Ok…so my friend Mario, whom I know from work has a band called Red Carpet Masquerade. The band features Marcello Izzo on Vocals, Mario Izzo on Lead Guitar, Gorgy on Drums and Steve Clark on Guitars. They have released their first single and video off their new album that is due out May 31st! That’s right folks, May 31st. Only a few weeks away. The album is titled “Jealousy Kills.”

Their new single “Big Man” can be seen on You Tube as well as Facebook. I have it on my Facebook page as well. Let me start out by saying that I believe this band has a real shot at making it big! Now most people would say I am biased. However, check out the Video. This Video is put together extremely well and was filmed on a haunted property in South New Jersey.

“Big Man” has an awesome intro and vibe and creates a true enigma of sound. Marcello is very well versed on vocals and his voice fits the style of music perfectly. Mario and Steve are stellar on Guitars and the song features some catchy riffs! Check this video out ASAP! It’s hot guys, trust me. Red Carpet Masquerade. New album Jealousy Kills due out on May 31st. Check the single “Big Man” out on You Tube! Rock on my friends!