seahawks. Washington has a great running game behind Alfred Morris as he was among the NFL rushing leaders all season. RJ3 has been more than incredible Throwing 20 Touchdowns and only Five Interceptions. He also rushed for over 800 yards. RJ3 may be better than all the past prototypical Quarterbacks such as Donovan McNabb, Michael Vick, Randall Cunningham and so forth as he is a stellar athlete, but he can also read Defenses. Russell Wilson has been Red Hot! He has thrown for over 3,000 yards on his first season whole throwing 26 Touchdowns and 10 Picks! Combine that with almost 500 more yards and 4 rushing TD’s and we may have the most prolific Rookie Quarterback ever. These two teams feature star QB’s, but they also have good Defenses, especially Seattle. The Seahawks also bolster a Tough Running Game with the Rock Marshawn Lynch. Although the Redskins are favored at home, I am taking the Seattle Seahawks to win a nail biter as they are also my Superbowl pick from the NFC. So to recap…my picks to move on are the Bengals, Packers, Ravens, and Seahawks. Stay tuned to a full review and an analysis on next weeks match ups. BTW, The Eagles better sign a Defensive Minded Coach! Signing off!