SlAyEr: What’s your Favorite Album?

Former Slayer Guitarist and one of the founding members, Jeff Hanneman died last week. There was a lot of speculation that the death had somehow been caused by a “Spider Bite” from years past that had caused the flesh eating disease necrotizing in his body. On Thursday, the Band made it publicly known that Jeff had died from severe Cirrhosis of the Liver, caused by heavy drinking.

Jeff was with Slayer from the beginning and was a mainstay in the band. Jeff was also responsible for writing some of Slayer’s most famous songs including Reigning Blood, South of Heaven, Hell Awaits, Seasons of the Abyss as well as Angel of Death. “Angel of Death” is actually written about the Nazi Death Camps. In fact, the first line of the Song is Aushwitz.

Slayer, who has often been criticized by religious groups regarding their Dark Symphonies and Heinous topics of music. Slayer has covered a wide range of topics such as Serial Killers, Necrophilia, Satanism, Religion, Anti-Religion and Jeff’s personal favorite warfare. So why was Jeff so enamored by War. It’s simple, he came from a generation of war veterans in his blood line. Slayer’s album sales are estimated to be over 20 Million.

Since their inception in 1983, the Band has released Eleven Studio Albums, the first being Show No Mercy and the Last being World Painted Blood. Slayer is among the Big Four of Heavy Metal along with Metallica, Megadeth, and Anthrax. Most of their albums are heavy and hardcore with speed to the bones. When South of Heaven was released, the band took a different approach and slowed the style down to a more dark and slow paced rhythm.

So, I am sure many of my readers are huge Slayer Fans. So tell me…what is your personal favorite Slayer album. My personal favorite happens to be Seasons of the Abyss. However, all of their albums are top notch and I can never get sick of the Fast Paced Guitars and heavy relentless drums. Also, Tom Araya has the perfect voice for the band. Well anyways, this is like the level when DimeBag Darrel from Pantera passed away. This is that big. The metal community mourns a true legend and giant. Rest in Peace Jeff, you will be sorely missed. Here is hoping that Slayer’s legacy will live on!