The Shepherd of Fire Tour went on sale today at 10AM Eastern Time.  This Tour will span the United States and Canada as Avenged Sevenfold will promote their latest release “Hail to the King.”  I have reviewed this album numerous times in past posts and every time I listen to this album it gets better and better.  The Tour will include 20 Shows at many big venues throughout Canada and the US.  Avenged Sevenfold will kickoff the tour in British Columbia, Canada at the EnCana Events Centre on April 12th.  They will then proceed to the CN Centre in Prince George, British Columbia.  The tour will also visit Saskacthewan, Winnepeg, Minneapolis Minnesota, Huntsville Alabama, Tampa Florida, Jacksonville Florida, Lafayette Louisiana, Hollywood Florida, Virginia Beach, Charlotte North Carolina, Knoxville Tennessee, Hershey Pennsylvania, Bangor Maine, Montreal Quebec, Syracuse New York, and will end in Columbus Ohio on May 17th.

     For those of you that have never saw Avenged Sevenfold, I strongly suggest you purchase tickets to one of these shows.  Sevenfold, otherwise known as AX7, has been a band on the rise for the past ten years and this latest album, Hail to the King is by far their best material to date.  Synester Gates is like the modern day “Slash.”  He plays the same kind of guitar style as the former Guns N Roses standout and matches his intensity.  Johnny Christ on the Bass guitar is equally ferocious.  M. Shadows has become quite a vocalist and has raised his game.  Zacky Vengeance compliments Synester Gates and together they are like Iron Maiden and Judas Priest combined.  By that, I mean they share the heaviness of Priest and the dual guitar melody of Maiden.  The band rounds out with new comer Arin llejay who takes over for “The Rev”, who was AX7’s world class drummer.  The Rev died in 2009, however his legacy lives on and his talent still influences the Band.  Hail to the King reached #1 on the Billboard 200 in both the United States and the U.K.  To date, AX7 has sold over 8 Million Albums world wide.  This tour should be special, as the band has stepped up its game.



    In other Metal news, Motley Crue Drummer Tommy Lee has gotten engaged to his girlfriend Sofia Toufa.  He announced the news to 430,000 of his Twitter followers.  This is the fourth time that the Rock Star will be married.  The 51 Year old Lee has been previously married to Elaine Starchuk, Heather Locklear, and Pamela Anderson.  Lee insists that this is finally his life partner.  This news comes amidst the Crue’s latest news that they will be doing a farewell tour and album.  I don’t know about you, but I put the over/under on the length of this marriage at Five Years.  Tommy Lee has always been outspoken and is probably second to Vince Neil in female attraction.  

     It was also announced that former Megadeth Guitarist will be releasing a new album called “Inferno.”  This should be interesting as Friedman had lost interest in Metal when he left Megadeth.  AC/DC will also be releasing a new studio album and going back out on the road.  I love Angus Young.  He is like the energizer bunny.  He just keeps going and going and going.  Brian Johnson has lost some of his vocal power, but he can still sing with the best of them.  There is a DIO tribute album being released in March that will include covers from Anthrax, Metallica, Pantera and others.  Sebastian Bach is ready for the release of his new album, which should be KICK ASS!!!!!

     Finally, we will play This or That:

1) Black Sabbath w DIO vs Black Sabbath w Ozzy.

2) Ride the Lightning or Master of Puppets.

3) Cowboys from Hell or Vulgar Display of Power.

4) Deep Purple or Thin Lizzy.

5) Bon Scott or Brian Johnson.

6) Cinderella or RATT.

7) Testament or Overkill.

8) Bad Company or Foreigner.

9) Dave Mustaine or Kirk Hammett.

10) Alice In Chains or Soundgarden.

OK….Now for my answers.  1) Black Sabbath w DIO, 2) Master of Puppets, 3) Cowboys from Hell, 4) Thin Lizzy, 5) Brian Johnson, 6) RATT, 7) Overkill, 8) Bad Company, 9) Dave Mustaine, 10) Alice In Chains.  So what were your picks??  Anyways, rock on mates.  Stay tuned for more Metal Mania.

******Album of the Day- Def Leppard (Slang)*******









     After being dispatched from Metallica in early 1984…DAVE MUSTAINE set out on a course of revenge that would fuel his entire career as an outstanding musician.  When Dave got the boot from Metallica, he decided to form his own band and vowed to be faster, harder, and louder than Metallica.  Dave went on to form Megadeth and for many years still remained in the REAR VIEW MIRROR of Metallica, who seemed hell bent on becoming the most notable Metal Band in the World.  In a series of events, both bands released albums in close proximity of each other as if to try and compete.  In 1984, Metallica released “RIDE TO LIGHTNING.”  Ride the Lightning was an instant classic metal album that quickly gained popularity 

Imagein the mainstream Metal Community.  Soon after, Megadeth released “Killing is My Business” in early 1985.  Killing is My Business was not as successful as Ride the Lightning…causing Dave Mustaine much anguish.


  Then in 1986, Metallica released “Master of Puppets” which gained popular acclaim in the entire Metal community.  Megadeth answered back with “Peace Sells but Who’s Buying.”

Image  Image

Image  Image

THEN IN JANUARY of 1998, Megadeth released “So Far…So Good…SO WHAT.”  This album continued the maturation of Megadeth as a Metal force, however the sound quality was less than spectacular.  Then..after the tragic death of famed Metallica Bassist Cliff Burton, Metallica finally released “And Justice For All”, on August 25th of 1988.  AND JUSTICE FOR ALL was a new style for Metallica with most of the songs having long bridges, solos and riffs.  It also marked the debut of Jason Newsted as Metallica’s new bassist.  The single “ONE” hit Number One on the charts and was a huge success on MTV and all over the radio industry.  At that point…Dave Mustaine could have crumbled and went into a hole.  The entire music industry was aware of Dave’s incessant addiction to alcohol and drugs.  However, Megadeth sought a new producer and in 1990, they released their most successful album to date, and maybe their best all around Metal album ever…”RUST IN PEACE!”  Rust in Peace did not get the airplay that Metallica had with their music…however hits like “Holy Wars” and “Hangar 18” put Megadeth much closer to Metallica, on the map as far as critical acclaim and popularity.

ImageBut in a cruel twist of fate…Metallica countered with their Greatest Achievement yet…a Heavy Metal Masterpiece…their Self Titled “Black” album.  Metallica’s Black album took the Heavy Metal Genre to a new level as it crossed entirely over the mainstream lines.  The album immediately went platinum and produced multiple hits…None greater than the famous “Enter Sandman.”  

Image Image

But even the “Black” album would not stop Dave’s perpetual need to have revenge on his old band mates.  Megadeth then came out in star power fashion and released “COUNTDOWN TO EXTINCTION.”  The album may not have the same notoriety as Metallica’s Black album, but this album solidified Megadeth as one of the premier Metal Bands of the day.  In fact…Megadeth, Metallica, Anthrax, and Slayer are known today as “THE BIG FOUR”.  They are the Kings of Thrash Metal.  Metallica actually took a hiatus before releasing “Load” and “Reload” which were both tuned down albums compared to the Metallica of old.  Megadeth went on to release “Youthanasia, Cryptic Writings, Risk, and The World Needs a Hero,” before Dave almost had to retire due to an arm injury.  However, in 2004, Dave was back and Megadeth released “The System has Failed, United Abominations, and Endgame.”  There were a few lineup changes, which included the exit of Bassist Dave Ellefson.  Metallica did not put out and album during these years, and finally they released “Death Magnetic.”, which was much more like the Metallica of old.





Ok…so let’s fast forward a little bit.  Dave Mustaine and his old band mates have made am-mends, even to the tune of touring together.  Metallica has since done many great things, including the ORION FESTIVAL…a Two Day Festival that features many great Heavy Metal bands of all styles.  The First of these festivals was last summer in Atlantic City.  The second one was this year.  They have also been working on their latest project…a 3D Movie…”Through the Never” named after one of their songs on the Black album.  I have yet to see the movie…(Hopefully Tonight)…but I have heard the Soundtrack and it is BADASS!!!!!Image ImageImageImageImageImageImage The Soundtrack is a collection of Live Songs from Metallica that will make you get chills.  Disc1 Features: The Ectasy of Gold, Creeping Death, For Whom the Bell Tolls, Fuel, Ride the Lightning, One, The Memory Remains, and Wherever I May Roam.”  Disc2 Features: Cyanide, …And Justice For All, Master of Puppets, Battery, Nothing Else Matters, Hit the Lights, and Orion.  This soundtrack spans Metallica’s entire catalog and is Kick Ass from beginning to finish.  I give it a 9/10 and seriously this may be their best sounding Live Material Ever!!  Well, Megadeth has been busy as well.  Since EndGame, they have released two more albums “Thirteen” and “Super Collider.”  They also released a 20th Anniversary Live Copy of “Rust in Peace” and re-released “Countdown to Extinction”…a 2Disc remaster of their epic Album.  Last year they actually did the “Countdown Extinction” tour in which they played the entire album live!  I was at one of those shows in New York, and let me say it was extremely amazing.  Countdown was the first album I ever owned so this had sentimental value to me.  Well…now Megadeth has released a live version of “Countdown to Extinction”, that was performed in Dave’s hometown…Arizona.  I also give this album a 9/10 Review as it really is a great version of the album.  It is amazing how a band can perform live and almost sound exactly like the original album.  So Metallica and Megadeth are both doing Great things these days and it is good to see that this story is having a Happy Ending.  Metallica is back and Megadeth, who never left, is on top of their game!  




Megadeth and Iron Maiden are Co-Headlining a select tour to a few cities across the United States. Whoever is lucky enough to be in a city where this show is playing is in for a treat. Iron Maiden is still kicking ASS to this day. They probably bring more energy to a show than any other band. And then we have Megadeth, who continues to improve every year. Megadeth has become a Top Notch Metal band!

Dave Mustaine and Bruce Dickinson both bring excitement to the front man position. These two bands together is an excellent opportunity for any die hard Metal fans. This tour is going on through September and follows Megadeth’s Gigantour that was the biggest show this summer. Anyone that had a chance to go…I urge you to pay the money to see two of the best metal bands today play together. I wish I had the chance! ROCK ON FOLKS!



I’m such a Metal Head. I feel like the only thing that gets my passion going is new music. It’s so amazing these past few years how many bands that are putting out top notch music. Bands that have not produced material in years are making new albums in record numbers. In past blogs I have wrote about the ultimate concert and what bands I would want to be present at these shows. Well anyways…I will be reviewing the new releases of 2013 and rating them on my own scale.

I have to start with “13” that was just released by Black Sabbath on Tuesday. First lets start with the album cover. WOW! OMG! Two statements that come to mind when you first lay eyes on this cover. What a masterpiece. It has what appears to be a dark field in the background, stilts that look like witch stakes, and the Number 13 in Flames with a 3D effect and hologram that appears to be burning. Extremely effective for a band that has not put out a new studio album as the original band since the Reunion Album, which only featured two new songs. 13 is tremendous and actually exceeds all expectations. This is an album that includes all new material. From the moment I popped the CD in I was mesmerized by the sound of what I heard. It felt like I was back in 1970 listening to Classic Black Sabbath from their first three albums. This album is a BADASS work of art. I’m giving it ***** stars and a 9/10 rating. This should be up for an GRAMMY award when the time comes.

The first track “End Of The Beginning” sounds like a new version of “Black Sabbath” the title track of the band’s debut album. “Zeitgeist” sounds like a similar version of Planet Caravan with a very trippy sound and classic Sabbath chords and use of the harmonica. “Live Forever” is similar to “Iron Man” with its dark eerie power chords and the mood the song creates. “God is Dead”, already a radio hit, sounds like a combination of Iron Man/Children of the Grave. This song is classic Sabbath at its best. Of course, this like any album that Sabbath has produced with any of their different lineups will be controversial with their lyrics and song titles. Oh well, just another false stereotypical judgement by people who are misinformed.

Ok, let’s move onto another brand new release, “Super Collider” from Megadeth. This album has been highly anticipated since their last release if Thirteen. Just a coincidence…the same title as the new Sabbath album. After Thirteen, Dave Mustaine decided he wanted to go a little different direction with this new album. Of course, once again there has been extreme backlash by many loyal Megadeth fans, citing the lack of the classic Heavy sound. However, I couldn’t disagree more. In my opinion, the past few Megadeth albums have grown stale and all had the Endgame sound which was very dull and lacked variety. I can’t say that I did not see this coming. I may be one of the rare few that was a huge fan of RISK. When RISK was released, Megadeth was accused of selling out. Although Risk lacked the thrash element, it was an extremely well put together album and had a ton of variety.

Super Collider is no different. The first track Kingmaker is a traditional Megadeth sound that starts out slow and then builds, showing many other aspects of Metal such as bridges and dual solos. Super Collider, the title track is more of a hard rock tune but Dave really pushes his bands opinions and views and is able to make this song come together. “Off the Edge” reminds me of a song from the World Needs a Hero album…”Burning Bridges”. “Dance in the Rain” is another poetic masterpiece and the addition of guest singer David Draiman makes this song kick ass. I love how they conclude with a cover of Thin Lizzy, perhaps one of the most underrated bands in history. “Cold Sweat” is done masterfully with Megadeaths own stamp of approval. I also give this album **** and an 8/10 Rating.

Alice in Chains has released a new album recently as well. “The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here” was released last month. Now I am a huge AIC fan, especially early AIC and have always been fascinated by Layne Staley’s voice and the perfect compliment of Jerry Cantrell to the melodies. When the band made their comeback with “Black Leads to Blue” I was extremely floored at how well new lead vocalist William was able to sound so close to Layne. This album was an extreme hit. I must admit…I am a little disappointed with the latest release. I mean there are a few hits…Hollow being one. But I think the album sounds dull. There is not as much variety as I would have expected and I would have liked to have heard more of Williams voice. I say **** and 6/10. Not bad but not good…just average.

Killswitch Engage is back with a vengeance with their new title “Disarm with Descent”. Killswitch has always been able to mix screaming and melody together with the perfect twist. I have always been a Killswitch fan and this album is no different. I say **** and 8/10. Solid Metal album with a lot if different variety and sound. Also, SevenDust gets the same rating for “Black out the Sun”

Ok, for those of you that have not heard “Anthems” from Anthrax, you must rush to the store and pick up a copy. Anthrax is almost as Thrash as you can get and yet they cover Rush, Thin Lizzy, AC/DC, Journey, Boston, and Cheap Trick on this album, definitely not your classic metal bands. Actually, none of them have ever really been considered Metal, maybe AC/DC being the closest. Anyways, Anthems gets a 10/10 rating and is off the hook. The reason I rate it so high is that Anthrax could not went further out of their element and they “KILLED IT” on this album. All I can say is “WOw”!

Skid Row also released a new album…United World Rebellion Chapter One, which is the beginning of a few chapters. I have always been a huge Skid Row fan, obviously more so when Sebastian Bach was there, but they are still thriving in the metal scene. I give this one a 7/10…very heavy and too the point. Finally, we had 2 DVDs released, Epitaph from Judas Priest and Maiden England. Both of these compilations get an 8/10 Rating. A must buy for any metal guru. Ok, this concludes my review session, I will be exploring the new Black Sabbath release in more detail at a later date. Stay Tuned…





Megadeth released their fourteenth studio album today. Anyone that is a fan of Megadeth knows that ten years ago…the chance of this day coming was slim to None. Megadeth had released RISK and Mustaine went in rehab for the umpteenth time. Then he had a nerve in his playing arm basically explode. There was a five year hiatus which saw David Elleffson forge a lawsuit against his old band mate for the rights to Megadeth’s material.

Ok…fast forward to Mustaine’s miraculous comeback. Megadeth released The System Has Failed, which originally was supposed to be a solo project, but instead Mustaine chose to use the Megadeth label. This album was extremely heavy and is extremely underrated to this day. After touring for a year and a half, Megadeth released United Abominations, which was a little less heavy but still a Megadeth masterpiece.

Then came EndGame. EndGame was heavy but it seemed to get stale with all of the songs sounding the same. Still Megadeth marched on. Then it happened. David Elleffson came back into the fold and Mustaine signed Chris Broderick to play Guitar. Broderick is on the same level as Marty Friedman and matches Mustaines intensity on the notable solos. This brought the next release…Megadeth’s thirteenth studio album…coincidentally called Thirteen. Thirteen was a hit and really put Megadeth back on the map.

Since 13…Megadeth’s popularity has risen immensely. Dave Mustaine is once again a leader in the Metal Community just like he was when he was the spokesman for MTV as the “Rock The Vote” mascot lol. Everyone that knows Megadeth’s story and the backstory of Dave Mustaine and his long lived hatred for his ex band “Metallica.” Well…today Megadeth is once again a leader in the Metal Scene. Although they will never be bigger than Metallica, Megadeth has never sold out as they continue to put out powerful material.

Super Collider is a strange name for an album…especially for Megadeth. However, from the first track KingMaker the album takes off and really grows on you. This album has more of a variety and does not maintain the same dull sound as most of their previous albums have. This album is top notch. You can tell that a lot of blood, sweat, and tears was put into this album. Even Dave’s voice seems to have come to life once again.

Mustaine has lost a lot in his vocals over the years but he seems recharged in Super Collider. “Burn” is a fast paced in your face metal ensemble. The title track “Super Collider” sounds like a futuristic version of a Megadeth sound. “The Blackest Crow” starts off like a country song and then rips into classic Megadeth. “Dance in the Rain” features David Draiman (Disturbed) on back up vocals. This album has a little of everything.

Now I am one of the most Die Hard Megadeth fans you will find. Ask any of my friends who my favorite band is…and immediately they will tell you MEGADETH! Now I have heard a lot of flack and complaints about this album how it really isn’t a Megadeth album? Really? I would say the people saying this are not true Megadeth fans and really are misinformed. This album may be their best since the Countdown-Youthanasia-World Needs a Hero era. Seriously…The more you listen to it the more it grows on you.

I highly recommend this album for any Metal Fan. Even Track “11” Cold Sweat…a Thin Lizzy cover rocks the house. Don’t Turn Your Back also is a classic sounding Megadeth sound with the heavy double bass drums and the guitar onslaught between Broderick and Mustaine. Wow! I have now listened to the entire album twice straight through! I give it an 8/10. Pretty high score…and as I said…I’m a true Megadeth Junkie.

Also…I highly recommend the new Alice In Chains album and am so looking forward to “13” by Black Sabbath! Also, pick up the new book by Zach Wylde as well as Rex Browns book the story behind Pantera. Finally…if u are a Judas Priest fan a must have is Epitaph, a live DVD of one of their final shows from the past tour as they are supposedly retiring.




Metal Heavyweight Megadeth has announced the release of their new album “Super Collider” sometime in June 2013. They are currently putting the finishing touches to what Mustaine refers to as a “work of art”. Dave has said that the best is yet to come. Megadeth states that ” Super Collider” is on the level of Countdown to Extinction…and has the potential to bring as many if not more hits.

“Super Collider” will be the first Megadeth album released on Dave’s own label and they have teamed up with Universal while in accordance with Capitol/EMI. Their latest album Thirteen was nominated for two Grammy’s and was a huge success. The band says that the new album has some of the best material ever created. That is saying a lot…considering the Band has sold over 38 Million Records worldwide, a total of 11 Grammy Nominations, five consecutive platinum albums and a total of 13 Studio Albums.

Megadeth has been called one of the most successful Metal Bands as well as one of the most influential rock bands of the past 30 Years by Universal President and CEO Bruce Resnikoff. They also announced a United Kingdom Tour to kickoff the release of their new album in June. They will also be headlining two shows in Italy and France. This is an awesome day for Megadeth Fans! Cannot wait for the album!!!!



Ok, so here it is the long awaited Top 25 Metallica Songs List. As previously mentioned, a buddy of mine (another blogger) came up with the idea of doing a multi layered blog to get different perspectives. Feel free to write comments and pick your favorites or even point out songs that were missed. I would have to say that a Top 25 Metallica List is not the easiest of tasks and every fan has their personal preferences and album favorites. My list will not be in any specific order as that would be too difficult to assimilate.

Without further a due, here is my Metallica Top 25:

1) One- I could not imagine a Top 25 List without including the song “One.” One was an instant hit off of the And Justice For All album and truly put Metallica on the map as far as mainstream air play. This was also one of their first singles to have a video. You have to love the mellow tone of the song that delves into a heavier chorus and then explodes with a powerful dramatic solo.

2) Whiplash- I am a huge Kill Em All fan as this album to me has always been underrated. Of course, I am partial to this time period as my favorite front man Dave Mustaine was still a part of the band and this album has a ton of his influence. Cliff Burton was a legend on the Bass and this song really gets your adrenaline pumping.

3) Creeping Death- Maybe “Creeping Death” is on my list just because of the meaning of the lyrics…nah just kidding. Yes I love a song about Ancient Egypt and the story of the Ten Plagues and specifically the plague of the Death of the First born child (Exodus 12:29). An interesting fact is that this song actually was derived from Kirk Hammett’s former band Exodus under the title “Die by My Hand.” “Creeping Death” is one of Metallica’s best pure Speed Metal tunes of all time.

4) For Whom The Bell Tolls- Sticking with the Ride the Lightning album, this song is based on the novel by Ernest Hemingway of the same title, and is about the horror and shame of modern warfare. “For Whom The Bell Tolls” is known for the powerful opening which sounds like an electric guitar, but is actually Cliff Burton on the Bass playing with a distortion pedal.

5) Master of Puppets- “Master of Puppets” happens to be the first song that I ever heard from Metallica. It appears as the second track and title track of the Album Master of Puppets. This album actually has my favorite artwork for a Metallica Album. Master of Puppets is basically written about drugs and how they grab control of the person that is using.

6) Welcome Home Sanitarium- Another one of my favorites. This song, like many other Metallica songs starts out very slow and builds and builds and builds to a heavy crescendo. This song is about a mental insane asylum and a possible uprising of the inmates.

7) Blackened- “Blackened” is the first track off of the And Justice For All album, which happens to be my personal favorite Metallica album. Blackened is an awesome Thrash song that is written about the end of the world and human civilization. Blackened uses the slow fast slow fast technique as well and is one of Metallica’s signature Songs.

8) That Was Just Your Life- This song comes as the lead track to the Death Magnetic album, which put Metallica back on the map after many fans say they sold out and they were on a hiatus from studio albums. “That Was Just Your Life” is self explanatory and goes back to the heavy roots of Metallica. I always say this album would have been produced between And Justice For All and the Black album.

9) All Nightmare Long- Another awesome song from the Death Magnetic album. Although this is far from the original Metallica, it shares the same up tempo and beats as the early Ride the Lightning and Master of Puppets albums. This song happens to me my personal favorite from this album.

10) The Shortest Straw- The Shortest Straw has been pulled for you! Awesome lyrics, fantastic instrumentals, and Hetfield at his absolute best! I was so happy over the summer when I heard this song played live for the first time when I was at the Orion Festival. This song truly kicks major ass! This may be my favorite of all time. That’s how much I value this song.

11) Enter Sandman- “Enter Sandman” is the first single that was released off of the Black Album. The song actually deals with the concept of childhood nightmares. This is one of Metallica’s most notable songs and it definitely belongs in the Top 25.

12) Nothing Else Matters- “Nothing Else Matters” is probably Metallica’s top ballad ever written. Although the song uses basic chords and scales…it really gives you adrenaline as a listener as the song builds to the powerful solo by Hammett. Awesome song, awesome lyrics, awesome period.

13) Breadfan- This song is off of the Garage Days Cover album and was originally performed by the band Budgie in 1973. The song actually carries a simple theme….the love of money “bread”. This song is extremely heavy and uses the speed and thrash model of Metallica’s folklore.

14) Stone Cold Crazy- Another awesome cover song off of the Garage Days album…actually a cover of the band Queen. It’s amazing how Metallica can take a song from a band like Queen and make it one of Metals fiercest songs ever covered.

15) Wasting My Hate- This is actually the only song that I have included from the Load-ReLoad era. This song actually does not sound like it belongs on this album, this song could have been featured on any of their other material. Wasting My Hate is pure speed at its best.

16) Battery- The first song off of the multi platinum Master of Puppets. Battery is signature Metallica with fast full throttle onslaught guitar, heavy drum beats and non stop Bass in your face. Battery starts out slow and almost acoustical.

17) Fade To Black- Metallica’s first attempt at a power ballad. This song could be in the Top 10 and easily cracks the Top 25. Fade to Black is about someone contemplating and ultimately committing suicide. Fade to Black is filled with many powerful bridges and numerous solos.

18) Hit the Lights- Hit the Lights is the first track of the first album Kill Em All. Hit the Lights is a classic speed metal tune and features Hetfield with some of his most powerful vocals. I always think of a mosh pit when I hear this song.

19) And Justice For All- The title track of their Fourth album. Take a close look and you see that the lyrics are the last 4 words of the Pledge of Allegiance. This song speaks about the lack of justice and its demise in the world as we know it. Another awesome power song that captures the audience with a slow start and kick ass finish.

20) My Friend Of Misery- This is an underrated song and my personal favorite off of the Black album. This song is so awesome live.

21) Unforgiven- The first ballad off of the Black album. Unforgiven is almost like Nothing Else Matters as it is mostly slow with a build up to Hammett’s powerful solo.

22) Of Wolf and Man- Another great song off of the Black album. Although many people say that Metallica began to sell out during this album, I feel that it was their best all around album and every song has talent and meaning.

23) Phantom Lord- Another classic off the Debut album. Does not get the notoriety but definitely cracks my Top 25.

24) Am I Evil- Always a fan favorite…this song was originally played by Diamond Head and Metallica perfected the tune.

25) The Frayed Ends of Sanity- It was between this song and Dyers Eve but I had to go with Frayed Ends due to the amount of power. Also, you have to love the beginning when it uses the Wizard of Oz oh-eh-oh…ya-oh-oh. Lmao. That in itself puts this one in my top 25.

Honorable Mention- Leper Messiah, Dyers Eve, Call of Kutulu, The Struggle Within, Wherever I May Roam.

Ok, well I hope you liked my list. Please go to Rob Akers site as well and check out his list. Feel free to tell me some I missed and add your own favorites. ROCK ON GOOD BUDDIES!




Sunday is National Metal Day.  Music has been the soundtrack of my life.  I am truly a fan of most styles of music…Rock, Classic Rock, Country, Rap, Hip-Hop, R&B, and of course 80’s Pop.  However, the bane of my existence has been Heavy Metal Music.  I am the epitome of your hardcore Metal fan….I have dabbled in all styles of Metal from the forefather’s Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin, to the British Heavy Metal movement with Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, The Scorpions, Def Leppard…to the Thrash Movement with Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax and Slayer…the Glam Metal Wave with Motley Crue, Poison, Warrant, Quiet Riot, Ratt, Cinderella, Great White, Whitesnake…to the Grunge Era with Alice in Chains, Stone Temple Pilots, SoundGarden, Limp Bizkit, Rage Against the Machine…to the industrial/goth scene with Marilyn Manson, Nine Inch Nails, White Zombie/Rob Zombie…to the Speed Metal Pantera, Lamb of God, Killswitch Engage…to the newer wave of Heavy Metal with bands like Avenged Sevenfold, Bullet for My Valentine, Atreyu, and Slipknot.  I generally will listen to any type of metal and enjoy it besides Death Metal, which I really don’t share in my archives.  As National Metal Day fast approaches, I’m taking this time to reflect on my timeline of metal and of course everyone has their own personal favorite band.  My all-time favorite Metal Band happens to be Megadeth.  If anyone were to interview any of my close friends, family members, or aquaintances, all of these people would say that my favorite band is Megadeth.  The Big 4 (Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax, and Slayer) all happen to be at the top of my list.  However, Megadeth has always stood out among all of these bands as the one that has had the most influence on me as a Metal fan.  One of the very first CD’s I purchased was “Countdown to Extinction” by Megadeth in 1992.  It just happens to be the twentieth anniversary of the release of this album, Megadeth’s 4th Installment in their discography.  The album was actually released in July of 1992.  Dave Mustaine, the founder of Megadeth just released the 20th Anniversary copy of “Countdown to Extinction.”  The special CD includes a remastered copy of the Triple Platinum megahit as well as a 2nd CD, which is a live recording of one of the first shows in San Francisco during the Countdown Tour.  Last week marked the beginning of Megadeth’s 20th Anniversary “Countdown to Extinction” Tour, which will feature the band’s most famous and successful album played in it’s entirety.  I actually have secured two tickets to the sold out show next wednesday, which was supposed to be played in the Starland Ballroom in Sayerville, New Jersey.  This famous venue is close to the birthplace of Metallica who most fans are familiar with the fact that Dave Mustaine began his career in Metallica.  The concert has been forced to change venues due to damage and flooding caused by the recent natural dissaster “Hurricane Sandy.”  The venue has been changed to the Best Buy Arena in Manhattan, New York.  I must admit, having the chance to see Megadeth in New York for me would be like seeing Motley Crue play in Los Angeles.  This opportunity to see a band play it’s best album in it’s entirety only comes around once in a lifetime.  A few years back, I saw Motley Crue perform the entire Dr. FeelGood Title in Camden, and just this past summer Metallica’s Black Album in Atlantic City, New Jersey.  The Black Album just happened to be released the same year, shortly after Countdown to Extinction.  

I am so excited to see Megadeth play this concert and it has special meaning to me as it not only was my first CD ever purchased, but also my favorite all-time Megadeth Album.  I have listened to the album so often I know the tracks in order by heart as well as most of the lyrics.  The album consists of the following tracks in order: Skin o My Teeth, Symphony of Destruction, Architecture of Aggression, Foreclosure of a Dream, Sweating Bullets, This Was My Life, Countdown to Extinction, High Speed Dirt, Psychotron, Captive Honor, and Ashes in Your Mouth.  My personal favorite song happens to be one that received hardly any airplay, unlike most of the other big hits Symphony of Destruction, Sweating Bullets, Foreclosure of a Dream, and Countdown to Extinction…this is……”Ashes in Your Mouth.”  Megadeth has went through many lineup changes over the years.  The band first started out with Dave Mustaine on vocals and Guitar, David Elleffson on Bass Guitar, Gars Samuelson on Drums, and Chris Poland on Lead Guitar.  This lineup produced Megadeth’s debut album, “Killing is my Business and Business is Good.”  They also made “Peace Sells…But Who’s Buying” which was a much more successful album both commercially and sound produced.  After Gars and Chris were fired for heroin addictions…enter Jeff Young and Chuck Buehler.  This lineup was short lived as they released “So Far So Good So What.”  Young and Buehler were replaced by Marty Friedman on Guitars and Nick Menza on Drums respectively…and now Megadeth had not only it’s most famous lineup, but also it’s most successful.  This lineup released Megadeth’s 4th album, multi-platinum hit “Rust in Peace.”  Rust in Peace was a “master peace.”  It was hard to see this album being topped, but Megadeth did just that when it released “Countdown to Extinction” which quickly rose to second on the Billboard Charts, the highest Megadeth ever was and ever has since then.  In a cruel twisted fate, Mustaine’s former band Metallica released their Black album which took Number1 on the Billboard Charts that same year.  However, although this was a blow to Mustaine’s confidence, Countdown was truly a work of art.  In my opinion Countdown to Extinction blows away the Black Album and Megadeth blows away Metallica.  Dave Mustaine was recently voted as the 8th Best Guitarist of all-time by members of his peers.  Not only is Mustaine a genius on Guitar, but he also excels with writing lyrics.  Most of Megadeth’s early material centered around political themes as well as dark themes such as addiction which has always followed Mustaine until he finally kicked his addictions recently.  Countdown to Extinction has stayed the test of time and is still Megadeth’s best piece of work.  Everyone who has a favorite band also has their favorite albums by that band.  Well…h=Megadeth has produced Thirteen Studio albums, their last this past year actually called “13.” Here are my Top 10 Megadeth Albums:

1) Countdown to Extinction- The Second album with their most successful lineup….Dave Mustaine, David Elleffson, Marty Friedman, and Nick Menza.  This album is a classic and will always be my favorite of all-time…so looking forward to going to see this played next week.

2) Rust in Peace- The Debut album with this classic lineup…it was the First Megadeth album to really make it big in the mainstream community but also stayed close to it’s underground roots.  Tunes like Hangar 18 and Holy Wars…The Punishment Due are major hits.

3) Cryptic Writings- This album was one of the last with the classic lineup and spawned one of Megadeth’s most successful singles ever to date, “Trust.”  This album continued the heavy roots of Megadeth, but added some industrial sound to stay with the times.

4) Youthanasia- This album was released soon after Countdown and was almost as good.  It still featured the classic lineup and had many songs that were not only heavy, but received some serious airplay.  A Tout Le Monde still remains one of my Favorite Megadeth tunes.

5) The World Needs a Hero- This album marked the end of the Marty Friedman/Nick Menza era as Jimmy Degrasso and Al Pitrelli took over on drums and guitar.  The World Needs a Hero is a highly underrated album in my opinion and will always be one of my favorites.

6) Peace Sells But Who’s Buying- This was Megadeth’s sophomore album and was a huge hit and still houses many of Megadeth’s best tracks such as the title track, The Conjuring, Wake Up Dead, and Devil’s Island.

7) The System has Failed- This album was supposed to be a solo album after Dave Mustaine disbanded Megadeth for a short time due to his chronic hand disease that he struggled with, which doctors said he may never play again.  At this time, Megadeth still had to commit to one more album under the current contract so they released the album under that brand.  This album marked the return of original Lead Guitarist, Chris Poland and actually went back to the Heavy roots that Megadeth had since deserted.

8) United Abominations- This album was released after System and once again is highly underrated in my opinion.  This album goes back to the political theme of early Megadeth.  An awesome rendition of A Tout Le Monde is found on this album which features Christina Scabbia from Lacuna Coil, an awesome Italian Heavy Metal Band.

9) Thirteen-  Thirteen is the latest Megadeth album, and really brings Megadeth to another level.  The single Public Enemy Number One may crack the Top Ten Megadeth singles of all-time.

10) So Far So Good So What- The lone album with Jeff Young and Chuck Buehler.  This album was not produced as well as most of their other material and was a low-budget album, however, it still is one of the best and has one of my Top 3 Megadeth Tunes….Hook in Mouth…which is a huge theme about the fight against the PMRC (Parental Music Record Commission) who started the Parental Warnings and tried to say that Metal was a tool of the Devil.


And now my Top 10 Megadeth Songs:

Hangar 18, Ashes in Your Mouth, Hook in Mouth, Symphony of Destruction, Angry Again, Holy Wars…Capital Punishment Due, Public Enemy Number 1, Kill the King, Dread and the Fugitive Mind, and Scorpion.  These are my Favs….not necessarily the favorites of mainstream Megadeth fans, but each one of us always has a favorite.  Anyways, as we fly towards Sunday and National Metal Day, I reflect on my favorite bands.  I do not consider Megadeth the best Metal band of all-time, that would be crazy, but they are my favorite.  I can relate to Dave Mustaine in a lot of ways…being displaced at a younger age, struggling with addiction, and a genius talent for writing powerful lyrics.  Dave Mustaine is one of the best Front men in Metal and will always be one of the leaders of his trade.  Megadeth may not be the most popular of the Big 4…that would be Metallica, nonetheless, Megadeth has been the most successful as far as what they have accomplished and their ability to stay at the top of the Heavy Metal Scene, even now with their most recent album “13”.  Once again, if you are a fan of metal, try to make it to one of their shows on this next tour which truly will be monumental.  I Cannot Wait!!!ImageImageImage




Yesterday a huge announcement was made by Megadeth…one of the biggest bands in Metal today. They are just wrapping up their “13” Tour in South America. For those of you Metal Fans that are hardcore…I’m sure you are aware of Megadeth’s popularity in South America. If you want first hand knowledge…just purchase the DVD “That One Night”. Anyways, yesterday it was announced that Dave Mustaine is personally overseeing a new 20th Anniversary Edition of their most famous album “Countdown to Extinction.” It will be a special edition Box Set. Also, in support of the new Album, which will be released on November 6th, they will do a “Countdown to Extinction” Tour across America. The tour will see Megadeth play the album in it’s entirety. There will be 18 Shows starting in Providence, RI on November 9th and ending on December 7th in Ponoma, CA. During this tour…they will be playing mixture of venues from stadiums to clubs. One venue that they will be visiting is the Starland, Ballroom in Sayerville, NJ. This is an awesome place to see a band…let alone a legend like Megadeth. This has been much anticipated by fans of the band so this should be a sick tour. They will also visit the House of Blues in Atlantic City, NJ and Stroudsburg, PA. I am so psyched…I purchased 2 tickets today as a fan club member and tickets go on sale tomorrow to the public starting at 10AM. Don’t muss this awesome opportunity Metal Heads :-). What’s next…Slayer doing Reign in Blood or Anthrax doing Among the Living. These full album concerts are becoming the new big thing in Metal so once again get on board!