Week #3 saw both DA BIRD and SAV go 8-8 with our picks.  So at this point, I am still leading the season with a 26-22 Record, while Savage is now 21-27.  This year has been anything but easy to pick so far…as the league seems more even this year.  The Haves and Have Nots are a small portion of the entire league.  In the NFC…The Seattle Seahawks, Chicago Bears, and New Orleans Saints are all 3-0 so far.  In comparison, The New York Giants, Washington Redskins, Minnesota Vikings and Tampa Bay Buccaneers are all 0-3.  Yes, that’s not a mistake folks…the Giants and Redskins are both 0-3.  There is no misprint.  The NFC LEAST has become like the OLD NFC WEST.  The NFC at this point is anyone’s division and it appears that a team could even win the division with a 7-9 record as bad as these teams are at this point.

     Now…let us travel to the AFC.  The New England Patriots, Miami Dolphins, Denver Broncos, and Kansas City Chiefs are all 3-0 in the early going.  The Pittsburgh Steelers and Jacksonville Jaguars are both 0-3.  So if we do the math…there are Seven Unbeaten Teams and and Six teams without a win yet.  The surprises so far has been the Kansas City Chiefs and Miami Dolphins in the AFC and the New Orleans Saints in the NFC.  As far as disappointments thus far are the Pittsburgh Steelers, Minnesota Vikings, Washington Redskins and New York Giants who are all 0-3.  The biggest surprise there are the Steelers and Giants, who have combined for five of the past ten Super Bowl Wins in the past ten years.  The Jacksonville Jaguars are probably the only team that is right on schedule for a record close to the preseason picks.

     Peyton Manning has set a record for a three game period by throwing 12 Touchdowns in the first three games.  The Denver Broncos seem to be the toast of the AFC and have unlimited weapons.  I would be buying a dog this week if I was the Eagles.  Any team that has to face this offense has to be scared out of its wits at this point.  The Seattle Seahawks and Chicago Bears are leading the NFC so far.  The teams that have good records, but have played poorly are the New England Patriots and the New Orleans Saints, who have both escaped with some very close wins.

     There were many standout players in Week #3 on both Offense and Defense.  Of course, like always there was expected and also surprises.  Let’s begin with the Quarterbacks.  Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, and Brian Hoyer all passed for over 300 Yards and 3 Scores.  Ben Rothlisberger, Geno Smith, Matt Stafford and RGIII also threw for over 300 Yards.  Demarco Murray of the Cowboys and LeSean McCoy of the Eagles lead the way at running back rushing for over 150 yards and a score.  Antonio Brown, Josh Gordon, Donnie Avery, Jimmy Graham, Calvin Jones and Julio Jones stole the show at receiver in Week #3.  So far the Seattle Seahawks, Chicago Bears, Denver Broncos have been the most dominant defenses in the NFL.

     In the Fantasy Realm, my team won giving me a 2-1 Record so far.  Peyton Manning, Calvin Johnson and Antonio Gates were my top three scorers.  A player that I left on the bench, that I was contemplating starting, Josh Gordon absolutely exploded.  But who would have took that chance with Brian Hoyer starting his first game at Quarterback for the Cleveland Browns who had also traded their Franchise Running Back earlier in the week.  That is why Fantasy Football still remains mostly luck.  Its luck due to many factors.  Injuries can kill your team.  However, there is also skill involved in knowing the match ups. Savage’s team, The Deuce Droppers once again DROPPED A DEUCE.  His team is lighting it up thus far.  Many of our owners are eating crow for him drafting four Dallas Cowboys.  Well, that is all I have for my weekly recap.  Stay tuned for my blog on the Top 20 Running Backs of 1990-2010 and also my Week #4 picks and analysis.  Everyone enjoy this beautiful Tuesday afternoon.  THE ECHO BEACH LEAGUE is in full swing…HOLLA!ImageImage



Wow….Thank God Aaron and I aren’t picking these games with money on the line! This week we both went 6-10 with our picks so for those of you keeping score after 3 weeks….
Each week we have went backwards as far as the results of our picks. There have already been more upsets this year than the entire last season. San Francisco losing to Minesotta…New Orleans losing at home to Kansas City to fall to (0-3)….Detroit losing to Tennessee in overtime after coming back from 17 down in the 4th quarter…Washington losing to Cincinnati at home…Philly losing to Arizona in the desert (they got destroyed)….Oakland beating a ferocious Steelers defensive attack…and then Monday Night’s Officiating debacle notwithstanding, The Seahawks beating Green Bay on a last second Hail Mary. This is a topic we will cover in another post…the negative outcome of replacement referees.
I don’t know too many people that picked Seattle…I was one of them, but the outcome truly came on a bad call so technically I was 5-11. That last minute gaffe was a bad call that I’m sure will be debated from now until next season. San Francisco was also upset in dramatic fashion as the Vikings played a near flawless game against the 49ers Top Rated Defense. Philadelphia was humiliated by the Arizona Cardinals! How many more times do I have to hear those infamous words out of Andy Reid’s Mouth…”Well they outplayed us and out coached us…I have to put my team in a better position…I have to be more prepared to play these games…we were not prepared”. This is getting so old. He is the most stubborn coach in the history of the NFL, as he never learns from his mistakes. With a banged up offensive line and many other weapons out of action…..why in the hell would you attempt 60 passes and run for less than 20x….especially when you have LeSean McCoy that is arguably a Top 3 Running Back! Andy never learns…every analyst could see this coming.
In Fantasy…I actually won my first game as I am now (1-2). My big stars finally performed….Calvin Johnson, Brandon Marshall, and Maurice Jones Drew. Like my best friend said, our daily numbers are right in line…only the two prior weeks I face 2 teams that scored league highs, so I could very have well been 3-0 This point. I’m really hurting at Quarterback and may have to make a trade in order to get more suitable Passing Game. Vick has been a tremendous disappointment thus far. Stay tune till tomorrow…when I will pick my Winner/Loser for Thursday Night Football and any Fantasy must starts and sits. It is what it is!