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SPORTS N’ METAL (9/01/12-03/27/14)

I just want to take the time to thank and give praise to all my family, friends, and fans that have supported me the past year and a half with my Blog…Sports N’ Metal.  Up until this past February, I was on my own independent site on WordPress.Com.  Well in February…An excellent opportunity presented itself where I was asked to join forces with Philly Rock Radio, an up and coming Internet Radio Station that plays classic metal to modern metal…all things hard rock and metal.  Anyways, I want to give a special thanks to Johnny E and Kevin L for allowing me this opportunity to expand my talents.  Who knows…the sky is the limit.  I would love to be writing or reporting for ESPN or That Metal Show or Hair Bangers Live someday.  Once again, thank yo ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  12,000 views is a huge accomplishment.  I feel that doing this in an 18 Month Period is an even larger accomplishment.  Anyways, you can continue to follow me now on Philly Rock Radio.  I will continue to post on Word Press from time to time \m/

Just click the following link-http://www.phillyrockradio.com/sports-n-metal.



I am excited to announce that I have joined forces with Philly Rock Radio and will be on a new blog site. To continue following my Blog click this link: http://www.phillyrockradio.com/sports-n-metal.  I so look forward to this new opportunity to take my talents to the next level.  Join me an my friends at Philly Rock Radio.  Keep METAL alive! Make sure to favorite the link so you have instant access!