So in the past two weeks, two very good bands have released new albums. Last Week Bullet For My Valentine released Temper Temper which also includes a bonus three tracks including a cover of the AC/DC hit Whole Lotta Rosie. The First track of the album has the typical hard and heavy intro that we as metal fans have grown accustomed too from Bullet. The song, titled Breaking Point is pretty self explanatory with a theme that replicates being pushed to your limit. Lines like “Scratch the Surface” and Breaking Point are used to describe this phenomenon. The Truth Hurts is the second track and really has some unique sounding guitar and hard hitting base and drum solos.

Bullet For My Valentine continues to be a strong force in the metal community. Every song on the album brings maximum energy to the fore front including the self titled “Temper Temper”, the single “Riot”, Tears Don’t Fall Part II which is the sequel to Tears Don’t Fall on their second album The Poison. As mentioned, they also cover A Whole Lotta Rosie by AC/DC and also share a live version of Scream Aim Fire. I rank this album right there with Scream Aim Fire and The Poison as solid metal albums. Their last album Fever took a step backwards, but I believe that this album has the band back on track. They are set to your the US this summer. Stay Tuned.

Another Band, Buck Cherry released their new album “Confessions” this past Tuesday. Buck Cherry is now considered a “Veteran Band” as they have been around since the late nineties. They burst onto the scene with the single “Lit Up”, which is a song that documents the party scene and drug usage, mainly Cocaine. Of course, this song was considered controversial when it was released and is still frowned upon by some major Metal Publications. The band is also known for a few other big hits…one of them being Ride.

Buck Cherry is a metal band that has the same roots as Guns N Roses. This band is probably as close to the sound that GNR produced during the late eighties early nineties. Confessions is a collaboration of different styles and is probably the most diverse record released by Buck Cherry to date. The first song Gluttony is exactly like the title states…about people who want things in excess. The Guitar Solos are very tight and to the point.

Bullet For My Valentine and Buck Cherry are both bands that I would consider above average. I recommend both if these albums to any fan that enjoys good old hard rock n roll and hard core metal. Bullet is kind of in the mold of Avenged Sevenfold, but also has the same style of Linkin Park. Buck Cherry is more of a straight up kick your ass style of Hard Rock and they also have the occasional ballad. In retrospect…both of these albums are must haves for any true metal fan. Stay tuned for many other great albums that are due out this spring and summer. Anthrax, Stryper, Megadeth, Slayer, Volbeat, Deftones, and many more are due out in the near future. Too all of my Metal Fans…ROCK ON!