Ok…Week Number 4 of the NFL season was anything but obvious. I went 5-8 while Aaron went 7-6. Another fellow blogger joined us in the quest and also went 7-6. For those of you keeping score my record fell to 31-30, while THE SAV is now 28-33 against the spread. THE SAV made some headway this week and ROBAKERs is 7-6. Ok…enough about last week…I can’t believe Week #5 is already here. I can remember a time before there was no Thursday Night Football or even a Sunday Night Game. Keeping up with the NFL and Fantasy has become that much more difficult with these two games…especially Thursday. It seems like the Monday Night game just ended yesterday.

Before I get to my Thursday Night Picks…lets take a look at how my Fantasy Picks for Week 4 did. Ok…to begin we will look at the Quarterback.
Peyton Manning continued his mastery while my other two picks Matt Stafford and Philip Rivers also enjoyed success. Eli Manning was a bust as I had predicted. Running Back was not as successful for me. My must starts were Bilal Powell, LeSean McCoy and Jamal Charles. Charles was the only one of the bunch who had a huge fantasy game. My Receivers were also busts. I mean Calvin Johnson scored a Touchdown but was nowhere near his dominant self. Meanwhile, I did hit the nose on the head with my Running Back Duds as I said to sit Doug Martin and CJ Spiller.

Taking a quick look back at Week 4 may teach us something. New Orleans is definitely back, The Chiefs are most certainly for real, and the Giants are sinking faster than the Titanic. The Eagles looked pathetic once again as did the Bengals. The Colts stepped up and so did the Vikings. We now have five Unbeaten teams…Kansas City, New England, Denver, New Orleans, and Seattle. Wow…five teams. And then we have the lowly Jaguars. Maybe they will show some as semblance of an offense this week as Justin Blackmon comes off suspension. One thing is for sure…Denver could go-all-the-way!!!!

Now lets take a quick glance at Thursday Nights game between the Buffalo Bills and Cleveland Browns. This matchup pits two 2-2 teams going in different directions. First we have the Bills. Their much maligned rushing been nothing short of embarrassing. Tonight will also be the debut of Rookie Quarterback EJ Manuel. Manuel is not the big name variety but judging by what analysts say he does have NFL tools.
Now lets get to the Browns. Two weeks ago, the entire nation had thought that the Cleveland had thrown in the towel. They benched their starting quarterback in favor of Brian Hoyer. Hoyer was an understudy of Tom Brady, but he never had any big game experience. Then the Browns went and traded Franchise Running Back Trent Richardson to the Colts and signed Willis McGahee off of the scrap heap…WHAT??!!!!!!!&&$@&@@&! That’s what the Browns fans had to be doing. Could you imagine if the Eagles traded LeSean McCoy! As if that was not bad, there was talk around the league that the Browns were shopping stud wide receiver Josh Gordon, who was fresh off a suspension. Well folks, this Browns team did a 360. Hoyer has had 2 great starts, Gordon has over 200 yards receiving and a Touchdown, and star rising tight end Jordan Cameron has caught four touchdowns in three weeks. So, the Browns are moving forward as the Bills are going backwards. Cleveland is favored by 3.5 at home against the Unknown Bills. By unknown I mean no identity. Anyways, I am taking CLEVELAND to win the game 24-10. I think Cleveland has the right idea with a young quarterback who studied the BEST…Tom Brady. Stay tuned for the SAVs pick and later in the week I will have the rest of my Week 5 picks. Everybody enjoy Thursday Night Lights.



Thursday Night Football Pick, Fantasy, Phillies

Week #4 already…which means another Thursday Night Football Game featuring the Baltimore Ravens VS the Cleveland Browns. The Ravens beat New England by 1 point and they are firing on all cylinders on both sides of the ball. The Browns have not played horrible this season, but they will not stand a chance against a Baltimore Ravens team that now has a potent offense to go with it’s stellar defense. I’m taking the Ravens by 10 points in this game. As far as fantasy goes…Start Joe Flacco, Ray Rice, And Baltimore’s Defense. Sit Anquan Boldin, Brandon Weeden, and Trent Richardson. This game should be the lock of the week. In other news…The Philadelphia Phillies Have failed to make that run that I predicted. They do not deserve to get into the playoffs. Being swept by the Astros was the turning point….unacceptable. Rumor has it that next year the Phillies will bring up Freddy Galvis to play 2B and move Chase Utley to 3B. Utley has had a comeback year and this move should benefit his health as 3B puts less wear and tear on his hips. As far as injuries go I would just sit Roy Halladay the remainder of the season. And yes…injuries did play a part in the disappointing season, but in my opinion they were not an excuse to not make the playoffs. This team was talented enough to overcome these injuries. Poor coaching, playing down to talent, and inconsistent offense were the main reasons this team will fail to make the playoffs for the first time in 6 years. Oh well…there is always next year.