NFL WEEK 7 RESULTS/Fantasy Fallout

Ok….Well Week #7 was a doozy…many close games. While my picks were an even 6-6…Aaron had a huge week ATS going 11-1 with his picks!!!!! I sense a familiar theme here. Aaron is 5-2 in Fantasy… I am 2-5. So here are the up to date standings this far:
Aaron: 60-42
Jason: 56-46.
I must admit…I was having a bad week last week and was starting to feel very negative about my performance on both sides of the spectrum…Fantasy and Reality. But then a light bulb went on…a revelation…the season is not even half way over and there is still a lot of Football to play!!!! So far…The Giants are the toast of the NFC and the Texans are the Beast of the AFC. The Vikings, Tampa Bay, and Atlanta have been major surprises in the NFC, while the Raiders, Colts, and Broncos have been a surprise in the AFC. Stay tuned to next week where I will provide a special 2012 NFL Season in Review post that will focus on the highs, lows, best teams, worst teams, players that have shined, players that have declined, overachievers, underachievers, injuries, Statistical Leaders and Fantasy Overview. Speaking of Fantasy…Week 7 Provided some high and low points as always. Let’s start with my team. Both of my Quarterbacks were on byes so I picked up the surprising Josh Freeman who was going against Drew Brees so I had hoped to just keep it close at the QB position. Well…Freeman performed well above expectations and finished with 41 points, only 1 point less than Drew Brees. Where I got killed…Maurice Jones Drew got hurt and gave me a big ZERO…Vernon Davis (Top 3 TE in points) gave me a big ZERO…Baltimore’s Defense who I should have dropped after all their injuries gave me a whole ZERO…and my Kicker (Jason Hanson) the number 1 kicker in Fantasy Points gave me a superb 1 point! WTF….not a good week. With all all the 0fers…I only ended up losing by 30 points. That’s how Fantasy Football goes…you win some and you lose some and some weeks there is just nothing u can do but put your tail between your legs and take it like a man. Anyways…at 2-5 it’s not looking good for my team so I am at the point where drastic measures are needed to be taken to try and salvage my team. Maybe a big trade…a free agent who blossoms at the end of the season…a waiver wire steal…all of these options will be looked at. Michael Vick and Calvin Johnson are officially on the trading block as of today. Also Jason Witten. I will be open to any offers…no one is untouchable. So there you have it. I am ready to take some chances and be proactive. Nonetheless…I said to sit Owen Daniels and he got 30 points. So sometimes even playing the matchup does not end up working out the way it was expected. So until Thursday…that is my NFL WEEK 7 in review. At least Fantasy can keep us occupied in World that is full of negativity and violence. Special condolences go out to Autumn Pasquale’s family and friends…the 12 year old girl whose life was viciously ended by two minors over a bike. This world is getting worse by the day so this should put things into perspective. Sports is only sports…it does not transpire real life and the tragedies that occur everyday in this world. For that reason…any of us who are able to even interact in the sports world must realize that we are blessed and be thankful that we are given these chances to enjoy things in life. Unfortunately…too many people have this opportunity taken away by some inauspicious tragedy. HUG YOUR NEIGHBOR FOLKS.